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The DJI OSMO Pocket

Overview - Review - Unboxing - Setup

This week I have been finally able to get my hands on the latest OSMO from DJI called the OSMO Pocket, this literally miniaturised version of the original OSMO brings all the benefits along side some new smart features and increased performance.

Here is my Video Unboxing, Setup Guide and Feature Overview

DJI OSMO Pocket Unbox - Setup Guide & Overview (19 min 40 sec)

The Unit

The OSMO Pocket is a 3 axis stabilised hand held camera, it has the same 1/2.3 Inch sensor as the original OSMO, Mavic Air and Mavic Pro.
The camera is fitted to a 3 axis miniature gimbal that fixed to the main body.

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Scale realism? Digital proportional throttle, and steering? 4WD and Ready To Run? All for under $50? YEP!

All of the above!

The new JJRC Q65 Jedi is one sweet looking 1/10 scale military Jeep, and it is now available here for only $39.99 with free priority shipping.

This little Jeep doesn't just look good, but it performs well too. As mentioned above you get full proportional control, which as we all know makes the driving experience worlds better than on/off throttle, and lock to lock steering. The package includes everything you need to be up and running except for 2 AA batteries for the transmitter.

Check out the pics, and stay tuned for more info, and some running video in the snow. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have.

Happy RC'ing!!

Quick run out on the snow and ice. So nice to have proportional controls with these inexpensive rigs.

Willys MB Jeep JJRC Q65 1/10 RTR Scale Military Jeep With Proportional Controls ONLY $40!! (2 min 26 sec)
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Let’s take a look at the ‘Mounting Type’ Tab, (Picture 1). Maybe this page should be referred to as the Mounting Orientation page. There are four possible ways to position the Receiver, Level, Bottom, Right Up, and Left Up. So far I’ve been lucky and all my planes have the Receiver mounted in the Level position. Pay attention to the receiver image. Note the Heading Direction and the UP and Right Arrows. One disadvantage is the servo headers will face toward the rear of the aircraft which may or may not present an issue in small aircraft. Select the orientation that best fits the need and ease of installation in your aircraft.

The next Tab is the ‘Gain Setting’( Picture 2), for the Gyro and the Accelerometer. This is probably the second most important page in the setup process. There are five sections to this page. Compensation Direction, Gyro Gain: Stabilize Mode, Angle Gain: Auto Level Mode, Angle Gain: Hover Mode and Angle Gain: Knife Edge Mode. Both Hove and Knife Edge are not applicable as this discussion only covers a simple 4-Channel model with Ailerons, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder configuration. Note the Red enclosed area on Picture 2 This will become very important after the Self Check is completed. More will be covered later after the receiver Calibration is completed.

Referring to Picture 3, note the Red enclosed area. This is where the Gyro Gain: Stabilizer Mode and the Angle Gain: Auto Level Mode are adjusted. Reading through all 543...Continue Reading
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Yesterday morning I maidened my Opterra 1.2m as an electric sailplane: flying with the sequence of power-on climbing and power-off gliding.

-Opterra 1.2m PNP kit with the stock motor and ESC
-Spektrum AR636 AS3X receiver
-Turnigy A-SPEC 3S2200mAh battery (196.5g)

AUW: 932.5g

Short pieces of plastic tube are glued at the C.G. mark of each wing panels (see the picture below). For checking C.G., I attach a piece of fishing line through the tubes and hang the airplane upside-down. This method is precise and makes it easy to check the C.G at the flying field.

The AS3X flight stabilization system is activated only during the launching and the landing.

the first flight:
total flying time 5:10, power-on time total 4:23

Test flight. Cloudy, cold, 4 to 5m/s wind, no thermal assistance.

the second flight:
total flying time 16:00, power-on time total 5:02

Cloudy, cold, 4 to 5m/s wind, no thermal assistance.

the third flight:
total flying time 16:10, power-on time total 5:02

Cloudy, cold, 4 to 5m/s wind, no thermal assistance.

the fourth flight:
total flying time 31:10, power-on time total 5:03

I moved the C.G. slightly aft for this flight.
Fair, slightly warm, 3 to 4 m/s wind, with many thermal assistances.

