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Posted by rhagen | Jul 21, 2006 @ 04:47 AM | 7,009 Views
Last week my F-18 finally fell out of the tree where it had resided for over a month! (see earlier posts in my blog for the story). It is a little grungy, but should be back in the air in a few days. We had a LOT of rain while it was in the tree, and I'm amazed that it is in such good condition. Equally amazing is that the only hardware component ruined was the lipo battery. I expected the receiver and servos to be OK since they were inside, but expected the motor to be ruined also since it was exposed. However, when I plugged in a new battery everything functions fine. A few minor repairs and re-ironing the covering in a few places and she'll be almost as good as new.
Posted by BrunswickOH | Jul 21, 2006 @ 12:36 AM | 5,934 Views
Here is my Blade CP- Filmed outside 7/21/06 the tail motor is fine, I never adjusted the gain after changing to the 8 tooth pinion and 3 cell, after adjusting the gain the tail holds very well.

Posted by Mike001 | Jul 20, 2006 @ 09:37 AM | 2,664 Views
Made the 2nd flight of the Easy Star today, well second flying session I guess. I made a total of 5 flights and 1 aborted takeoff, er, crashed takeoff. Winds were calm, temp 72, overcast, and even a little fog, high humidity. I flew at the park in NE Oxford, Ohio again this morning. It's a good Roethlisberger throw East of Yader stadium.

First, the crash. Everything seemed fine, usually does probably, but it went nose in in the first 2-3 seconds. Looking back, I must not have had the throttle hi enough. There was zero damage and all I needed to do was put the canopy back on. i did do a more thorough preflight before launching again and all looked well. The next launch was uneventful.

A small bird flew at the ES on the 2nd flight. It was up maybe 150 feet or so, right above the trees on the W edge of the field (closest to Yager stadium) and a small bird flew right at it. I didn't try to turn away or change altitude at first. I did, however, turn back towards me and bring her down when the bird stayed with me. It lasted maybe only 5 seconds or so.

I am having trouble closely controling the Easy Star. Occassionally, I couldn't seem to get it to turn left! Twice during 1 flight I made big circles to the right after trying the left turn and not feeling like I was getting enough response. AFter landing, nothing looked unusual. It may have just been newbie jitters, because the thing does turn left! Also, I don't feel comfortable turning the ES and maintaining altitutde....Continue Reading
Posted by Deestingray | Jul 20, 2006 @ 06:06 AM | 4,799 Views
I have finished shaping the end of the hull to hopefully stop the wild porposeing tendencies. Just some photos of the hull design that I have gone with, it does angle back the other way a bit, more of a test than anything.......I can always change it!!!!! She is all ready for a hit of 2 pac and then a clear for the top and I am all go.
Posted by MikeBiv | Jul 19, 2006 @ 11:00 PM | 7,992 Views
After many runs on my pack it started to discharge strange and not have as much power.
I got the Electrifly in a package deal. I feel itís a little heavy and expensive so I run CommonsenseRC pack now. I also picked up one of the ďUltra-BalancerísĒ which work very nicely.
With the information in this link:
I was able to retrofit the electrifly lipo. It uses the same configuration. Itíll be nice to be able to use this pack to itís full potential.
Posted by Jack881 | Jul 19, 2006 @ 08:46 PM | 2,392 Views
I have flown models for about on and off for about 50 years. From rubberpower to giant scale rc. I am interested in electrics and have purchased a couple of rtf with everthing included they fly ok but I feel they are just toys. I don't know much about electrics. IS there a chart that will convert size of glow engines to equivlant in electric? What size esc with motor and battery pack?

Posted by DismayingObservation | Jul 19, 2006 @ 06:14 PM | 4,671 Views
Funny thing...I'd forgotten that I'd started a blog page! Four months is a long time between postings.

That poor UltraFly Cessna made way for a Goldberg Chipmunk 400 which is now, well, wood chips. Failed aileron servo in flight. Couldn't keep it from tip-stalling as I was trying to bring it in.

The Chippie has made way for an E-flite Thunderbolt 400. Back to foam, says I. So where do I stand now? Another crash! CG problems. The replacement will be balanced with a CG balancer and not my fingers.

We persist.
Posted by Blaze.45 | Jul 19, 2006 @ 05:51 PM | 11,005 Views
Did some lunchtime flying with a co-worker. Awesome camera this is. Get it you must. Good times you will have.


