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Hi all im new the rc world and brought afew truck first 1 was a hsp grampus truck rear wheel driven 1/10 with a kv3300 motor unsure on the esc ? And the second 1 is a fs racing truck 4 wheel driven with a kv3000 could someone out there tell me which 1 would be faster both are funny lipo 2 battery, is there much power difference between the motors?? The fs racing truck was meant to come with a kv3215 motor but came with a kv3000 could someone out there tell me if there would be much noticeable difference between these to motors . Many thanks Ronnie.
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Yep Les Amis,
EFFICACITÉ + SÉCURITÉ = PLAISIR ! Dans cette vidéo je fais un Mix de deux produits qui se marient plutôt bien ... En effet, d'un côté, le EMAX HAWK 5, un racer d'une qualité irréprochable (je ne suis pas le seul à le crier haut et fort) , de l'autre, un Buzzer Lumineux autonome, puissant et presque indispensable puisqu'il permet de retrouver facilement et rapidement votre racer ou tout autre appareil qui en sera équipé ! En bref, le Vifly Finder est pour moi un INDISPENSABLE pour sauvegarder votre matériel et donc votre investissement ...

EMAX HAWK 5 et VIFLY FINDER 2, Review Test Démo / 2 produits TOP !!! (24 min 37 sec)


Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :


- EMAX HAWK 5 PNP ( 185€ avec le COUPON suivant GB-THEMAX5 ) :
- Batterie 4S 1500mAh conseillée :

Mon matériel :
- Caméra GIT2P (casquette) :
- Stabilisateur smartphone ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q :
- ONEPAA X2000 Caméra :
- Caméra DBPOWER 4K (écran tactile) :
- Micro cravate (casquette): https://...Continue Reading
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Gals & Guys!

It's been a little over ONE solid year since I bought my 2nd operational Park Zone P-47 Thunderbolt from a good seller over near Tampa, Florida (Ruskin).

I have finally flown it and the model didn't disappoint! It was amazing that I found someone selling a 7-Channel Orange Receiver during the GravesRC Swap Meet (9th Annual) and this receiver didn't disappoint as well.

The model took off and didn't require any trim.

Here's the FOR SALE Ad:

I am posting some Post Flight Pictures from yesterday at the RC Club field.
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Fascinating closeups of the tested fairing half dropped by helicopter. "LATCH +YA2", "PUSHER S/N 6", carbon fiber weaving, nitrogen bottles, are hanging out for all to see. Most important is the "NOT FOR FLIGHT !@%*@! SCRAP" written on a piece, obviously perfected from reviewing many job applications.
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This is footage of two RC F7F Tigercats flying in formation at Warbirds Over Whatcom. The first is a 1700mm FMS F7F Tigercat Bad Kitty RC Plane, which received a nice finish to make it look even more scale as an RC Plane. The second plane is a FlightlineRC F7F Tigercat.

FMS F7F Tigercat Bad Kitty & FlightlineRC F7F Tigercat RC Plane Formation Flying (3 min 32 sec)

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I butchered the whip wing

Yes , it be true !
A) I removed the plastic hardware from the wing .
B) I fiber-glassed the top and bottom of the center of the wing
C) Recall that laminating film - I covered the wing .

Wing factory stock = 15.6 grams (?) I had glassed the tip already , so ? on exact grams
Wing without plastic hardware = 12.1 grams
Finished wing / Glassed center - covered with 0.04mm laminating film = 17.7 grams

Why ?
Wing did not feel that strong in the middle ...
When I removed the plastic cover , the carbon rods were lose under the cover ( hence the soft feeling around the middle of the wing )
The wing feels super tight around the middle now . ( Little flex )
The covering has stiffened up the wing , feels much tighter now .

Few things left to do ,
A) launch peg
B) mounting the wing


Wing is mounted and picture shared ..
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Hello all
I'm new to the RC world. I bought a 1:10 scale 2wd buggy. It's cool not wat I wanted. Then I aquired a 1:8 scale rally gas powered car. Not wat I was looking for. So I went out and bought a arrma 4x4 blx 3s. Now that's what I was looking for. Now what I am looking for is a group of people I can learn from and a place to go and have fun with the cars. If anyone near the city of Belmont CA is building a track and needs help. Then I'm your man! I will put in labor and if everything and everyone feels right I can put money in to building the track. Hope to hear from someone near me soon.
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So I think I’ll start a slope soaring logbook here.

Whenever I go fly I’ll post where I’m flying and what I’m flying.

