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Posted by vincent123 | Today @ 12:09 PM | 65 Views
You never expected this

Quake Champions Gameplay - Duel (15 min 16 sec)

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Hello everyone welcome back.

Today I have some BetaFPV 40mm Triblade props. These props are designed to fit the BetaFPV 75 frame and 7mm motors. These props are strong and seat well on 7mm motors. I highly recommend these props because of their durability and reliability.

BetaFPV Triblade Props (1 min 16 sec)

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Mid-Year Sale at!
Take US$5.00, US$15.00 or US$30.00 off if your order is over US$$50.00, US$$150.00 or US$300.00!
Each order is limited to one coupon.
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Hello, this is my DIY FPV Mod for well known micro quad Floureon H101. Floureon H101 is a great quad with a low price. It was sold on gearbest for 9.99$ [I was shared here] and I catched the deal. It is out of stock now but I think many people have it already. So you can turn your old H101 into a micro FPV quad! Below you can see my review for LST S1 800TVL Mini AIO FPV Cam and Android OTG FPV Receiver module to turn your smartphone into a FPV Monitor of FPV Goggles with a cheap VR Goggles.


Turn your Smartphone into a FPV Monitor or FPV Goggles with Android OTG FPV Receiver Module:

BUY HERE for $18.79 with Coupon: rc18off

You can get one cheap VR goggles HERE to put your phone in and Turn it into a DIY FPV Goggles with a good Monitor:


MINI All in One FPV CAM for DIY: LST S1 800TVL:

BUY HERE for $13.96 with Coupon: rc18off


If you don't have a H101 it is out of stock now, sorry. But you can get a FuriBee F36 to make a Tiny Whoop FPV quad using the LST S1 and OTG FPV Receiver.
It is for 12.99$ Now HERE


[DIY] Floureon H101 [FPV MOD] with LST S1 800TVL AIO FPV Cam and Android OTG FPV Receiver REVIEW (3 min 26 sec)


LST - S1 AIO 800TVL CMOS Mini FPV Camera

This camera is a All in One very light(only 8g) and mini FPV Camera set which...Continue Reading
Posted by rollexster | Today @ 02:44 AM | 458 Views
Hi all RC enthusiasts.

Please be warned by the bad products sold by Austars (

I bought a plane from them:

I made the mistake of building this plane 6 weeks after i bought it. The plane has torque rods for controlling the ailerons and noticed these were not free one I first tried to release them from their build position. I spent 4 weeks trying to repeat movements in attempt to free up the rods, but they could not be freed up enough to allow them to be controlled by a servo.

I first tried to install 9g servos (as per the instructions), but 2 x of the servos ended up with broken gears because of the force required to move the ailerons. I then upgraded to 16g MG, digital servos that produced 3.5kg of torque. This did allow the ailerons to be extended but they would not retract back to neutral/centre position.

I contact Austars and they offered now assistance, other than to say we only offer a 30 day warranty on products we sell. Their warranty terms are poorly written and contradictory, as it does start the can agree to a refund or exchange too. Though they basically said bad luck, we will not help you.

I did try to post my feedback about this product on their website. After submitting my feedback, it displayed a message that your feedback will be reviewed in 24 hours. Funny enough, my feedback has never been posted. It was not rude or malicious.

Here is the feedback i posted:
...Continue Reading
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Today @ 01:00 AM | 808 Views
Here is a crashed Cheerson CX-20.
It looks like throttle was left on causing the motors to spin.

The motor shafts burned the prop hubs during that wonderful spinny-spin action

The motor shaft nuts are all missing. Dunno about those...

My friend gave this to me.
He said it was discovered in a family member's front yard.

The motors look good, but i have not tested it.

The most interesting thing, imo, is that this human blender was equipped with APC 9x4.5 MR propellers!
Kind of like my FlyZone Tidewater's 9x4.7 SF That is a ton of prop!
Posted by bluem6 | Yesterday @ 10:35 PM | 903 Views
My Hellbender 122 back from the dead. The other day during maiden it took a tumble and found out ESC1 was completely destroy and motor. I have no clue as what happened but after a few day of troubleshooting I still could not find the cause. So after a few visit to Dr. "Hakko" found not only the esc/motor was bad but the flight controller as well. Signal pin was shorted to ground for some reason and there was no visible traces of burn component on the flight controller. To be on the safe side, I decided to elevate the ESC off the carbon fiber frame a bit more so that + and - was not touching the carbon fiber. Electrical tape and wrap on those pins and rewrap to the arms. But doing so leave no room for the rear arm to hold the ESC and the motor wires. The wires are now 90 degree from the arm. This is probably one of my uglier build but at this point I just want it to fly lol. I did a quick maiden in the garage and a few punch out and so far so good....

