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Posted by Basketcase | Aug 08, 2006 @ 09:15 PM | 8,453 Views
A foamy Triplane made from depron. Built and flown by Paul.

Video by Jay (Doctor Who) taken 7-29-06
Posted by gordonbw | Aug 08, 2006 @ 08:25 PM | 9,277 Views
Creating a Monster!

By Gordon Braun-Woodbury

This is the chronicle of my “Frankenglider” – an electric sailplane cobbled together from spare parts (some them quite rare and expensive, I might add!). It’s a journal of my learning process in modeling improvisation.

I started this project in the summer of 2003 following the untimely passing of EMFSO member Lal Guneratne. After Lal’s death, his family offered a number of his planes and hobby supplies to the 14th Avenue flyers. I obtained the beautifully built but uncovered wings of a 1.8m rudder-elevator sailplane suitable for Speed 400 or 480 power.

“Nice wings,” thought I. Partly to honour Lal’s memory, I decided to do the best possible job on this plane.

Gathering the bits

My first task was to find a fuselage. After looking at a number of suppliers, I settled on Art Hobby in Montana, who import a line of ARF gliders and e-sailplanes from Poland. I purchased a fuse and V-tail for the company’s Andromeda model, a very light 2 meter LMR (limited motor run) competition e-sailplane.

For a motor, I really wanted to try brushless. I waited until the ‘drip feed’ for my hobby fund had filled up, and then paid a visit to A&J Hobbies in Unionville, where I purchased a brand new Axi 2808/16 outrunner motor. I was particularly attracted by the Axi’s ability to swing a large prop without a gearbox. The Axis I’ve seen the 14th have been demonstrated impressive power with very smooth, silent operation.

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Posted by Doug Sipprell | Aug 08, 2006 @ 03:17 PM | 14,508 Views
Elfi #3 (my own nomenclature, not that of the manufacturer) is up and flying well. New PJS 3D 550 Brushless Outrunner does a real fine job of hauling Elfi #3 around the skys. The wing design of the Elfi works well, IMHO, for thermalling, and I have had this plane waaaay up there, almost a speck in the sky. TP 1320 3S1P ProLite seems to be the perfect power source thus far. The pack fits easily in the plane and delivers more power than the former 3S1P 1500 Kokams. In defense of the Kokams, the TP's are a more recent LiPo design, that being the ProLites, and thus pack a little more power. As with Elfi's #1 and #2, Elfi #3 makes use of a Jeti 18-3P Advance ESC. Nice to have an on/off switch, a real safety luxury for me, and the controllers can be externally programmed.

This Elfi getting a fair amount of flying time now, but Elfi #2 also gets some decent time in the air. Elfi #1 not flown as much, but when it does fly, it flys VERY WELL. Wish there were a few other Elfi flyers in this area, but I seem to be the only one. Great plane, what Park flying is all about, even if I do fly my Elfi's waaaay out there and waaaay UP there. Seriously considering a How High Altimeter for Elfi #3. This device works well in my Tiger Moth.

Posted by hancco | Aug 08, 2006 @ 10:49 AM | 1,872 Views
I am considering building a Tiger Moth DH 82 from D & L Designs (Rico Dalmau and Doug Lee) in the USA. I would appreciate any comments on the ease of construction and flying characteristics of the model, Thanks
Posted by gordonbw | Aug 08, 2006 @ 07:48 AM | 7,693 Views
I bought this airframe used two years ago -- the fuse was heavily damaged and I nursed it back to health with much fiberglass cloth, epoxy and microballoons. Still looks a little rough close up, but hey, you don't notice the scars when it's in the air.

Although the seller did not know the make and model, I believe it is an "Applause" manufactured by the Czech company S2G.... here's the webpage: http://www.s2g.cz/sindex.php?stat=uk&cat=kat&id=24

Its wingspan is 2.3 meters. It's Axi 2820/12 powered and puts out 400 watts on 3s lipos. Goes straight up and then cruises around the sky in a most majestic and graceful manner. After 10 or so climb-outs, the battery is still cool.

As you can tell, I like it a whole lot!
Posted by Henna_Ojisan | Aug 07, 2006 @ 09:35 PM | 13,072 Views
Having seen how slow and fun these can be - I was on a quest to find a good set of plans with a plane to build. I wanted to avoid the total profile build and wanted somewhat of a boxed fuse. I found the plans and started working on it with 3mm depron. Since this was the first depron build I've ever done, I wasn't quite sure how sturdy it would be - but man, I was surprised in the end.

Nothing overly difficult - cut all the pieces, grabbed a few pieces of flat CF stock for the leading edge and started at it with some foam safe CA. I needed some color and decided to go with some iron on stuff I had from some other builds instead of the airbrushing. Totally happy with the look and this thing has flown really well.

Maiden flight was incredible - it flies so slow and is so much fun!! Once the CG was back where it needed to be - I was in love. I've got a few videos I'll link to shortly and here are some build photos - the whole build is captured in photos HERE so check them out and feel free to ask any questions...

