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Posted by Manish Raul | Yesterday @ 11:31 AM | 574 Views
Hey, I want to make a aeroplane which reach maximum altitude in less time . So is it depend upon angle of protection only or on design of aeroplane like wingspan , etc
Posted by nickburns | Yesterday @ 11:08 AM | 590 Views
Most of us start with a pair of box goggles due to the high price of goggles. While box goggles are generally serviceable for most, some due to vision or eye strain cannot use them. Others prefer the mobility of these smaller goggles or the ability to add a specific receiver. In the video below I discuss my thoughts and experience having used box goggles and three popular smaller goggles.

Its time to buy Goggles, Can't get ANY cheaper! (22 min 5 sec)

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Posted by nickburns | Yesterday @ 11:02 AM | 562 Views
This is likely the best deal on a 4s capable 3inch quad. 3 inch quads are in right now, I expect this category to gain momentum. The tall stack of the x140 limits the prop fpv view. Having a stretched arm design allow the vehicle to set its forward angle with ease and decrease the amount of input on the roll axis, both good for fast forward flight (Racing). Additional speed and thrust can likely be gained with higher pitched props. I like to stay light and agile and thus prefer to fly with a light 450mah 4s battery, in this case I used a Tattu battery.

Furibee x140 - PNP $115 (17 min 43 sec)

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Posted by fastmax | Yesterday @ 07:19 AM | 677 Views
I've been looking forward to this ZD Racing 08425 1/8 RTR brushless buggy for a little while now. I wanted to get an inexpensive 1/8 platform to convert into a pavement punisher for high speed blasts up and down my street and driveway. I plan on using 3s in my driveway and 4s out in the street. After I get in a couple runs in completely stock form, I will be putting on some street tires, and a custom Delta Plastik USA cab forward body.

My plan is to have a fast, fun, and good looking buggy, and a few battery packs for under $300 total. So far it seems my plan is coming together. I have ordered the Delta Plastik USA EVO DP body, and the street wheels/tires. Now I need to find a couple suitable 4s batteries. Detailed pics, and running video coming ASAP. I will also be measuring max speeds on 3s and 4s with several different size pinion gears using one of my older phones with a speedometer APP. Stay tuned! This should be fun!
Posted by sumaxmotor | Yesterday @ 01:40 AM | 779 Views
To take our money from the stocked material, we provide special offer for SUMAX CREATION 2407 2500KV Brushless motors
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Posted by old4570 | Nov 16, 2017 @ 11:54 PM | 827 Views
king kong 90mm brushed (1 min 28 sec)

Did I mention I got me a 90mm 2s Brushed .. was waiting on the Rx and battery .

Battery is a little 250mAh 2s
Rx is a DSMx 11ms Satellite ( Would not bind DSM2 ) off Ebay .. ( Was cheap )
Apparently the quad is a King Kong 90mm Brushed ( 2s )
Way too much for indoor use , though it hovers really nice . ( I should add some expo around the center )
One of the switches on the Tx toggles between horizon and angle modes ( I will stick with horizon for now )

I am thinking I should try a 350mAh 2s ...

Well , my first problem was the USB cables I have , none seemed to work . Well , until the very last one I tried . ( That was a time waster I can tell you )

The second problem I had was getting the DSMx Sat Rx to work ( yes ) . So simple , yet frustrating . ( Lots of youtube video watched ) .

Third and final problem was arming the motors . Seems the throttles end point was stopping the FC from arming due to some safety feature ...
I will do another post with my settings ( Cleanflight ) ..

I have to say , the last two days . I was Schooled !

Aside from the three problems that were like applying a hand break , it was relatively pain free ( well .... except for the PAIN )

But seriously , it seems to handle really well ( except for the power ) . The 2s seems to really make this quad a little lively , and I am not sure it would be good indoors . I will have to go somewhere with some space and see if I can't FPV ( why I got it ) ... Might even have to set up dual rates , mild / wild .
Posted by HYA1023 | Nov 16, 2017 @ 11:13 PM | 833 Views
Hi all,

This is Jenny from FXT,our company website:www.szfxt.com, here I'm glad to let you know we have new micro 800TVL FPV camera with below features and specs, free samples for Micro T80 camera are available,we are seeking 3 reviewers now,pls freely contact me if you would like to test the camera or any questions.My skype:fxtjenny,email:jennyhuang@szfxt.com.cn.

1. Micro sized and lightweight only 3.9g.
2. High resolution 800tvl with D-WDR.
3. Integrated OSD
4. 16:9 4:3 switchable
5. NTSC PAL switchable

1. Model: T80
2. Image Sensor: 1/3" CMOS sensor
3. Horizontal Resolution: 800TVL
4. Lens: 2.3mm Lens(M8) FOV115
5. Min. illumination: Color:0.1Lux(F1.2,50IRE,AGC ON) Black&white: 0.001Lux(F1.2,50IRE,AGC ON)
6. Signal System: PAL/NTSC
7.Resolution: PAL:960(H)x576(V) NTSC: 960(H)x480(V)
8.S/N Ratio: >50dB
9. Dynamic Range: >60dB
11.White Balance: AUTO
12. Back light compensation: ON/OFF
13.Day/Night: Color/B&W
14. Mirror Image: Horizontal mirror image, vertical mirror image
15.Image Ratio: 16:9 4:3 switchable
16. Vide Output: 1.0Vp-p output,75Ω
17. Integrated OSD:Yes, display battery voltage and working time
18.Language: English/Chinese
19.Input Voltage: 3.5V-5.5V
20.Net weight : 3.9g
21.Dimension: 15mmx14mm
Posted by Wierda | Nov 16, 2017 @ 10:52 PM | 785 Views
My 55" fms sky trainer, aka "Cessna skylane 182" got a new look today with a graphic set that I had Callie Graphics make for me. She does such a incredible job! Have to pull the wheel pants now and make them plain white. I'm really happy with the way this is turning out! Added the finishing touches and painted fender skirts. I love the way this turned out! Callie Graphics does an incredible job and can help you turn any plane into what you want it to be!
Posted by rinoki71 | Nov 16, 2017 @ 10:17 PM | 692 Views
The S10 Quadcopter is an excellent "learn to fly" drone. I LOVE it. Has a flight time of 8 mins and is very agile and easy to fly. It features Altitude Hold, Auto Takeoff/Landing, Headless mode and One Key Return and also has a 2MP 720p camera version. The camera-less version I reviewed can be purchased for $25 shipped free using code "Hobbyinrc01" at HOBBYINRC (owned by Lightake)

