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Posted by Jack Crossfire | Mar 24, 2007 @ 12:28 AM | 5,114 Views
Finally had enough emotional reserve to make another night timelapse movie. Still only getting 17 minutes of flying. R.H.II was not normal. Knew that early on.

Night Flight (0 min 13 sec)

Posted by spinfree | Mar 23, 2007 @ 11:19 PM | 3,862 Views
Trex SE Silver
green gorilla gear and paddles
green microheli main gear NSK one way bearing main gear hub
CF main and Tail blades
Medusa 28-32-3400 KV W/13T pinion
CC 45 with Medusa 2A BEC
Carbon Fiber Tail Boom
GY401 w/s9650 on Tail
HS81MG on cyclic
New current align aluminum tail upgrade package (new style slider, pushrod, guides, steel tail hub, new tail blade grips etc)
Aluminum tail boom brace clamp with rod guide upgrade and aluminum boom brace end caps
2 APEX MK3 3S2100 15C battery packs less than 15 cycles each....Continue Reading
Posted by WarrrEagle! | Mar 23, 2007 @ 11:06 PM | 8,215 Views
Well my latest is a Tiger 400 I picked up used...

Running a Park 400 outrunner with a APC 9x6E wired to a T-Bird 18 powered by CSRC 1110 mAh 3s packs. Corona 6 ch full range rx and HS-55s make up the rest.

I had to make the firewall and cover for the resultant gap. Turned out OK I think.

20oz AUW with batt. Had to add some weight to the nose to get her to balance. I HATE doing that...

This is my first traditionally built electric. Pretty darn nice!

Should get her in the air this weekend!
Posted by Cats Eyes | Mar 23, 2007 @ 08:42 PM | 12,454 Views
Shot Getter Build thread

This will be my build log for my version of Real Ira's Shot Getter. I was waiting for Doug at Mountain Models to come out with his new AP ship, but it appears that project has been shelved. So I figured it was about time to get my feet wet and do a scratch build. I'm a slow builder, so this will probably take many months. Heck it's taken me about three weeks of fooling around on the computer to come up with the design in a CAD package.

First, a disclaimer. Read Ira's Shot Getter thread in its entirety first! Ira has decades more experience than I have in building and designing aircraft, the original design is his, and he has been steadily refining and improving the design over time based on real-world flying experience. I am making quite a few modifications from the original Getter design to suit my own requirements, building style, availability of materials and components, etc. etc. which may or may not be improvements over the original. If you wish to incorporate any of the changes I am making here, you do so at your own discretion and risk.

List of Materials

I am building this list as I go along, so obviously it is not comprehensive (yet).

[table 1 3 1]
2|White foam|2" x 12"x 32"|Foam wing blanks
1|White foam|2" x 24"x 2 1/8"|Foam for fuselage
2|Aircraft grade plywood|3/32" x 12" x 6"|Fuselage sides etc.
1|CF Rod|1/4" OD, 3/32" ID x 36"|...Continue Reading
Posted by lslewis | Mar 23, 2007 @ 04:59 PM | 2,913 Views
I wiped out my last rants on this kit I am building because the designer thought I was unfair. I am still building the kit and do not plan to stop. A lot of work for the past two days getting the wing together. It is all foam so the real work is finishing the surface. The wing does not get laminated with balsa or whatever. In fact there is no wood in the kit. It does get laminated with a thin plastic that looks fantastic if the surface of the EPP is smooth. So I have spent the last two days in the garage (Exile Island) because the 6.5' wing is way to big for anywhere else. I am however wanting to move on because I think this plane will be great. Despite my rants.
Posted by RC-T34 | Mar 23, 2007 @ 01:56 PM | 3,509 Views
A friend of mine totaled his Art Tech Cessna 182 last November.
He's been after me to try electric power for ages and gave me all the stuff out of the plane and said I had no excuse now.
So to humor him I accepted the stuff and thanked him and said "Some day perhaps"

I then started building A plane and told him it was for my OS .15LA when actually it's goimg to be an EP using his stuff. All this electric stuff is new to me but how hard can it be? I've been building sinc 1941 so with a little common sense I just might get through it.

I started with a clean piece of paper and drew some plans. I am partial to 20s and 30s era planes so I tried to capture some of the essence of these types. I think I succeeded to some degree in the cowl area and the tail surface outline.

Fuse and tail are balsa. Motor moutnt is 1/8 plywood. I cheated with the wing and used an Ace constant chord foam wing that I've had unused since 1973. I added balsa built up tips. The whole plane is covered with Towerkote red on the fuse and white on the wing and stab.
It's a really simple design and intended as only a test bed, sort of a low wing ugly stik with some rounded corners.
Any comments or suggestions for improvement are welcome.
Thanks in advance....Continue Reading
Posted by GotrekGurnisson | Mar 23, 2007 @ 12:03 PM | 43,118 Views
Decals for the 2006 season Blue Angels. Scaled to fit the 100% Steve Shumate F/A-18.

I have included cockpit sill text for Lt. Cmdr. Kevin J. Davis, who was killed when BA #6 crashed at an air show on April 22, 2007. This is for anyone wanting to make a tribute aircraft for Lt. Cmdr. Davis.

Requires at least Acrobat v7 to open the PDFs. You can get the latest Acrobat Reader (v8) for free from Adobe's website.
Posted by GotrekGurnisson | Mar 23, 2007 @ 11:57 AM | 43,015 Views
Here are the revised RAAF Hornet 20th Anniversary decals. Scaled to fit the 100% Steve Shumate F/A-18. Provided in both A4 and Letter sized paper.

