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Posted by Ethan Ater | Jul 03, 2018 @ 11:06 PM | 4,292 Views
Hey Everyone! Here is the first video on the Xtra Vector

The Xtra Vector is a nearly indestructible plane. Perfect for beginner 3d pilots looking for a first Epp 3d foamie kit. It's a CRAZY beast on 3s for those pilots who just want to wring it out! Cannot wait to fly this plane again

plane was flown with the following power with a 3s 450mah battery: https://twistedhobbys.com/power-comb...pitts-tmw-tws/

Enjoy the video

Hacker Xtra Vector 3d rc plane (3 min 19 sec)

Posted by Drone0fPrey | Jul 03, 2018 @ 10:44 PM | 4,237 Views
Posted by GBLynden | Jul 03, 2018 @ 07:18 PM | 4,772 Views
This is Bomb Drop Chaos from last year's Warbirds Over Whatcom event. The next one is coming up July 21-21, so join the fun if you can at Bell Air R/C Flyers Club in Ferndale, WA!

I have been making videos at this event for the past several years and it is always a lot of fun to get out and see the RC Warbirds of all kinds do their thing.

In this video you will see primarily WWI Warbirds buzzing the target and dropping bombs. My favorite is the Curtiss P-6E Hawk Biplane.

Warbirds Over Whatcom Bomb Drop Chaos (3 min 38 sec)

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jul 03, 2018 @ 06:52 PM | 4,931 Views
I've just completed a comprehensive initial review of the Hawk 5 focusing in on stock betaflight settings, initial flights, recommended changes and all the parts available. This is the best RTF quad I've ever flown with the tune to match.

This is currently in stock at Gearbest the time of writing (4 July)

Full details here:


Posted by Get Real | Jul 03, 2018 @ 06:47 PM | 4,753 Views
Warming up early in the day at the bash track and tried out rock crawling.

Horizon RC Fest 2018 Bash Track And Tim Jumps Over Cars Thomas Flys A Micro Quad (2 min 43 sec)

Horizon RC Fest 2018 TRX 4 Bronco Crawler Course (4 min 20 sec)
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Posted by Dr.Tom | Jul 03, 2018 @ 05:14 PM | 4,833 Views
Posted by Makintoshas | Jul 03, 2018 @ 12:26 PM | 5,499 Views
Alright, I was kinda impressed by those ammo box battery caddies I've seen so far, so decided to make one myself/for myself, especially when you're CNC machinist and happens to find some time for own projects The one you actually can see is still just a prototype and needs some modification (mostly in dimensions) but I can see it working out pretty well.
Material: Polycarbonate 3mm
Posted by retirementhobby | Jul 03, 2018 @ 11:55 AM | 5,453 Views
I started several years ago to build model boats, decided to build static display models, with focus on interior detail. Recently started building again. more pictures later.
Posted by unboxingexp | Jul 03, 2018 @ 11:10 AM | 5,498 Views
1:28 RC battle tank (2 min 18 sec)

Posted by kydawg1 | Jul 03, 2018 @ 10:29 AM | 5,610 Views
Posted by Micubano | Jul 03, 2018 @ 10:26 AM | 5,609 Views
Despite my stock props being balanced, symmetrical, and free of defects they always seem to loud and to not have a lot of punch at full throttle. I've been told get wood props countless times, but I was out and my CZ Yak was making me cringe when I heard the advice yet again. This time I listened.

The video is short. It was a hot day. I had a bad summer cold going on. The bugs were horrible and my son/camera man stole my hat that I cover with bug spray when I fly. I chose a battery (E-Flite 6S 2900) that some one here on RCG shipped to me for free about 6 or 7 years ago when I was into helis to keep the power low and the esc cooler. Amazingly that battery has a little sag but still holds a full charge and the cells are all good. Doing battery maintenance on all batteries twice a year does pay off! Despite all that, I loved the flight and the next two as well despite my son going back to the car to sit in the AC with my hat. He volunteered to come with me and take video without me asking, so I took him for a nice lunch afterwards. Apparently he wants to learn video editing, so I am helping him with that too.

E-Flite Carbon-Z Cub with Xoar Wood Prop - Test Flight (3 min 55 sec)

Posted by TinkleWid | Jul 03, 2018 @ 04:40 AM | 3,855 Views
Taking a session to learn how to drop in starting with a spiral move and then when more confident rolling in as smoothly as possible.