S10 Quadcopter Review, Perfect Inexpensive "Learn to Fly" Drone (17 min 1 sec)

Posted by Absaroka | Nov 16, 2017 @ 07:30 PM | 734 Views
Weather broke- so took the Tundra out to do tricks for the cows. LOL
Tundra Mission # 60 (4 min 0 sec)

Posted by turbinefancy | Nov 16, 2017 @ 07:01 PM | 749 Views
Chasing Gene's Carbon Z Prometheus 1.2m (1080p 60fps) (10 min 47 sec)

I have always wanted to do HD FPV formation videos with planes but have yet to find a satisfactory PnP solution for fixed wing. So I settled for DJI Mavic Pro for its excellent camera/ gimbal/ RF transmission system. After a couple month of getting acclimated to Mavic controls practicing precise tracking. I finally tried flying formation with a plane. Thanks to the smooth flying of the lead pilot, I was able to keep the target mostly in frame. The 40mph top speed of Mavic is quite limiting for fixed wing performance though.
Posted by mlilasic | Nov 16, 2017 @ 06:42 PM | 830 Views
Review (ip) of DJI Spark 2KM FPV - 12MP 2-Axis Mechanical Gimbal Camera QuickShot Gesture Mode RC Drone Quadcopter

My first DJI product came and I am really impressed.

Its has cool name: Spark.

Out of the box experience is awesome and quad is very easy to use. Every info you get displayed in app on your mobile screen.
This review is in early progress, but I will update it regularly as I record and find new stuff. So stayed tuned. I already have few test videos.

DJI Spark, a mini drone which boasts all of DJI's signature technologies, allows you to seize the moment whenever you feel inspired. With various Intelligent Flight Modes, a 2-axis mechanical gimbal and a 12MP camera, your creativity is sure to meet no boundaries. With FaceAware, Spark can be launched on your palm and hover at a desirable height. You can use Gesture Mode to take selfies and control the drone when it is within 3m away. The little quadcopter is bound to spark your creativity and enable you to film like a professional.

Main Features:
● 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor, f/2.6 wide-angle lens, 2-axis mechanical gimbal for stabilized 1080P videos and 12MP stills
● Powerful propulsion enables Spark to fly at up to 50 kph in Sport Mode
● 720P FPV, up to 2km long-distance image transmission by connecting your phone to the transmitter
● Multiple Intelligent Flight Modes available - ActiveTrack, TapFly, QuickShot etc.
● Gesture Mode is only...Continue Reading
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Nov 16, 2017 @ 06:28 PM | 778 Views

Not mine. Must be an early version... Also noticed a nice clean older FA-40 on the 'bay.

Tuning is easy. I am too tired today to try the tachometer again... busy job day
Posted by D_Dawg | Nov 16, 2017 @ 02:03 PM | 867 Views
on the edge .... without having to take them apart ... I do put up the retracts and take off the props ...
Posted by Pontiac428 | Nov 16, 2017 @ 12:20 PM | 870 Views
1.) Spektrum AR636A SAFE receiver modifications
I have been following the action in this thread and in flightengr's blog without giving much input, since these guys are a step ahead in addressing questions I encounter the day before I encounter them. So far, I have two AR636A SAFE select receivers, one from a Valiant and one from a Sukhoi. The Valiant receiver I flashed to 1.43 using the Spektrum Updater (supposedly only for "open" versions), and loaded the Timber setup onto it. The Sukhoi receiver I did not update, but used the Spektrum Programmer on PC to upload a Spitfire setup onto. From what I can gather, changing setups is not an issue and SAFE is still available with 1.43. Really, all I care about is being able to install the receivers into any plane I want, get the orientation straight, and adjust my own SAFE parameters. By SAFE, I mean flight envelope, just to be clear, as opposed to AS3X stabilization. I like SAFE technology...

2.) Twisted/RCF Edge 39
Built and maidened just before the weather turned sour. Looking forward to more stick time!

3.) Twisted/RCF Nemesis Racer
On the bench now, mid-build!
Posted by teralift | Nov 16, 2017 @ 12:14 PM | 899 Views
V3 Worksheet
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Posted by krautfus | Nov 16, 2017 @ 11:54 AM | 834 Views
This is my first kit build. I'm planning on using electric power for this plane. Any tips, suggestions, etc are welcome.
Posted by KristofferR | Nov 16, 2017 @ 11:50 AM | 846 Views
I bought this on a whim, $20 locally. According to the seller it worked two years ago. First action was cleaning, more cleaning and even more cleaning, it had the sticky film from glow engine use! I took out the Sanyo Cadnica and tried to charge it. If the radio works Im putting something else inside. If I like it maybe a 2,4 module will serve.