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Posted by jlballou | Apr 13, 2006 @ 02:25 AM | 7,081 Views
This week's picture is one I really wanted to put into my RCGroups Gallery. It is an orthogonal view of the USS Hornet aircraft carrier that is now a floating museum. This stereo picture will only be shown here as an anaglyph, mostly because a side-by-side picture would be too narrow to see much detail. As it is, this picture is reduced in size by around 55% so that it will fit on most people's screens. I have a version printed that is 16 inches long, and when you put it on a tabletop and view it, you feel as if you can reach down and pick it up.

To make this picture, I flew the CN2X above the Hornet, flying as high as I dared over the length of the ship. At that height, it was only possible to get about 3/4 of the ship in the frame. So, I stitched together four pictures (two for the right image, two for the left), and assembled them into the stereo pair. It was also necessary to "flatten" the two images, since it seemed that the deck was not level. The best way to view this is to print it out, and lay it on a flat surface so that you can look down on it.
Posted by GRW3 | Apr 13, 2006 @ 12:11 AM | 15,117 Views
While buying is not the primary goal, it is a goal. I had bugeted for one big item with intent to find other things too. In particular, I was looking for materials for my Eindekker. Below you will find a picture of my acquisitions.

1) Polk's Tracker III Radio - I've seen a lot of good reviews of this device this year but there's something about having the unit in your hand and talking with people in the know. My newest radio is 5 years old and my only computer radio, an Airtonic's Vision, is older than that. It needs batteries and, probably, a tuning. I liked using a single radio for all my flying but the Vision is limited to frequency modules. I have two but I always worried about the effect of plugging and unplugging the connections. I talked to the Airtronics rep but was not real satisfied with his answer, that is they have no plans for synthesized radios. I liked the look and feel of the radio, especially compared to the old Aristo Craft brown bombers of the past. The radios only come with one servo but I have plenty. The deal was set when my buddy said that all he has been using is the Tracker receivers. ($180, no tax, no shipping)

2) Fine Line Tape - A good deal for a buck, I'm going to be painting soon so this was great. ($1)

3) Foamy Hinge Tape - I've got a foamy waiting to be built and the price was good. ($2.50)

4) JR/Hitec/AirtZ servo leads - All my Airtronics stuff has the old connections. I've got plenty of old Airtronics connectors, enough to keep...Continue Reading
Posted by GRW3 | Apr 12, 2006 @ 10:39 PM | 13,475 Views
After spending all day Friday at the Toledo Expo we decided it was time to do a little touring. We jumped up early and set off for Muncie. The weather was good, even if it was cool and windy. Coming from the dreary Friday in Toledo it was great.

The drive isn't that far but it is over a lot of two lane, 55mph road. Since it was Saturday and a lot of the staff was in Toledo, the place was a little quite. It was great for getting a good look at the models. I think museums are one of the best inventions of modern man, and the AMA museum is very good. I could easily see it becoming bigger in the future. The staff was very friendly and very helpful.

We drove around the site to get a lay of the land. It was windy so the only activity was the kite seminar. (I am sure they were pleased.) It's pretty nice, even with the unintended lake from the rain. Somehow flat clear land looks smaller than the same amount with trees.

From Muncie we went to Dayton and the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. I've been visiting it for over twenty years. (I'm in the Jet Fuel business and the AF Jet Fuel research labs are just across the tarmac.) It's gone from one to two to three (and they're building a fourth) major hangars. My favorite is the first that focuses on WWI to WWII. It seems to me that the galleries are a little too dark but I suppose it is good for preservation purposes. The WWII display is much better now that the B-36 has been moved to hangar 3. We stayed until closing and then drove over to the Wright Memorial. There's a good view of the original flying field and the area in general.

You can't save enough money at Toledo to justify going there from many places. You go for knowledge and insight. Good prices and one of a kind finds are a bonus. Add some sightseeing to the mix and you have a decent trip.
Posted by BuckRogers | Apr 12, 2006 @ 10:21 PM | 5,052 Views
I recently came across Google Books and thought I'd share the find with everyone. Google is in the process of building what will probably becoming the world's largest online library. Many publishers are also jumping in and providing copies of their books to be added to the Google library.

The good for us, is that some of the publishers of R/C books are also joining in. Right now the list is pretty small, and hopefully this will continue to grow. I maintain a list of books on my web site that R/C flyers may find interesting and helpful (some are full-scale though). See: www.rcbooks.net/cid45. Follow the "Read Free" link to see a Table of Content for each of the books.

