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All of these came from the T-Mart US Warehouse in New Jersey. Free Shipping option is DHL's version of the "hand-off to USPeeS for delivery" program. The slowest I've encountered of this type, 8-9 days from NJ to so-cal after DHL actually receives it. The other option is USPeeS Priority Mail 2-3 Day. Faster but overpriced at $9 or $9.99.

Pic 1 was $8.99 with 2 chargers, 18650 sleeve, AAA adapter and (2) UltraFire 4600mAh 18650's (4600mAh, yeah right)
The cheapest feeling of the 3 different lights. Waiting for myself to squeeze through the thin aluminum.

Pic 2 On sale for $10.99 when I got it. Much thicker aluminum. Head slides in and out for spot to flood focus. 18650 sleeve, AAA adapter and 1 charger but no batteries. Brighter than pic 1 cheapo.

pic 3 on sale for $5.69 when I bought them, got 2.
E6 XML T6 emitter 10 watt 3 amp. The brightest smallest and heaviest of the 3 lights. Had the most positive reviews of any light. (make sure you have your review salt. It doesn't have the word "Cree" on it but the few places
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Below is the link to my new YouTube channel.

The goal is to upload a new video weekly. I started flying FPV Acro, February of 2017.

If you'd like to follow my progress, please subscribe!

I will eventually be posting how to's, and reviewing gear.

Kind Regards,
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Howdy people

FPV goggles come in all shapes & sizes and what works well for some, will not for
others.. This time we'll have a look at a Very small goggle from Hyperion.. The ThinView.

Link to this goggle: Hyperion ThinView

I have been testing this goggle for about a mont now, and it has kinda become my go-to goggle. That is Not
to say it's perfect.. No goggle really is I think

Here is my review of them after a good nr. of flights with them:

DutchRC - Hyperion ThinView - The smallest FPV Goggle? - REVIEW (18 min 15 sec)

FOV: 30 degrees
Resolution 2x 640x480 (VGA)
Receiver: 5.8Ghz -90dbm - 40 channel
DVR: nope
Diversity: nope
Antenna connector: SMA
Power in: dc7-28V
Power use: 4.3W
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Parts List:

CP Laminating Film - 3 Mil x 18"


Compare to:
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Got my RotorX 4" Atom Frame and a couple extras i ordered. Thank You Tony @

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been building planes, rockets and robots and stuff.. since i was ten..
so that's like 40 years. I can't say its been all time forever.. but some things don't go away.
"Space.. The Final Frontier... A Long Time Ago, in a galaxy far far away.."
WORLD WAR TWO.. aircraft and ships.. Pacific theater.

so now what?

I started with a gullows 1/77 scale space shuttle static display model.
built it up to be an orbiter at 1/72 scale.

i thought that rocket power would do the job
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#New Arrival#

Gens ace 2200mah 3s 25c is now finally in stock,it has been out of stock for almost a month,for people who is still waiting for a quality
battery with cheap price,now the chance has finally arrived.
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Eachine H8 Mini ( Bound to my 9XR pro ) Part 2 (1 min 57 sec)

The Eachine H8 mini running better ..
With the bad motor running smoother it really handles well ..

I'm still a little surprised you get such a good mini quad for so little money ..
Posted by anindyaswati | Yesterday @ 11:58 PM | 363 Views
First I should thank you all the members of this group for the invaluable knowledge. This is my 2 nd build with an APM FC. With forum knowledge I was able to solve all the difficulties encountered.By profession I am an orthopaedic surgeon so usually get very little time for hobby this blog will get occasional activity.