Requires at least Acrobat v7 to open the PDFs. You can get the latest Acrobat Reader (v8) for free from Adobe's website.
Posted by GotrekGurnisson | Mar 23, 2007 @ 11:51 AM | 41,843 Views
OK so we have the ability to keep a blog here on RCGroups, so I figured why not use it? I have noticed that I have various versions of my decals scattered throughout the forum. Not a very efficient dispersal method. So from now on I'll be posting all my decals here in my blog so they are all centrally housed.

I've deleted all my existing decal attachments. I'm going to take this opportunity to revise those sets that need it and as they are done I'll repost them here. Stay tuned.
Posted by derfred | Mar 23, 2007 @ 10:03 AM | 9,897 Views
Model Airplane Plans:

Many thousands of model airplane plans, the largest free plans site on the web.
Posted by saigol7 | Mar 23, 2007 @ 08:54 AM | 2,615 Views
Of the two Aero Aces (Bipe and Sport), I find that the Bi-Wing or Bipe with only battery moved forward mod is better suited to teach new flyers.

Its slower than the Sport, handles wind better and levels itself out of turns. The Sport requires opposite stick to come out of a turn. Once the novice has learned orientation and level flight and basic turns, the lower wing can be removed for fast flight.

But the Sport looks so graceful in flight and on a windless day it really soars. It definitely requires the No Throttle Turning Mod.
Posted by cola2cool | Mar 23, 2007 @ 04:51 AM | 3,499 Views
It's a 21 size nitro airplane
Posted by businesselerc | Mar 23, 2007 @ 03:41 AM | 2,573 Views
we made some developments on the Firefox-100, here is these pictures and introductions.

The lightest 3D belt driven micro electric helicopter in the world--------ELE Firefox-100 V2

Firefox-100 V2 is integrated with belt driven system, Sheila. Bill Main Rotor Yoke and CCPM control system. Overall length is 310mm, main rotor diameter is 350mm, tail rotor diameter 100mm, 180 brushed motor or original factory produced brushless motor can be applied on Firefox-100. The body structure is sturdy and reliability similar to the big helicopter named LOGO which is made in Germany, the most noticeable characteristic of Firefox-100 is its 190g weight! It is the solely lightest 3D tail rotor belt driven helicopter with agile performance in the world at present time.

ELE Firefox-100V2 is 90% factory assembled with ball bearing on its key parts, a stunner for agile 3D flying performance. Players can get 10-13 minutes flying time continuously with 7.4v, 800mha-900mha with original factory produced motor.

As far as we know, micro electric helicopter takes the advantage of shock resistance, low costs of flying and easy flying controlling for player. It is very suitable for those electric helicopter beginners who love acrobatic 3D flying. Standard flight line is stability as it should be. Especially because Firefox-100 has got same belt pitch control system as the big fuel helicopter, Firefox-100 is controllable and stable for flying, it not only meet the needs for...Continue Reading
Posted by xiangyumodel | Mar 22, 2007 @ 11:03 PM | 3,126 Views
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Posted by efinkg | Mar 22, 2007 @ 09:56 PM | 4,368 Views
I don't really know how this whole blog thing works, I will probably post sporadic updates, usually when I get new planes, or lose existing planes. I am beginning to figure out that the high speed, on wing flying is what I really like to do, so don't expect any flat foamie 3d stuff from me. I personally hate foam and love old-fashioned wood and ply building, though I have no aversion to modern power systems, to the contrary I love the light weight, high power I can get. Anyway, hope I can impart some wisdom to the masses.
Posted by Liquidity | Mar 22, 2007 @ 09:45 PM | 5,178 Views
Well another day of succesful flying. Today we decided to change our location to another field. This field is a little smaller, however we do not have to worry about all the soccer kids again.

Recently I have been flying the Begin-Air the most of my 3 planes. I love this plane. I have been able to perfect my skills with a 4 channel plane while becoming more confident with the DX7 Radio.

I have also figured out a problem I have been having with the DX7 and the G3.5 sim. Everytime I attempted to us my DX7 with the G3.5 Sim, my roll and pitch were always reversed. Even if I enabled/disabled channel reverse in the channel mapping screen, it would not fix it. Then I decided to not be dumb and just make a model in the DX7 called "SIM". I mapped the channels how the should be and enabled the correct reversing. Wa la! It worked. It bugs me how I also seem to overlook the obvious answer sometimes.

So, back to flying. I am thinking that my next flight is scheduled for Saturday morning, pending any weather. Maybe this time I will remember the camera/video cam and get some good shots to post. I need to bite the bullet and get an AMA membership, however the only AMA field that is remotely close is over 1 hour from here.

Well it is time to grab some sleep, but I am still awaiting anyones thoughts on my planes to make my Aerobird Challenger a brushless pusher. The specs are below:

Ammo 24-45-2350 motor (brushless)
Electrifly SS-35 ESC
AR-6100 Rx
3S 2100 TP LiPo
small 6x4 prop
Posted by Fatts | Mar 22, 2007 @ 08:46 PM | 5,182 Views
just finished, planty of thrust on the static, I think the 9A TB is going to cook but I got it out in the breeze to cool so I am hoping it might do ok, should go thermal cut off before I melt the fuze I...Continue Reading