Build parts:
1. Hellbender 122 frame (nice looking frame, different from my X frame with a little more room to work)
2. RacerStar 15A esc (I know why they discontinue these, the throttle range is not the greatest...especially around mid point. Even the older
LittleBee is better then these ESC)
3. Emax 1306 4000kv (these are some of the smoothest 1306 motors I have tried, the bearing and even at max throttle on 4S it has very little
vibration. No wonder they cost an arm and a leg...probably...Continue Reading
Posted by 1nspectorGadget | Yesterday @ 08:17 PM | 992 Views
TECHBOY TB802 One Key Motion Control Drone Review and Flight Test - Control it with one hand! (16 min 4 sec)

This is definitely a unique quadcopter with one key motion control instead of a traditional remote controller. You control it by gesturing with one hand and using the one button on the mouse looking controller. It has altitude hold and flies exclusively in headless mode which makes learning to fly this unique drone a bit easier. There is definitely a learning curve with the various button inputs, but I had fun flying it and enjoy a challenge. I got used to which direction does what after a few flights. It was pretty windy the day of the review, so it seems to handle wind fairly well. This is an inexpensive quadcopter with a neat feature that isn't too gimmicky because it actually works.

-7 and half minutes of flight time
-Altitude hold works well and helps using gestures much easier
-The quadcopter is responsive to hand movements with the controller
-Built-in prop guards allows for safe indoor flying
-Tight flips

-Takes some getting used to the controls
-Sometimes you might push the auto-land button while attempting one of the other button directions
-Short operating range
Posted by fastmax | Yesterday @ 07:58 PM | 1,077 Views
The AWESOME UAV Q95 Brushless Micro FPV Racer is now available as a Flysky BNF, Frsky BNF or PNP model without receiver. Click me to purchase one of these great little micros.

AWESOME UAV has been making some nice flying quadcopters since coming into the FPV racing scene. Their Youbi 130 has been a popular 130mm option with many enthusiasts. I also recently reviewed their RS-220 model which I was really impressed with for the price. Now they have stepped into the micro brushless scene, which has been a booming segment of the hobby for the past couple months. Let's take a look at their latest offering the AWESOME Q95!

The Q95 is, as you would guess a 95mm quadcopter. This little racer has a pretty cool frame layout with twin vertical upper plates that surround the FPV camera, and radio receiver. The upper plates are 1mm thick, while the main lower frame plate is 2mm thick. The whole assembly feels quite robust, and has minimal flex. Weight without battery is 50.9 grams on my scale. I am flying it with the same Nano-Tech 300mah 2s batteries that I've been using on my ARFUN 90 and it is quite zippy. To my surprise it is also the quietest brushless micro I have flown yet.

This micro racer is equipped with an Omnibus F3 flight controller, a 600TVL 5.8ghz AIO FPV camera that transmits a surprisingly good image quality. Power is handled by a 4 in 1 BLHeli S 10A DShot ESC, and it has AWESOME 1103 7500kv motors. The quad is available as a Frsky BNF, Flysky BNF, or as a PNP...Continue Reading
Posted by Alex fpv | Yesterday @ 07:46 PM | 987 Views
I just got a naze32 rev 6 and I tried to flash cleanflight on it and it’s said boot loader not responding. I have tried to short the boot and that didn’t work. I am not sure how to use the usb driver on the home page of cleanflight .
Posted by tijojo972 | Yesterday @ 07:28 PM | 1,010 Views
Petite video Montrant comment parametre cleanflight sur naze32 rev5 10 DOF, par contre j'ai du repasser a la version cleanflight 1.11.0 car sur
cleanflight 1.13.0 j'ai des oscillations en mode "angle". En changeant de version le problème a été resolu.


Posted by BatteriPuffa | Yesterday @ 06:30 PM | 1,037 Views
Looking for about $500 US for a crap ton of FPV stuff. NEEDS TO BE SOLD QUICKLY!