My Opterra 1.2m flies so well. With some thermal assistances, over 20 minutes flight might be easy, IMHO.

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OwlRC Fatshark Video FPV Receiver OwlRX Module 16KHz Frequency For ALL Dominatior Attitude V3 V4 Goggles

Developed with the express purpose of being the best performing receiver that won't kill your wallet, the OwlRX is a shining example of what can be achieved with a great deal of time, dedication and community love.

Already the OwlRC Module is being shown to out-shine the likes of the commonly found LaForge and True-D competitors, and is pushing near - RapidFire performance at a much lower cost.

With up to 16KHz diversity switching frequency, this is in a whole new league of analogue receivers.

Bands : 5.8GHz (A,B,E,F,R FPV bands)
Channels : 40
Power : 5v
Consumption : 350mA typical
Interface : 3 tactile button on front, 0.91" 128x32 OLED display.
OSD : Yes
Compatibility : All Dominator LCD goggles, V1,V2,V3,HD1,HD2,HD3,SE,HDO and Attitude V3, V4

Features :
Channel set mode, frequency, favorites, band scanner, finder

Special features:
Up to 16000 diversity switching per second when Insane mode enabled.

Package Included
1 x receiver module
1 x manual
1 x 3D printed module cover for Fatshark Dominator goggles.
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Haven’t flown either glider in quite a while, both thermal gliders primarily, slope capable but not really designed for strong wind or aerobatics. The day was zilch for slope lift really so I brought a very anemic upstart to use on the west side of the hill. There we have a fairly large flat area to launch north or south using winch or histart. First to fly was the Ka 8. Although I had made forward cg adjustments quite a while back that really helped stabilize in pitch I decided to add just a bit more for safety/comfort. 1/2 oz my guess. The launches were very amemic maybe 35-40 feet max, a real bummer but gave me enough altitude to get a feel for her again. The pitch was way too sensitive I discovered, maybe it was because I had used the innermost hole on the control horn instead of the outermost hole? Making that adjustment created a whole new glider, everything was very smooth in pitch. A couple more uneventful anemic launches had me rolling up the anemic histart and headed over to the north side of the hill where the buzzards seemed to be congregating along with a very fickle northerly breeze. Slope soaring on such days is a fools errand, you will do a lot of walking to retrieve your glider well below the hill top, trust me So, timing your hand launch is critical, where are the buzzards, small hawks or even swallows swooping in to get a meal of insects drawn up by the updrafts, has the breeze shifted, and in what direction? Things to consider before you take another...Continue Reading
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Way back when I was a young teen I built the Astro Flight Malibu, it was I think my second rc glider. It met it’s fate on the very first flight being I was an absolute novice with no guidance whatsoever on how to control an rc glider. I convinced my dad to take me to the highest dune of sorts along the beach (not very high at all) not very far from home, there was a very good wind, my recollection about 20 mph or more. Dad launches glider into the wind and it immediately noses up, rolls to the left and crashes into the Australian pines not very far behind the dune, so much for the Malibu I eventually learned to fly an rc glider with the Astro Flight Monterey a year or two later via histart with no guidance, (1970-71 approx). RCG Classified had a Malibu for sale so I jumped on it, bring back the Malibu you never got to successfully fly as a youngster. The kit arrived very qickly, thank you sender. Anyways the picture on the face of the package resembles what I vaguely remember from way back in maybe 1969 or so. I remember building a fully sheeted wing at the time with rubber band attachment, this kit was obviously a revised kit by Astro Flight a few years later encorporating their new design technology ie the Monterey, two piece wing with metal joiner, open wing structure, my guess not even the original airfoil, this one being the Eppler 387. In any event it’s all cool, my new Malibu will fly again, successfully I hope after close to 40 years
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Justin a couple clips of messing around with my Eachine EX2 Mini,great little brushless quadcopter

Great quadcopter to fly line if sight,fpv stock camera has a nice picture,good reception but the field of view is not very good.