RTF Weight is 14.5 oz with 1320 3S Lipo

Here are specs on the build:
  • Tabbed Depron Ultimate Bipe
  • Ultracote Iron on Covering
  • E-Flite Park 400-920Kv Outrunner
  • APC 10x4.7SF Prop
  • CC Thunderbird 18 ESC
  • TP 1320 3S PL Lipos
  • Deans Ultra plugs
  • Hitec HS-55 Servos (4) with E-Flite 3D arms
  • Hitec Electron 6 Rcvr
  • Futaba 9C XMTR

Here is an early video:Tabbed Ultimate Video - 65MB
Posted by Esprit440 | Aug 07, 2006 @ 09:04 PM | 4,577 Views
These are some of my favorite pictures from the 2006 Thunder Over Michigan airshow. It's always fun to stroll around such a huge group of rare warbirds, snapping pictures of all the interesting things that catch my eye.

The show started off with a WWII tank battle reenactment featuring air support from a pair of P-47s and a P-51. Their low strafing passes were really impressive and the distinctive scream of the P-51 is really something.

A little later an F-16 took off and completely tore up the sky - the piston engined fighters looked positively geriatric in comparison. It was an incredible display of power and maneuverability. The glint of sunlight off the HUD as it pulled out of a dive is etched in my mind.
Posted by Pigs dont fly | Aug 07, 2006 @ 06:10 PM | 12,405 Views
Posted by HACK | Aug 07, 2006 @ 05:42 PM | 12,711 Views
Finally got some blog-worthy pics.

This thread would be useless without pics.

This is the RCsuperpowers.com F-117 Nighthawk with some Himaxx EDF's and a newly installed rudder.

Posted by paulv583 | Aug 07, 2006 @ 11:10 AM | 1,949 Views

the best avation equipment around for century you can do alot with
that no airplane can match so my hats go off to the inventors during
the era................keep them flying
Posted by lmopar69 | Aug 07, 2006 @ 08:32 AM | 6,286 Views
Electronics are mounted. Home made motor mount, elevons and what not. Still have to bury some wires and other things, then start the covering. Its getting there.
Posted by meatbomber | Aug 07, 2006 @ 04:47 AM | 13,003 Views
Well today finally the Stinger 6 Kit arrived, now i have all the bits and pieces to start the build.

Setup will be the following:

Stinger 6
MS27 Rx
MS44 Gyro
4 x HS56
Hacker A30-10XL 15 Tooth Pinion
6S 2250mAh Pack

Pics to follow
Posted by LannyG | Aug 07, 2006 @ 12:42 AM | 424,829 Views
While on a camping, flying, hiking vacation last year.
Met this bear on a busy day at Convict Lake right by the trail, not 25 feet away. He is a Black bear even though he is cinnamon in color. He was friendly except when he and I got into a Slowstick vs. Easy Star discussion on best first plane.
Posted by Mike001 | Aug 06, 2006 @ 11:07 PM | 2,354 Views
Made my last flights of the Easy Star in Oxford, OH at Miami University this da. I had been in town for the 5 week Miami Debate Institute and had the EZ shipped, before I arrived at Miami. Saturday was the lasat day of the Institute: 5 straight weeks of 7 days a week was over! The debaters had checked out of the dorm by noon and I finished inspecting and locking the dorm rooms by 12:30. I helped Julie pack up the Institute Office in Dodds Hall and then we packed up our room and loaded the car, quite a job given that we had 5 weeks worth of stuff to pack. Anyway, my boss, Steve Mancuso, took us out for a great dinner and graciously paid for it. After dinner, I went flying!

I made just short flights tonight, all less than 2 minutes. I had no control problems at all. I did keep the EZ close to the ground, however: she never was much higher than 50 feet. This was dangerous givewn that I make plenty of mistakes as a beginner and this plane was about 1/3 of a mistake high! But there were no incidents.

I did have difficulty gainin altitude. On 2 of the flights, I tried to get her up approx 100 feet and just couldn't do it. I'm not sure why. Could it be a battery problem? I was using the same pack I had used before. One newvariable is that I had heated this pack, bad, after the last flying session and before this one. I use a pack from my old Ventura- 7 cells 900 mah- and it's cigarette lighter charger. it has a self timer of 30". I checked the pack after 5 minutes and 15 minutes and it was just warm at 15. I got distracted and didnt check again until 25 minutes (total) had gone by and then it was hot. Very hot. i could not touch it for more than a split second.

Anyway, these flights did produce some good pics by my wife. See my page at www.rcu.com (Mike001) and look at the gallery shots. Thanks Julie!

total flights:15
total flying time: 20 minutes
damage requiring repair: none

on a scale of 1-5 (1= unstable/eratic/bad, 5=mastered)
straight and level flight: 3
shallow turns: 3
take off throws: 4
landings: 2
Posted by Andrew Jesky | Aug 06, 2006 @ 10:07 PM | 22,031 Views
Well usually every Sunday my brother and Family come down to our house and hang out and we go flying. We finally decided to take some pictures today.

Here are the planes we flew today. The Yak is a 3W Yak(QQ design) this was built this winter. It has:

15 8611A's for all surfaces
Da-150 on Manferd Greves tuned Pipes
Fromeco flight packs and regulators
JR R2000 Reciever
Swb servo arms.
Ready to fly is 41 pounds

The PL Extra that my brother has used to be Chip Hydes old extra that he flew. We decided we would buy and it and re-do it. The PL is equiped exactly the same except he is running KS 1090 cans which make the same power as the greves.His also weighs in at about 41.5 pounds