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MysTiC Night Glider CS - Fly in the dark!

My second night flight. Really fun.
Music - Mafia II. The Darkest Hour

Hobbyzone Conscendo S - Night Flight ♡♡♡ (5 min 8 sec)

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ULRS is a UHF long range RC/serial system based off of the Hobbyking OrangeRX Open LRS modules. It allows a long range control link and mavlink data transmission in one combined package through a custom firmware developed by Flipflap. This system has tons of potential for APM or Pixhawk users. For more information, check out the thread here and the official website here.

Two things happened around the time I got interested in this system:
1. I had a bad experience with an order from Hobbyking
2. Hobbyking stopped stocking the OrangeRX modules needed

Luckily, Flipflap didn't leave new users out and he proposed a DIY solution that is shown on his website. He called it ULRS Mini because it has the potential to be smaller than the OrangeRX modules. I took an interest in this solution and decided to chronicle my build here.


The first step is to gather the parts and tools needed. I decided to customize them to fit my applications, so I am making my ground unit and my air unit slightly different. I also chose to power the RF module with a small UBEC for simplicity, so the wiring changed a bit. I'll cover these changes in more detail further on.

Any equivalent components to the ones I show can be used. I am simply showing exactly what I used and where I got them. I order a lot of parts from Banggood. They are a Chinese supplier who offer good prices and free shipping. I have never had an issue with receiving what I ordered from them, but shipping can take...Continue Reading
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Almost done with the fuselage, some delays for various reasons, one being the bulkheads were all supposed to be 1/16" ply, only one was ply, the main leading edge bukhead which was 1/8" ply, not a problem, all the rest were balsa and none of them had the nesessary openings for pushrods or wiring so I had to make new bulkheads out of available 1/8" ply. There were some other minor issues, no material for reenforcing the fuselage under the wing root structure shown on the plans and no hardwood for the tow hook or servo rails. Also after 30+ years the (thin) tinted canopy developed several cracks, one of which is close to the front of the canopy tray and impossible to fix wo showing.
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | May 08, 2016 @ 10:21 AM | 4,840 Views
So just for the fun of it I pulled out the three 45/46 size 2 stroke engines that I have. The engines being a Tower Pro 46, an OS 45 FSR, and an OS 46 SF.

1. The Tower Pro is a new engine not fully broken in. This is about the 4th tank run through it.
2. The OS 45 FSR is a used engine of unknown run time.
3. The OS 46 SF is a used engine of unknown run time.
4. All engines running the same APC 10x6 prop.
5. All running Morgan's Omega 10% fuel
6. All run on the same day, time, weather conditions.

This is purely for fun and is not meant to be a scientific

I thought the results were somewhat interesting. The OS 45 FSR for many years was the benchmark engine; I guess until the 46 SF came out anyway.

The 45 FSR really could not compete at all. I had it maxed out at 12,240 PRM and further leaning did not result in anything but a drop in RPM. It was a relatively low run time engine, so wear and age should not have played a role in its performance.

The 46 SF was obviously the king of this comparison. Again, a used engine, but a great runner nonetheless.

Now the Tower Pro could have been tweaked a bit more and I'm sure it would have turned pretty close to the 46 SF but I really did not lean it out fully.

All in all it was a fun comparison.
Tower vs OS performance runs (5 min 30 sec)

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my Striker F-27C project started by purchasing two unpainted, bare fuselages from Joey at Baylands Park.

Wanted to have it set up as a slope glider, but did not have much success with this idea. I wanted to see it fly, but the wind conditions were never right.

Converted the model to a motorized craft using a 24g blue wonder type of motor.
It was kind of anemic, and I changed the motor.

With a Bixler motor (40g , Kv = 1400 RPM/V , rewound by me), flies great.
I am using a 7*6 APC propeller and the battery is 3S , with capacities from 1000 mAh to 2200 mAh.

link to a short video :

another video, flying in Moraga CA

Joaquin Moraga - Striker Movie (1 min 43 sec)

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The nice used FA-56 I just purchased from RCG now has new bearings installed. Just a quick video showing it running after the replacement. It is just another sweet running Saito engine.

Saito FA-56 first run after bearing replacement. (5 min 22 sec)

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Dear friends.

Due to our extremely busy schedule with consulting and UAV manufacturers.
We no longer have any free capacity to make custom li-ion packs on order.
Hence I decided to close down this offering, so that I don't waist anyone time replying "no, sorry" to emails.
Thank you for your understanding.
It makes me proud that a lot of you have my hand built packs working in your various RC planes for the past 2 years.

If you are a commercial entity and need a large batch of the same size, then feel free to contact me. We might be able to work something out. But making and shipping various arrangements of 3S 7000mAh packs is more trouble now that what it brings to the table.

Best regards
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Its been a while since I did a build log so I thought I'd take a few pics while building the new 5" Black Ops frame I bought from Bolt RC.

As always with Bolt RC the quality of the Carbon is top notch so to go along with such a nice frame I've bought some Kiss 24A ESCs and a Kiss FC. This should be a great setup if all the online comments about Kiss gear are correct. This is my first time using Kiss so it will be a new experience for me. This will also be the first time I've used XNova motors.

