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I discovered that it is possible to have one frequency set on the Video TX and a similar frequency set on the Video Rx and it was possible to still get a picture. Clearly, since you have a frequency miss match the quality would be unstable. So, the point here is, you can not just turn on your goggles and start flicking through the bands and channels until you get a picture, if you do you'll find a good picture on many channels, however only one would continue to work some distance out!

This got me wondering though, if some frequencies are so close, and one channel is only 1MHz difference, that must lead to some channel bleeding. With that in mind I was curious which channels were best, i.e. which channel had the biggest gaps between any other channel.

Of course this is a huge subject and I'm not even going to pretend I know anymore about this than the standard guy using FPV equipment. Reading a little I'm sure antenna polarization plays a big part also.

Have a look at this list though, the most important column is the "lowest gap", this is how close that frequency is to another one either up or down and for FPV groups flying on 40ch or 32ch. You need to be at least 20mhz away from another FPV flyer on the same field, more if possible.

For best results, if just two people are flying the best bands are band E channel 4 and band E channel 8, these are at oposit ends of the available frequencies. If three people flying, choose the next one to be in the...Continue Reading
Posted by glassfox | May 03, 2016 @ 02:34 AM | 2,841 Views
Tarot 130 FPV Racing Quadcopter Introduction (6 min 43 sec)

Tarot 130 FPV Racing Quadcopter is super light weight, weighs only 138g, which gives you ultra fast flying experience. Naze 32 flight controller, adjustable FPV camera, motors,3inch props and anti-shock landing skid are all included in this combo. It maintains the customary design of Tarot products as well.

Available at

- Adjustable front camera
- Powerful brushless motor
- Super mini 6A ESC
- 300mW micro transmitter
- Full carbon fiber frame
- Customized anti-shock landing skid
- Reliable power connector
- Ultra-light aluminum hex column
- Metal CNC FPV case, good heat dissipation
- With velcro, anti-slip
- Factory default firmware, CH5,stabilize/manual mode available
- Stabilize mode: Flight controller red LED light on, one beep
- Manual mode: Flight controller red LED light off, one beep

- Flight controller: Naze 32 flight controller
- Brushless motor: Tarot MT1104-4000KV Motor
- ESC: Tarot 6A Blheli ESC
- Propeller: Tarot 3 inch propeller
- Camera: Tarot Mini FPV camera NTSC/Mini FPV camera 5-12V PAL
- Transmitter: 5.8G 300mW TX
- Battery: 11.1V 35C 450mah(Battery is not included in this combo)

- Wheelbase: 135mm
- Frame height/Assembly height: 19mm/28mm
- Frame length/Assembly length: 111mm/186mm
- Frame width/Assembly width: 123mm/199mm
- Weight: 138g

Your purchase includes:
- 1*Tarot 130 FPV racing quadcopter combo
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I recently finished a My Twin Dream build which is going through shakedown flights now. With its crazy battery capacity and flight time, the MTD is my distance/sight seeing plane. I've been interested in the Mini Talon for a while now and when I found it on Banggood for $54 shipped I couldn't pass it up. The following is my build log for the Mini Talon.

I'm just getting started. The parts below are in-hand or ordered. I'll post pics as I progress through the build.

3D Printed parts: CUFLYN's Vector/GPS/RX mounts, Mark's skids, and a pitot tube mount not shown.

I think I got a little spoiled with the MTD. It's quite a bit larger inside than the Mini-Talon. Still managing to get everything stuff inside, but it's a snug fit.

The FPV pod seems a little over engineered to me. I did away with the mid-deck and trimmed the side supports quite a bit. I'm not planning on running an HD recorder on this plane at the moment. I set this up for a...Continue Reading
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After correcting a number of newbie screw ups, I finally got the HK 1.5 m Cumulus DLG assembled! It’s been a challenge to this point but if it was easy, everybody would want to do it! : ) The auw is coming in at a portly 335 grams. The plane without rx, battery & 14 gms of added weight in the nose to achieve balance comes in okay at 293 gms. The only thing I haven't done as yet is CA the boom into the fuselage. Everything else is hooked up, springs & wires on the rudder and elevator and direct connect rods on the ailerons/flaps. I’m new to programming so at the moment I am reading up on how to set up the flaperons on my Futaba T10J. Once I get that figured out and implemented, I’m basically good to go.

The reason I haven’t glued the CF boom to the fuselage is due to the war going on in me head. One voice says…..”just go with the stock set up….so what if it’s a little porky…..its just a fun ship…..not meant to be competitive”. If I apply the CA, there’s no turning back…..I’m gonna have to live with it.

The other voice says “hey….we can really improve this bird with a little diet regime”. So the voice says….”let’s go with new tail feathers and save 7 gms". Lets get a new shorter stronger boom that will require less added weigh to reach the suggested cog. Honestly, the stock boom that comes with the kit is soooo thin, you can crack it without almost any effort. I figure the first time I come in a little heavy on the landing, the stock boom would...Continue Reading
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As a kind of “accessory” for drones, TATTU professional UAV lipo battery is one most “expensive” . Not because its high retail price, but because it can get damaged for careless handling.

How to achieve better use of a lipo battery? There is a aspect you need to take care of part.

About Charging

Use only a charger approved for lithium batteries.

Lithium polymer chargers use a different charging algorithm than any other type of battery charger. For this reason, a lithium polymer charger must be used when charging your LiPo battery pack.

Charging current

The current should never exceed a 1C charge rate during LiPo battery charging.

Never charge the batteries unattended.