It is also worth noting that most of these books are under copyright restrictions. Google limits viewing of books to the page you are looking at, and two pages around it. The best way to browse a book is to search for a common word like wing, or airplane (use Search within this Book). Your search result will display the pages that contain these words. If your word was found on page 12 for instance, you should be able to view pages 10 to 15. Go back to the search result to view the next set of 5 pages.

If anyone finds other interesting books on Google Books, let me know and I will add them to the list.
Posted by presydent | Apr 12, 2006 @ 10:08 PM | 2,700 Views
I recently found a Sig Four Star 60 advertized for sale at Ultimate R/C Hobbies' website and ordered that R/C ARF. I promptly paid for my purchase using PayPal and expected delivery within 7-10 days. Soon after I was notified that my payment had been made to Ultimate R/C Hobbies, I received an email from them, stating that they neither had a Sig Four Star 60 ARF in stock, nor did they carry Sig products any longer. Ultimate R/C Hobbies was absolutely unresponsive to my emailed demands for a refund, and their listed telephone number was not in service. After a month of agonizing, I received an email from PayPal stating that they had arranged for a refund to be credited to my account based upon the official claim that I made to PayPal.

In my opinion, Ultimate R/C Hobbies not only misrepresented what they had for sale, but accepted my payment for an R/C airplane that they knoew they could not deliver which I believe is a fraudulent act.

If you are thinking of buying any product from Ultimate R/C Hobbies, you should take into account my very negative buying experience.
Posted by Keith43221 | Apr 12, 2006 @ 09:54 PM | 5,049 Views
Probably the best time I have ever had. It was flipping amazing, these guys are masters at what they do.
I started off my day at 3:30 working the Radar room. The first thing we did was approach. Man, that was fast moving. He was telling planes what to do before i even saw them on the screen. But at this time i was still getting used to looking at the screen, and identifying what was what. We then took a break. That was cool, the break room is pretty sweet, nothing like watching TV and planes take off while sipping a mountain dew. After 30 mins, it was back to the radar room. We then worked final. It was fun swing the planes into their place, while keeps the proper spacing of course. Did this for quite a while longer, than took another break for dinner. After dinner, we got to go up to the tower. Now the fun was starting. It was a 30 second elevator ride up the 250 foot tower. Once at the top of the ride, we were at the junction level. This level had the tower break room, and the bathrooms. The guys bathroom had "the best view you will ever get out of a bathroom" With a nice big window, it was sweet to watch the planes on final while doing your business. Then up two flights of stairs (watching your head) to the lower level of the control room. This level was basically a walk around the control room. You had access to all of the computers from the back. This level also had the doors to the cat walk on the outside of the tower. SWEET!!! Got some fun photos leaning...Continue Reading
Posted by jbeckett | Apr 12, 2006 @ 09:19 PM | 2,899 Views
4/12/06 44 flights so far

Another 4-flight evening. Mainly doing landing practice. Used Wal-Mart batt pack for all of it. Total elapsed time for all four flights was about 12 minutes.

1. Went up, found the winds as usual these days - about 10mph with shifts at different altitudes and gusts. Attempted a crosswind landing along our runway. Minor cartwheel, no damage.

2. Good flight, good landing into the wind aiming at me. I'm still thinking the airplane is closer than it is because it's pretty big.

3. Better flight, landed closer to me that time.

4. Coming in just fine at landing time, we had a major gust just at 3-4 feet of altitude. Looked like somebody had whacked the airplane up the side of its nose, pushing the nose up and to the right (my left). Managed to correct and land it straight.

An experienced pilot mentioned that I am flying a long ways away, and wondered what sort of radio I have. Just a cheap parkflyer from ParkZone, sir (stolen from a ParkZone Typhoon). I especially appreciate the dual rates, which you don't usually see on cheap parkflyer rigs. Strange the way they arranged that. The Tx is really 5 channels with a retract switch. They have had the Rx programmed so that it cuts the rates in half if the switch is down, so you are really sending full rates over the RF link all the time but the Rx cuts them down before sending the signals on to the servos.

Which gives me pause. Compared to the normal method this is a mixed...Continue Reading
Posted by jbourke | Apr 12, 2006 @ 08:37 PM | 27,930 Views
My name, Bourke, is often mispronounced like "bork". It doesn't offend me so I don't usually correct people. I figure that if I didn't have the name "Bourke" then I would be puzzled by it just like anyone else. It looks a lot like the more common name "Rourke" which is pronounced like "rork" so I'm sure that is why people guess at a similar sound for Bourke.

Just ignore the "o". It was put there by my ancestors to torment me. I have plans to get back at them, but not just yet. Let them squirm, I say.