Eachine EX 2Mini (0 min 48 sec)

Eachine EX 2 Mini FPV Footage From LOS Flight (4 min 20 sec)
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Recent years just prior to and after retirement have provided opportunity to embrace plan building several giant scale projects, some of which are profiled in my blog here and on build threads in the Balsa Building Forum.

The first of those was a plane I called Big Red, my only self designed creation, It was a thirties era looking open cockpit having an eight foot wing span, and powered by an MLD 35. It was a sport/aerobatic plane and flew wonderful. It is profiled in elsewhere here in the blog. Unfortunately it was lost last year after going downwind too far and skidding it into the top of a pine tree off the far end of the runway. The causes of the crash were two fold and combined to produce the sad ending. It happened on a very windy day and I'd not flown the plane in a many months, having given focus to slow flyers. Bottom line, the plane went downwind further than I'd expected due to the high wind and faster airplane than I'd been used to flying. When turning onto final, I was beyond the trees instead of inside them.

The second was a 1929 Travel Air 6000, my first and probably only effort within the scale building genre. It was also an eight foot wingspan build and powered with a Zenoah G-26. The most striking thing to say about it, the maiden was a bit hairy... it yawed horribly away from a turn and needed a lot of down trim. Fortunately, after giving it a huge amount of aileron differential,...Continue Reading
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Although I'm not a 3D guy, I have always loved my Addiction after I bought it on impulse, but most of all I love the technology, design, flight performance and quality of PA's aircraft! So, why the Extra 260?

Honestly; I had come across a special sale with Precision Aerobatics and bought a motor combo with the Thrust 30, Quantum 45 Pro and spinner combo. I put it with my other power systems and forgot about it. While recently listing some items in the "RCG Classifieds", I added this combo to the mix.

After 6 days and 126 views no bites so I asked myself, why would anyone look for a thrust 30 and what would they install it in? Crap, the Extra 260 of course..... after looking at it a little closer and saw the price, I clicked on the colors, but the yellow had no sample pictures.

That made me "Google" the 260 and boom there it was in yellow.



Wingspan: 1219mm /48″
Length: 1094mm /43″
Wing area: 490
Flight weight: approx 955gr/33.7oz
Wing loading: approx 9.9oz/sq.ft

Now I just have to wait for Delivery......

Because I already have the Thrust 30, 45 Quantum Pro and spinner my setup will be PA's recommended Integrated Performance Airframe-Drive System (iPA).

My Airframe order included;

Extra 260 ARF - Yellow, Airframe (New production run)
4x Nexatec NXT 70HV servos
Carbon fiber MD size long servo arms
Extra 260 Carbon Fiber Vortex Generators
4x PA V4 Lipo 2200mAh 11.1V 25-50c (by 3 get 1 free)
Thin gauge electric extension lead
VOX 13x5 Electric wooden propeller

Already have 12x6 and 12x7 props

Build Thread HERE

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Another first here:

After some long discussions with Stefan over several months and many back and forth revisions, I am proud to introduce the "HildaHex". I want to thank Stefan, and Jubal for the much appreciated help and great ideas which have became the final product you see here. Testing on my part has already began and there will be much more but I must say my first impressions after a conservative maiden today are that this is a very nice flying hexacopter. It is much more conservative on battery usage than I expected and had a 5 1/2 minute maiden on a 3300mah 6s lipo (which is a very used pack not new) and landed with an average cell reading of 3.69v. A price is TBD so please do not ask yet but we will have one very soon.