Use a safe surface to charge, better in a open ventilated area, and keep a bucket of sand nearby in case of catching fire.
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Last December I decided it was time for my 30 year old Bird of Time to come down from the shelf and meet the air once again . Hmmm! what a surprise for me after having her stored for nearly 7 years in my shop.
Somehow, the fuse was plagued with what it seemed termite damage. Before peeling the fuse down I figured it had a weird noise of its own resembling one of those "Rain Sticks" (sold at those touristy novelty stores), in a lesser extent but apparent when I handled it to inspect after coming down from the shelf. My surprise after being in denial for a few moments, felt like crackers, I pressed a little hard and the monokote gave way. The wings however, where in perfect shape and form. No damage whatsoever.

Anyhow, after mourning the loss of a great half plane I decided it was time for the BOT to have a new fuselage. Trying to decide whether to buy a part from Tower Hobbies and get it done with right away or scratch build the fuselage, the latter idea won and I started the project.

It was done in a two week time frame, not working everyday but I gave her a good deal of attention for what the plane had meant for me for so long.

The initial idea was to rebuild the fuse and get it flying as soon as plausible, but after seeing how the fuselage came out I couldn't stand the look of the wings. Good thing I decided to overhaul them too. I found a few cracked ribs and both trailing edges on the outer dihedral panels were very soft and brittle, so,...Continue Reading
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I went to a Radio Control Model Airplane meet in 2007. I only bought 1 ticket and won a plane in the raffle! It was a Zaggy pusher
type Wing and made of foam. I thought it was too wicked for Me, I had just started building and was only (barely) able to fly My Rascal C. As I was headin to the van, a Guy who won a sweet balsa sport plane , which I had hoped to win, and asked if I'd trade the Zaggy - hell yea! So not even knowing what 3-D was, I put a 1/2A .064 glow head wasp engine and yes, it flew pretty good. I did flaperons and had a great time - loosing it, looking for it, fixing it, crashing and got the covering thing [which I enjoy the best] great stuff.
9yrs, later I wish I had that Nitro Planes 3-D E again but I'd still use a glow motor - nuth'in like sliding the throttle and ROG with a Nitro Motor in a New ARF on the Maiden . . . Am I Right?
Posted by MysTiC27 | May 02, 2016 @ 08:23 PM | 2,531 Views
Music + CS = FUN ♡
Shot with two cameras ♡

Hobbyzone Conscendo S - Just Fun !!! (4 min 19 sec)

Posted by MysTiC27 | May 02, 2016 @ 06:51 PM | 2,960 Views
The glider is simply ... FUN!

Hobbyzone Conscendo S - Not just a Glider! ♡ (7 min 42 sec)

Posted by Chile Vuela | May 02, 2016 @ 06:41 PM | 2,546 Views
Just a quick blast around a local field.. only notable because it's the first time I've flown standing up and with the "hybrid pinch" method of holding the sticks. Surprisingly I felt pretty comfortable, even though I had to curb my desire to lean from side to side!

Gettin' Funky FPV style at the Cerro de la Virgen (2 min 28 sec)

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Various pictures from the build of my scratch built P51D Mustang from Mark Rittinger plans. Pictures below in following comments broken out into categories.
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People loved the last blog, 5 People You’ll Meet at a Hobby Shop and so many of you requested this one, so here it is…

5 Employees You Meet at a Hobby Shop

We all have a local Hobby Shop that we love (or hate; sorry if that’s your situation, shop online with us and avoid that! *shameless plug*). Most RC hobby shops also come with a variety of employee types you can count on to help you with all your R/C needs. If you’ve visited enough RC shops or have been going to one long enough, you’ll definitely have to deal with a range of characters, from the very best to the very worst.

Here’s our Top 5 RC Hobby Shop Staff types.

1. The Lifer
He’s been working there since the shop opened 50 years ago. R/C cars have been around for a long time but this guy will let you know that models and train sets have been around for longer. He’s a probably a really nice guy overall but swears that “these damn drones are ruining the hobby.” He sees anything that came after his era as just a fad, if it doesn’t have gas in it or take 100 hours to build, he thinks it’s a toy. He truly cares for the hobby, he loves it, and doesn’t care for those without the patience to learn about it.

Most common phrase: “Back in my day it didn’t have a button to do it for you. You actually had to learn it!”

2. The Cashier Girl
You call in to make sure the store has the part you need, and she accidentally hangs up on you when she puts you on hold. You just drove 45 minutes to find out the shop...Continue Reading
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Tilt Squad Hotel (7 min 25 sec)

Posted by KatrinaRosen | May 02, 2016 @ 01:52 PM | 1,651 Views
Drone footage shows abandoned city: Chernobyl.
Posted by grundrauschen | May 02, 2016 @ 01:14 PM | 1,622 Views
This is a video of my second try riding the wind with the Dreamflight Alula Trek in the danish dunes near Løkken. I had a lot of respect before flying this wonderfully looking bird for the first time, but it seems I got the CG and the trims right from the start. It flies like a dream! So much fun without a motor!
Hopefully I will get some more flights out of it during my stay.
Alula Trek dune sloping (2 min 54 sec)

Posted by JohnVH | May 02, 2016 @ 12:36 PM | 2,233 Views
Check this out, takes off pretty well!!

H-King Hall Cherokee by Hobbyking EDF takeoffs (2 min 47 sec)

Posted by OutcastZeroOne | May 02, 2016 @ 12:10 PM | 2,271 Views
So after 3 years since i started this project I have finally released plans for my F-243 Hunter. 3 prototypes, countless tweeks to the design, and now anyone can build this plane!
Posted by Fitz Walker | May 02, 2016 @ 11:49 AM | 3,499 Views