Using a new lens on the Quelima SQ12 which give a rushing feeling which I really like. There has been no processing with Adobe Premier Pro.

Learning how to "Drop-In" 🧐Quelima SQ12 Lens Mod 🧐 HGLRC XJB 145 FPV Freestyle Drone (4 min 32 sec)

Link to 1.8mm wide angle lens for Quelima SQ11, SQ12 or SQ13 HD Camera modification -

HGLRC XJB 145 PIDS used for this video on Betaflight 3.2
Roll: 45, 45, 27; Pitch: 46, 50, 30 Yaw:70, 45, 20

Music mix by Gramatix

Equipment used:
HGLRC XJB 145 Drone under 250 grams https://www.banggood.com/HGLRC-XJB-1...SABEgJKx_D_BwE
Quelima SQ12 HD Camera (like the Hawkeye FireFly Micro Camera) https://www.gearbest.com/automobiles-...
(the Quelima SQ13 like the FireFly is out now on GearBest but there is no good video footage)
Jumper T8SG https://www.gearbest.com/radios-rece...SABEgJ8cvD_BwE
Original SQ12 footage modified using Adobe Premier Pro editor
Betaflight 3.2
Posted by cuavlindy | Jul 03, 2018 @ 03:19 AM | 3,234 Views

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Posted by FeiJi | Jul 03, 2018 @ 01:09 AM | 3,261 Views
Couple more photos of my delta wing. Learned a couple of lessons. Bottom is perfectly flat so next time might use symmetrical shape. See how this one flies. Might use some sort of software to design ribs but that is too work intensive for me. Probably use a single center fuse rather than two.

Strapping tape ironed on seems t adhere to epp ok, if not then will use hinges for elevons.
Made motor mount from couple layers of 3mm plywood. Want to be able to dismount motor mount easily. Plastic motor mount will be bolted to plywood.
Elevons are very rigid. Used a carbon rod and laminated them.
Not too much more work to do now.
Posted by biglombo | Jul 02, 2018 @ 03:53 PM | 3,789 Views
Let it raw - Betaflight 3.4.0 uncut | FPV FREESTYLE (2 min 56 sec)

Only motor sound in this raw test of betaflight 3.4.0 rc3 with my brand new GoPro Session 5!!

Check awesome products here:
FOXEER: http://www.foxeer.com/
DALPROP: http://dalprop.com/
AIRBOT: https://store.myairbot.com/
iFLIGHT: http://www.iflight-rc.com/

I hope you enjoy and if you like what you see, please subscribe my channel! http://bit.ly/2y4wZgh .....THANK YOU!!!

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Posted by smoothvirus | Jul 02, 2018 @ 02:51 PM | 4,052 Views
Once again thanks to Mark and Judy for hosting such a great even and thanks to Bob for being the "Rogue Squadron Official Photographer". ...Continue Reading
Posted by 1Ironhorse | Jul 02, 2018 @ 02:06 PM | 3,732 Views
Greetings my friends. I’ve been silent for almost a month now, not because I wasn’t doing anything but because I have been doing a lot of support activities for the build (as well as taking care of my family). I’ve been learning a lot about the 3D printing process I have employed and discovered several potential pit-falls with using PLA material. Example, I recently purchased a new (to me) truck and wanted to make a custom cell phone holder. I measured and created the 3D CAD model. I printed out the part and put it into the truck. It sat out in the sun all day, and when I got in later that day, I tried putting my cell phone in the newly printed part, but lo and behold, the part had deformed. So, doing some more research, I learned “PLA has a relatively low glass transition temperature (typically between 111 and 145 F). This makes it fairly unsuitable for high temperature applications. Even things like a hot car in the summer could cause parts to soften and deform.”, just like I experienced. As many of the parts I’m printing are on the deck [1:12 scale PT-Boat] and would be exposed to direct sunlight, I’ve decided that I should suspend printing any additional parts in PLA and instead use ABS. This creates a different problem, when ABS is heated up (to extrude through the 3D printer nozzle) it outgasses fumes which are unpleasant to most users. So, because my printer is located inside our living area, I need to come up...Continue Reading