These include:

Quad with everything except an FC, PDB and VTX

Flysky I6x with upgraded antennas

Quanum v2 pro with diversity receiver

1500 4s pack

Brand new still sealed Runcam swift rotor riot edition

Once used Runcam 3

random other stuff I will negotiate...Continue Reading
Posted by nioa | Yesterday @ 04:20 PM | 1,185 Views
How to program a Gear Door Sequencer with the Futaba 18SZ

How to program a Gear Door Sequencer with the Futaba 18SZ (8 min 47 sec)

This instructional video shows you the core information of how to program a gear door sequencer with the Futaba T18SZ. This article fills in the details.

Setup Tips:

I would recommend that you set up the door(s) and gear separately, doing each in turn. I start with getting the door direction to correspond with the desired switch and switch position.

So select a switch on your 18SZ, I like to use switch SB. Decide what switch position gear down will be. I like gear down to correspond to the down position of the switch. Standard Futaba channel assignment assigns gear to channel 5. You need to decide what channels you will use for your doors.

As an example, my Hangar 9 P-47 has 2 wing electric retracts, and an electric tail retract. It has an inner door for each wing retract, and a set of doors for the tail wheel. The doors open and close with the gear. I like to have separate channels for each of the doors so that I can make easy trim adjustments to the fit of the doors. So to operate the gear and doors for this model I need 4 channels.

  • CH 5 Gear
  • CH 11 Door Left
  • CH 12 Door Right
  • CH 13 Door Tail

I will describe how to setup the gear channel (CH 5) and one door channel (CH 12), as the procedure for the rest of the door channels is the same. For this example, switch SB is used to control the gear: Up is gear up (...Continue Reading
Posted by Valink | Yesterday @ 03:41 PM | 1,171 Views
Hi everybody

First, excuse me for my poor english ^^' I'm french
My first post here, if i do something wrong, please tell me.

I mount recently a homemade QX95 (a micro drone) with this pieces :
- Realacc F3 V1.0 Betaflight controller card en brosse with OSD (STM32 F303 MPU600)
- Flysky FS-A8S Fs a8s 2.4g réceptor 8ch avec sortie ppm bus i bus
- Only camera of : Eachine TX03 NTSC, couple with a Eachine VTX03
- brushless motor 8520 8.5x20mm 53500rpm pour Racerstar Diy fpv quadcopter Eachine QX80 4X

After ~ 10 minutes of flying, (with cleanflight) my micro get on fire ^^
- VTX begin to burn the scotch (I'll put thermo gain next time) (but appear to still functionning)
- Controller very heat when blig to battery and no more give alimentation to receptor

Hope you give me advice for next fly and the name / or link where to buy the little component of my controller wich appear do be down (I think the black in red circle is the one which burn)
Posted by John47 | Yesterday @ 03:31 PM | 1,201 Views
Hi guys I'm new to fpv racing drones, my first year, I have the walker a few right now gonna get the walker a furious 215 this week, anyway I was flying in acro, mode well that's all I fly in, but was trying to do some dives buy going way up and down next to a tree I lost orientation and crashed, my tbs, triumph and 45 degree adapter broke off, so I put a new connecter on and my antenna turned it on, and turned on my fpv, goggles had good picture but when I went out 150 feet had nothing but snow on my screen, so I put a new box on, and the same thing happened, was wondering if it mite be the f210, fcs, main controller that went out, the vtx, snaps in the fcs, sorry guy's if this is a dumb question, I just can't figure this out
Posted by rcstinson | Yesterday @ 02:34 PM | 1,222 Views
Hi All. My set up then the question.
platform: RMRC Ananonda, Tactic TTX850(8ch) radio, Vector FC, DL advanced& micro rcvr.
Ch-1: aile
Ch-2: elev
Ch-3: throt
Ch-4: rudd
Ch-5: Mode
Ch-6: Flaps (to rcvr)
Ch-7: Steering mix to rudder due to FC mix or rudd&elev. W/ inverted V-tail.(conn. to rcvr)
Ch-8: RSSi & pwr
Question, If I go to ppm could I get more Channels to add another mode sw & pan/tilt? (3-ch)
Posted by mnragnar | Yesterday @ 02:04 PM | 1,215 Views
My new Hangar 9 Beast made for a great show, but the big star of the show was the smoke! Harlan's "Bad Dog Smokes" fan spray smoke nozzles rock!

Glenn's Hangar 9 Beast Joins the Sturgeon Lake Balsa Busters - Part 2 - June 24th, 2017 (13 min 21 sec)

Glenn's Hangar 9 Beast Joins the Sturgeon Lake Balsa Busters - Part 1 - June 24th, 2017 (18 min 4 sec)
...Continue Reading