Posted by earlybird2 | Jul 19, 2006 @ 03:52 PM | 3,316 Views


Posted by earlybird2 | Jul 19, 2006 @ 03:42 PM | 3,310 Views
Posted by lmopar69 | Jul 19, 2006 @ 12:11 PM | 6,636 Views
Well, bad news for me. Had a wing fail in flight on the OS 50 powered Lark X. Needless to say, the flight ended rather soon after the wing decided to part company with the fuse. Heres the carnage. Fixable, just frustrating.
Posted by rmeflyerkid | Jul 19, 2006 @ 10:36 AM | 3,703 Views
Top Left-Balsa Usa Stick 40 with floats
Top Center-Top Flite .60 sized Corsair
Top Right-Sig Lt-25 converted to elec...Camera plane
Mid Left-Home made 3D foamy from two other planes...
Center-Sig four star 1.20 with a 25cc weedwacker engine
Mid Right-Carl Goldberg Sophisticated Lady
(All Built from kits and flyable)
Posted by Doug Sipprell | Jul 19, 2006 @ 09:15 AM | 14,098 Views
Well, folks, finally had to do it. The stock 280 motor and original 3 blade 9x6 prop just would not cut it with a 2S1P Lipo. I used to fly Elfi's #1 and #2 on 8 cell AA or AAA 500 and 720 NiMH's, but they would cook in the process. Hard to believe I orginally started out with 7 cell 350 NiCads! Most of my NiMH inventory is fairly well "used up", and LiPo's now power almost every plane in the fleet. A 3S1P would burn up a Speed 280 or Speed 300 fairly quick. Elfi's #1 and #2 had at one time been fitted with Speed 300's, and with the 720 NiMH packs did fairly well. Elfi #3 has struggled every since I got it and started flying her. Burned up my last brushed motor three weeks ago. 1320 TP 3S1P ProLite was just too much, even though it fit the plane beautifully.

So, Elfi #3 leaves her brushed motor roots and joins her fellow Elfi's in the fleet with a PJS 550 brushless outrunner, powered by the 1320 TP 3S1P ProLite LiPo pack. Amazing transformation. Will post a picture when I get back to the Aerodrome (presently on business travel).

With this "upgrade", Elfi #3 becomes almost (but not quite) a twin of Elfi #1. New motor is slightly more powerful than the PJS 500 on Elfi #1 and #1 will continue to use the Kokam 1500 3S1P and 2S1P packs while they last. Then, the TP 1320 3S1P will become standard issue for Elfi's #1 and #3.

And what does Elfi #2 sport as a power train? A little more suds, in the form of a PJS 550R powered by a TP 2000 3S1P ProLite. The pack fits like a glove, and Elfi #2 (with ailerons) is definitely the more performance orientated member of the trio.

Posted by the wiz | Jul 19, 2006 @ 07:16 AM | 3,489 Views
One of the main reasons I got into this hobby is to scratch build airplanes. The one I plan to start soon is the Pitts Model-14 as seen in the July 06 "Model Airplane News" mag. I plan to double the size and convert it from electric to glow. I'm interested in any thoughts and suggestions from other builders. At present I'm a day or two away from ordering the plans. I'm not going to use the short kit. I want this to be totaly from scratch. From what I've read so far I may have to break down and buy the cowling and canopy. Will have to wait and see when the plans arrive. Anyone else building one or have built one of these? If so, how'd the build go? Any pointers or tips? Does the plane fly as good as it looks? I suppose I could put all this in one of the regular forums but as you can see, I am subject to being long winded and thought I'd post it here. I'm anxious to get started but I don't care how long it takes to build. I won't rush it. To me, building is at least 60% of the enjoyment. I really enjoy working with my hands. I'll keep a build log posted and will attach photos if I can get my camera to cooperate with the computer. All replys are not only welcome but encouraged.
More later.

the wiz

Night Flight

Posted by jbeckett | Jul 19, 2006 @ 06:57 AM | 4,640 Views

I tried doing a night flight using my EasyStar. A month or so ago Dollar Tree had these nice LED sticks for sale (they went very quickly). Only an ounce including batteries, four bright LEDs, aerodynamic housing, and a controller that makes 7 different patterns. I couldn't resist the urge to strap them on an airplane and do a night flight!

I set one up to flash slowly, and the other fast. The flight went well. No problem going up to altitude, and at times it was easier to see which direction the airplane was headed than in daylight.

The landing suffered from the usual how-far-away-is-it glidepath issues. I anticipated touchdown in the middle of our 600' runway, but it actually hit near the end and stopped in the grass beyond.

So now I can fly in winter when the wind is down.

Watch for these things to pop up in stores from time to time, since somebody is bound to discover they sell like crazy and do some more.

Update 7/31/2006: They're back in stock at our local Dollar Tree. Don't let the kids get these! Using a little Velcro tape, you can add night lights to any model aircraft for $2.00.

Update 8/9/2006: The first time I just taped the lights on. This time did it with Velcro, and it's really cool to just slap them on. I need to put mount points on my Typhoon for these, as I lost orientation in the dusk and ended up crashing. Perhaps somebody can explain how it hit hard enough for the battery pack to exit through the Z-foam, but didn't break the prop. Guess crashes are like lightning: You can't count on anything in particular breaking, or surviving!
Posted by PaulVi | Jul 19, 2006 @ 02:29 AM | 12,606 Views
This is the way we wash our close
Posted by mikeythev | Jul 18, 2006 @ 08:36 PM | 4,549 Views
Check out the website I run for my club. I'm the club advisor at the school where I teach. Been flying for 14 years... and I still love it!

North Penn MAC, Lansdale PA

P-40 Thread

Drexel Helicopter Project

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