My project was to increase the arm length of a standard 330 frame to accept quite large propellers.
Base frame : Tarot 330 fibreglass
Esc:30 A with BEC
Motor :Racerstar 2212 900kv
8 channel receiver osd 6 leo gps and Fly sky 9x transmitter,sik telemetry

I have added 8 cm carbon fibre arm with the existing frame. Though not done very accurately..I put the original frame inside a 330 dia circle then drawn a bigger circle around that....then added the arms as symmetrically as possible.Extra arms were CF....drilled hole then used epoxy glue to hold.After 24 hrs the joints become extremely tough.
I am posting some photograph so u can see....
The copter flies beautifully ..with rock steady loitre. I plan to increase arm length further to able to use 16-18 inch props.
But first want to asses strength and rigidity of existing setup.
I think i need to stiffen the arm and prevent vibration and resonance there .
Posted by Patton_Racing | Yesterday @ 11:43 PM | 370 Views
A stop at Michaels and Home Depot led to a sturdy light weight interior. Then a stop at Toys r us for the driver..

I will continue adding touches to it, but this works great.
Posted by FPV.Model | Yesterday @ 09:18 PM | 448 Views

BetaflightF3 Flight Controller provides an all in one solution for those critically tight builds. Featuring OSD managed from Betaflight configurator, SD card writer, on board PDB and D-shot compatibility.

Below is a connection diagram for the Betaflight flight controller courtesy of Philipp Seidel, please visit his blog here.

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I Bought a DJI Phantom 3 Standard on thanksgiving from wally world, went and crashed it on second flight... It fell 8 feet into soft dirt and destroyed it. A few tiny whoops later, I decided on a 200mm size frame and went for it. Built a 210. I have crashed it nearly every time I have flown it. Cartwheeled it 50 yards across a field, dropped it out of the sky from 100 feet, hit trees, branches, soccer goals, got it stuck in a tree 70 feet in the air for 3 days, and landed in mud the first time I tried FPV outdoors. It's been a blast. Now I'm hooked, working on getting exciting footage and rebuilding every day. This is the latest.
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My review of the Firefly Q6 mini action cam (Runcam/Mobius) alternative that is basically a Firefly 7s in a Runcam form factor. It uses the very good Sony IMX078 CMOS Sensor and can shoot up to 2.5k@30fps, 1080p@60fps and best of all it has an LCD to change settings. No fiddling with loading config files or connecting to a Wi-Fi app to change settings. It has a boat load of settings too! I'm thoroughly impressed especially for $52 shipped free.

Hawkeye Firefly Q6 Mini Action Cam Review with sample footage (15 min 40 sec)

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I started my FOHDY this weekend, just have the wings glued together and the motor mount installed so far.Name: IMG_20170323_132603.jpg
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Banggood and Emax recently announced the long awaited micro brushless FPV racer Emax Babyhawk. It will probably blow most other brushless micro quads out of the water. Read more about it here
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This thread is for discussion about code modifications, etc... in my scripts.
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Picked up an MD 500 E with Blade 450X mechanics. It was well built and I feel I got a good deal. There are some things I want to change and/or upgrade, the motor, ESC, FBL controller and the mounting method for the vertical/horizontal fins. Also wanted a 5 blade head to further the scale appearance. The donor heli was an early release with plastic geared servos and a straight cut main gear so those are also on the to do list of upgrades. There's also the sound system consideration, it would be cool to have it sound real. Jim is working on one for his UH-1C and it's looking good. I didn't care for the paint on this one, but it wasn't a deal breaker either. I was of the opinion it could be easily changed should I want to. After some time it's started to grow on me, doubt it will change, except to do the silver as I've seen on the full size birds horizontal fin.
I wanted to do the motor upgrade as the stock 450X motor has known issues. For the replacement I'm gong with an E-flight 450H. The spiral cut gears are better IMHO, and would lessen the parts count in the hanger, my 450X/UH-1C has them. Also going with the Spektrum H3050/3060 MG servos, same as my other 450. For the ESC, a Hobbywing Platinum Pro 50A V3 will do the job. Lynx spiral cut pinion gears, bought a couple different sizes just in-case. Also, this will get the AR7210BX. For the 5 blade setup, I have a Copter X unit and rotors. Been doing my homework on installation and setup. It looks to be well built, hope it works as good as it looks.
Posted by Rickey Thomas | Yesterday @ 01:16 PM | 705 Views
New planes for my hangar. Love it. Nitro motorcycle is totally cool..