While my wrath is stayed, I use my time to consider ways in which common people, such as yourself, can remember the correct pronunciation of my name.

Sometimes to help people remember how to spell my name, I deliberately mispell other words. You can join in the fun by spelling words like: wourkeshop, beef jourkey, and (assuming you have a patient teacher) homewourke.

Another solution is to take advantage of my middle initial, "T", and be reminded that, yes, unfortunately, my name sounds much like a certain starship Admiral, nee Captain, James T Kirk. No, I'm not a Star Trek fan. No, my middle name isn't "Tiberius". No, just because I know Kirk's middle name doesn't mean I'm lying about being a fan. It has just come up a lot, especially when I was in the military. No, I wasn't an Admiral. I was in the Air Force. No, I don't know anything about Area 51...where was I?

Oh yeah, my name. The fact is that I'll respond to just about anything. Some people even call me "Fuzzy" which is the closest thing I've ever had to a nickname. It's become more ironic since I shaved my head and I'm thinking about a legal name change, but I think if I do it I'll go with "Fuzzy James" because that sounds like the kind of name an itinerant blues musician would use and deep down that's what I really am. It also has the advantage of removing the problem of my current last name altogether.


Posted by Troy | Apr 12, 2006 @ 07:54 PM | 6,750 Views
Posted by jbourke | Apr 12, 2006 @ 07:45 PM | 23,263 Views
Today was my first day to play around with the new Futaba 12Z radio.

I took a lunchtime break today to try out the radio at the flying field. My "old reliable" E3D, Hell Raiser, and my Prodigy ARF came along to help me do some testing.

First impressions? Pretty darn amazing.

If you are familiar with the Futaba line then the easiest way I can put it is to imagine the 9C with all the features of the 9Z but with the ergonomics and usability of the 14MZ. It's so easy to use that I didn't have to refer to the manual once, even to set up a few complicated mixes.

I know I'm probably considered a "computer geek" by a lot of people but the fact is that I'm terrible with electronics. It's true! I'm the kind of guy who can't figure out how to program his VCR, set the time on his cel phone, etc. If I can figure out how to use a computer radio, anyone can!

I got the Prodigy set up in about 5 minutes and I put in a nice long flight, followed by flights on the E3D and Hell Raiser. I like what I saw today with the 12Z.

More on the radio later. For now here are some pictures of today's activities.

...Continue Reading
Posted by biber | Apr 12, 2006 @ 07:22 PM | 12,598 Views
In my last entry I mentioned a F5D Limited Wing.
That thing will be named 'Multibumm'.
And it's going to look like pictured below.
The other pics show what it looks like about now.

The special gimmick in this design is its distribution and management of control surfaces.
It won't use a common elevon mix like most wings do.
The outer control surfaces are supposed to act as ailerons only and the more little inboard ones as elevator only.

That means e.g., to pull up the inboard controls are lowered some degrees.
On most common swept wing designs up elevator means that 50% or more of the airfoil's TE
is seriously reflexed during turns and pullups wich does not really match the increased lift situation.
The rest of the TE remains unchanged.
That is different with the Multibumm.
It will have 75% of the TE unchanged, 25% slightly cambered in the same situation.
No reflex to pull up.
That is possible due to the high sweep of 30 degrees combined with the quite high aspect ratio of 9.3 (without the winglets).

Hm, have to continue this tomorow, it's now late over here in Germany.

Posted by Jurgen Heilig | Apr 12, 2006 @ 03:45 PM | 28,924 Views
And now for something completely different :

As we have the Soccer World Championship this year in Germany, Graupner and Robbe presented two flying balls at Nuremberg.

As the Robbe Flyball is already printed and uses a brushless drive, we used four of them for the Indoor Show at the InterModellBau in Dortmund.

The pictures were taken at the Mercure Grand Hotel.

Posted by biber | Apr 12, 2006 @ 11:05 AM | 12,207 Views
My first entry in my own Blog, wow.

The two attached pics are exemplary showing myself doing the stuff I like most.
Knowing both worlds, fullsize gliding aswell as modeling,
I think I can say that none of both can fully replace the other's experiances.
OTOH, the very thing attracting me to it is basicaly the same for both, aswell.
Hard to put into words without sliding into philosophic mumbo jumbo.
Well, it's the Idea of Flying.
For me that is not connected to wether it is rc, freeflight, or fullsize.
But this is a place for the modeling part of it all. And so it be.
And to get that one thing clear: I don't like glow stuff, Helis, ARF,...
I do like Slope stuff, Soaring, Micro thingies, reall Wings, fast models, electric powered...