Today I was Flying the Trinity, the Carbon Bird, the P-51 Mustang, the Momba and the Weasel today at Lilly Shapell Park.
Was there from 1:30 to 4:40

28737 Drakes Bay, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

And it was a good day as far as flying conditions, very windy, I would say 16-18mph gusting to over 20mph straight West.
Straight west is best for this slope.

Got a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks afterwards.

Had a really good day. And I needed it. This week was very rough, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday were all spent at the hospital getting IV fluids for my daughter and her ongoing illness. That has been very hard on the whole family.
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...and it's so far, so good!

The rebirth of the Harbor Freight P-51 is coming along nice with all of the painting completed except for the anti-glare panel atop the nose. According to Greg Kenny, director of education at the Palm Springs Air Museum, the paint shop painted that panel of their real Bunny with Oak Green #212 from Poly-Fiber aircraft paints. Photos for the upcoming Callie Graphics decals won't happen for another couple of weeks while Bunny makes the air show rounds. I'm going to see if I can find a suitable military flat acrylic at the hobby shop.

I'm very happy regarding the "re-maiden" of the Adagio 280! That poor little model had been languishing in a hot garage for heaven knows how long and then incorrectly repaired. Getting the micro bind plug was easy; getting a new canopy and wing spar, not so easy since the model is out of production. The spar came from Amazon Prime and the canopy from Graves RC in Orlando, Florida.

Today was its first flight in years and it didn't disappoint! All I need to do is add a bit more low rate rudder throw.
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This is an effective simple battery holder I have been making for the T-28 for many years.

The idea is to keep the battery from moving fore and aft after balancing.

I have rehabbed about 2 dozen T-28s. All need something. Many times a PO has done something that makes it impossible to secure the battery unless a mount like this is used.

Look at the pictures. This mount is always a Tee, but needs fitting or altering depending on the plane in for repairs.

I make the Tee out of wide tongue depressors, or maybe Popsicle sticks. (we have a box of craft sticks from Walmart.

I get the Velcro from Walmart.

I 5 minute expoxy the Tee pieces but hot melt glue it in place, as I find that most effective.

This post is to give you ideas.

This setup works well for me.....

Have...Continue Reading
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They are sweet. They actually use a stand-off or bolt to hold the front part down on the canopy by going through the 'O' in RotorX. Then the back is held down by the canopy mount bolts.
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will the frsky s6r receiver work with the frsky qx7s transmitter before i buy thankyou
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Today has been an eventful day of announcements from digital imaging heavyweights. DJI officially launches the DJI Mavic 2 with the See The Bigger Picture event live in New York City. Earlier this month, we posted about the various rumours going around the web about the specs, release dates and newer features it may have.

Here's what has been confirmed so far from their See The Bigger Picture event:

1. There are two models: The Pro and The Zoom. The original Mavic weighed in at 734 grams. DJI added some weight into the newer models with the Pro hitting 907 grams and the Zoom weighing in at 905 grams.

2. DJI partnered with Hasselblad for Mavic 2 Pro proving that there is no other drone and partnership of its kind in today's market. It's an historic moment in aerial imaging technology. It has a 1-inch CMOS sensor with an adjustable aperture of f/2.8 to f/11. It gives you the flexibility to capture images in bright or dim locations where you can shoot at any time of the day. It captures 4K Ultra HD with higher colour-depth and dynamic range and resolution than its predecessors. As it's a Hasselblad model, you have an access to its Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution - for improved colour and tonality in your photos.

3. The Mavic 2 Zoom is the world's first foldable consumer drone with a 1.23-inch CMOS sensor and 24-48mm optical zoom plus two times digital zoom. It gives you 96mm telephoto lens for 4K lossless zoom FHD video...Continue Reading
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Good News
AOSENMA CG033 is back!!The problem we have had which is fixed and upgraded
Welcome to buy from our shop, we have it in stock now
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Hi guys,
Just posting a survey here for my curiosity,who is you favorite drone/quadcopter manufacturer ?
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Saito FA-40A - 1st Tank (clip) (1 min 34 sec)

First run, very rich break in run, of my nib 40A. This is a short clip of the run.

i bought off E-bay a while back. Finally made a mount for it

This is a nice engine. It is unbelievably small for the power it makes:
-Running Xoar 11x6 wood prop
-10% Powermaster
-New OS F plug (came with Saito SS)
-Engine is make 'C' btw

I noticed a new ignitor battery really helped with starting it.