Component list for this prototype is as follows.
Matek 722 std flight controller
APD PDB500 (with two taps doubled up on for the hex configuration APD confirms no problem). After talks with APD a dedicated hex PDB has been in the works and is almost complete but a release date has been set.
DYS Aria 70a esc's
Brother Hobby 3115-1050kv motors
TBS unify pro vtx
TBS micro V2 rx
Foxeer fpv cam
Graupner 9x5 props
AXII long antenna
Prints from Willy at

We have had so much rain here it's hard to find anywhere that is semi safe because things are so muddy. I do have an undeveloped 10 acres that has grass growing in that is the safest spot for now. Here's a little clip of the maiden. I think once things get tuned up it will be a very nice flyer. Stock PID's other than a little bump in I and D and no filtering yet. I trimmed a bit of the 5 1/2 minute flight as to help with the YT upload and my slow connection. Never went much above half throttle but GPS recored 66mph top speed so I'm curious to see what it will do once I open it up. I need to fix a few things and get the amp draw working correctly but that didn't stop a quick maiden.

HildaHex maiden (4 min 28 sec)

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Weather bites hard again ! ( Rain / Wind )
So I guess I should start some projects ...

Ordered some stuff :

The wing will become a DLG / slope ( wing ) ... ( Should be a relatively cheap DLG project )

The J3 , well thats more of a indoor flyer , it will get a V911 board .. ( Be interesting )
Don't think it will handle the great outdoors , but as a hall flyer ? ( might be crazy good fun )
Just need a hall to fly it in (?) , living room might be a little small for it ...

Also I should start on making some 1 meter depron wings for a DIY 1 meter DLG ...
Been doing some experiments .. But the time might be good to be serious .
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Switch setup on a AS3000 w/iX12

I setup my first AS3000 by following Miguel's video and getting some help from him & Andy on the AS3000 thread here:

A few months went by and I had to program another AS3000. My memory is not very good and I had to watch Miguel's video again. So I decided to write up the main points for me from his video so I can more quickly repeat the process. I have another AR12310T/AS3000 waiting for me to finish building the plane.

If you can afford it, I would highly recommend going to receivers with Forward Programming. It's the way Spektrum receivers should have always been.

There is much more in Miguel's video than I cover here. These are simplified instructions and are just what I am using. Some of the other items covered in the video are using multiple gains for high and low speed flight and using 5 Flight Modes for rate gain and heading hold gain.

Miguel's video on switches is here:
Spektrum AS3000 Switch Setup Tutorial (16 min 14 sec)

The Spektrum Power Safe/AS3000 combo uses a different method to control the gyro as compared to the AR636, AR7350 & AR9350 receivers. The Forward Programming lets you do all the programming of the gyro from your DX8, DX9, iX12 and others with no PC, phone or tablet needed. However, you still need a PC & cable to register and update the receiver firmware using the Spektrum Programmer app. And you should always...Continue Reading
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So I finaly recieved my TinyHawk, what a nice 1S drone to fly, but boy does that VTX suck!

Had the idea Emax fixed the problem by now, but I guess they don't care charging full for a product that basicly has a huge fault in it's design.

I pulled the board out to re-route the 5.8 antenna ouside the canopy like most have done, but I did not like at all how it was hanging and wiggle around. Looked at some other options and made de hole in the back slightly larger with a dril to route it from under the back of the board / frame up to the outside. (it needs just another 0.5mm more space)

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Random photo
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What a treat to see a Fokker Dr.I on the flying field! And a Twisted Hobbies Crack Fokker nonetheless!!

Robert's Twisted Hobbies Crack Fokker Dr.I Triplane Maiden Flight (3 min 59 sec)

What a gentle yet very aerobatic model. And adding Muttley at the stick was also a great touch.. very fitting! Great job building and flying this Crack Fokker Triplane on her Maiden Flight Robert, and also a very Happy Birthday to you!!
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BetaFPV Beta65 Pro 1S - Flight XII (2 min 51 sec)

Hitting the shelf again with my 16000kVs.
Video Source: BetaFPV Z02
Audio Source: Pyschadelic Two-Step - antitune;gums [SoundCloud Works - ????]
Video Editing: ShotCut