The following entries will show the ongoing development of a swept F5D Limited Wing.
As that particular competition class is national, flown only in Germany,
there is not much risk of other competitors seeing this here .

Another reason to put this into my blog is,
that it's hard to decide wich forum would be best suited for it.
No, only Zagi style wings in there, how boring. It would get lost in there anyway.
High performance?
Well, perhaps, but the fact, that it's actually a wing,
is the main thing about it and I think it deserves a special place therefore.
The best possible audience for it would be the Slope forum,
but this isn't going to be a slope glider in the first place
(maybe later on there will be an unpowered version), so no again.

For people who want to know about the current state of the projct
this will be the place to check it anytime.

*waveing Mr. Merzhäuser*

Ok then, stay tuned for more...

Posted by Adrianh | Apr 12, 2006 @ 09:27 AM | 4,254 Views
Thought I had entered the blog last night....Just got word that I am off to California/ new Mexico over the next 5-6weeks. leave on the 18th April so no more building at the moment. Got a Fegiao motor for my EDF 40 planes. It will go in to the Vampire first, but maybe after I get back. it will be a good opportunity to get some kit cheaper than can be found in the UK. The Miles Student project is still on paper, just not had time to get on with it.
Work will be flying the two machines we operate, Voodoo and Banshee. Good adrenaline stuff.
Posted by kestrel2003 | Apr 12, 2006 @ 06:27 AM | 5,448 Views
I and a friend could fly in front of 550 Listeners in a lecture about acrobatic flying! Pictures will soon be ready. Till then pic of my new knuffel V2
Posted by exempt | Apr 12, 2006 @ 02:44 AM | 3,674 Views
I have been having a great "conversation" with "Lanny" about the Graupner Terry for the past few days (see COMMENTS) it's been great fun talking about one of my favorite designs! I am STILL working on the Demon "pylon-racer" but I have to admit I am somewhat side tracked by all my other projects at this time: Depron park jets (which I have at least 4 that I want to build), obtaining a new and cheaper source for Depron (which I guarantee I will do), updating and retrofitting my Mamba (NE sailplane) model, and refitting my TwinJet with a MONO-Brishless. So many models....so little time.
Posted by Grejen | Apr 12, 2006 @ 12:50 AM | 9,581 Views
It seemed like a good idea at the time so off I go over to the school yard practicaly next door to me, Tx and Parkflyer Pete in hand freshly charged battery installed all ready to fly. My 'Pete has many flights on it and has recently undergone some extensive repair work. The motor is showing some slight left thrust line which is not right but its not so bad. Its just before dusk so I should keep it close I think to myself and in the east sky where I can see it. I also notice a bit of breeze but again not too bad. The field is bordered by trees on three sides and the school on the fourth.

Antenna up, power up, give a toss (no gear) and it's off like a champ. A few clicks of right to overcome that left thrust and I'm zooming around. Wow, the battery is putting out well tonight. It's amazing what 24 hours at 50mAh will do for 7 tired AAA Ray-o-vacs. This is a very good thing because the slight breeze in this field always causes turbulance. Thoughts of rolls and inverted flight evaporate and I think - let's just keep it in the park and in sight. For a Pete it's a heavy handfull. Fun, but not a lazy flyer. Ailerons and Elevator (no rudder) servos are getting a workout as it gets tossed and twisted around.

I try for more altitude. That helps but, woops it's nosing up and stalling just over the alders on the east side. I know there's nothing for it but sit tight and wait for the nose to come down. I decide it'll be banked toward me and add some left to level wings....Continue Reading
Posted by Joe Ford | Apr 11, 2006 @ 10:29 PM | 16,760 Views
Did a search for this video, but couldn't find it anywhere. MUCH too valuable to modelers NOT to have it on here. Hope you don't mind Andy!


EDIT: Here's the whole video
Posted by Jason Noll | Apr 11, 2006 @ 10:07 PM | 24,619 Views
This particular plane is from Japan. It's all EPP and weighs 9oz RTF. I built a cage around the prop out of carbon fiber rod that worked amazingly well. It lasted 8 rounds without a scratch. Sean McMurtry, my Father (Frank Noll) and myself all flew this in the event.
Posted by Jason Noll | Apr 11, 2006 @ 10:02 PM | 23,773 Views
I love ther RC Groups colors so I had to do a scheme. AUW is 8.2 OZ RTF


Radio: 12Z
servo's: Futaba 3110's
receiver: Futaba R114F w/o case
Motor: Electrifly Baby Rimfire
ESC: Electrifly Silver series 8
Battery: Electrifly 3S 640mAH