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The weather has changed into summer. It's nice to fly without gloves again. Here is some video from a few flights with the Phoenix 1600 as I was testing different CG and batteries as well as looking for lift - thermalling is not in the video though because the plane becomes too small in the finished video.

Phoenix 1600 trimming flights (3 min 10 sec)

Posted by tailskid2 | May 07, 2016 @ 11:51 PM | 5,179 Views
JB Hobbies introduced this model at the AMA Convention - introduced it to me for the first time although I think this bird has been out quite a bit longer than that. Going to put an OS 90 FS up front so this ought to be fun. I got the Camo one....first order is to beef up that front end....those 4S really can shake. So this will get a pinned firewall, some triangle braces and a coat or two of epoxy.
Posted by anewton | May 07, 2016 @ 11:01 PM | 6,941 Views
This Tundra-like plane used to be a Volantex Ranger 757-4 (mini Ranger)
With the addition of flaps and conversion to tractor motor it's a totally different flying experience.

Vundra on the Beach (4 min 15 sec)

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Howdy people

i recently received this micro-size rc sailing yacht from HobbyKing Went together in under 15 minutes!
This little yacht is on sale at the moment by the way..
Here is a link to it for you: HK Orion sailing yacht

Sooo does it sail well at all then? I actually gave the boat to a friend, and sailed my Kyosho Fortune 612 myself..

Have a looky

DutchRC - HobbyKing Orion vs Kyosho Fortune 612 - RC Yacht Sailing :) (18 min 49 sec)

Length: 465mm
Beam: 150mm
Mast Height: 634mm
Height: 920mm
Sail area: 11.17 dm2
Weight: 950g RTS
2 Ch Transmitter and Reciever
4 x AA sized Alkaline or NiMH
Posted by VArchT | May 07, 2016 @ 04:31 PM | 4,482 Views
Mounted a 1 1/4hp router on the 3020T!

Posted by KatrinaRosen | May 07, 2016 @ 04:18 PM | 3,416 Views
Sikorsky will reveal its first Name: unnamed.jpg
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Description: later this year. A full flight campaign will commence in 2017.
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I need some help programing my DX7 to Radian Pro.
Posted by schumixmd | May 07, 2016 @ 04:00 PM | 11,351 Views
The wing is the most interesting part of the Sky Eye, because of its profile.

E-do model came with a profile which I have not seen before on FPV airplanes. It looks very promising from the aerodynamic point of view.
The wing has a very nice camber line – and if you don’t know what this means – I would like to directly quote the Wikipedia:
Camber is usually designed into an aerofoil to increase the maximum lift coefficient. This minimizes the stalling speed of aircraft using the airfoil. Aircraft with wings based on cambered airfoils usually have lower stalling speed…

The camber works as you would have the flaps down – that’s why the stall speed is lower and the lift is increased. But it has also a down side – the cruise speed is also lower – therefore if the plane is intended for long range flying – it would take a little longer to travel the same distance compared to a plane with flat profile, e.g. Skywalker or X-Uav Talon. That’s why long range on this plane can be really boring

Personally I like to soar in the thermals more than doing long range stuff, so I am confident that this summer I would beat my record – climbing above 1.8km without motor. I can’t wait… but before that, I have to finish building the plane

On the wing, there is no much to do. First of all, as you probably noticed already, I have glued the end ribs on the both halves of the wing.
I’ve also glued in two reinforcing carbon spars, the...Continue Reading
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This engine has waited possibly 30 years for this! Introduced to the market in 1983 and this being an un-run engine, who knows, maybe it has waited that long.

As usual with an OS engine of this vintage, there was nothing difficult about getting it running. I over primed it initially, but once that was cleared it fired right up. My first tank was spent running it between 4100 RPM and 6500 RPM alternating between the settings. This comes directly from the OS manual.

My second tank I began to lean it out just a bit peaking it at about 8500 RPM. It obviously needs more tanks and gentle running before reaching peak power but even on the second tank the idle was quite good. The airbleed screw was set at the factory and I didn't touch it. It was covering about half of the hole. All in all no surprises here, just another great running high quality OS engine.

OS FS-61 First drink of fuel (4 min 31 sec)

OS FS-61 Second run (6 min 1 sec)
...Continue Reading
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First in Flight 2015.

Cheetah Turbine, Cortex Gyro
Posted by aben71 | May 07, 2016 @ 02:51 PM | 3,717 Views
I went to the local high school field to get some flying in with my X1,what a fun quadcopter this is,its fast and can really whip around on high rads but also a good camera quadcopter if you want to take it easy and enjoy the scenery
JJRC X1 Saturday Morning At The Track (10 min 4 sec)

Posted by GBLynden | May 07, 2016 @ 02:20 PM | 4,126 Views
This is my first complete flight video with my Runcam 2 Action Cam. I put it to the test in on my RTF Syma X8C Venture recording my crazy friends at our favorite flying spot.

Runcam 2 Action Cam Footage on Syma X8C Venture Drone Quadcopter (5 min 34 sec)