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Detroit Multirotors Pixel - A 150mm Stretch X Drone With 3" Props (4 min 50 sec)

Detroit Multirotors knocked it out of the park with their Pixel frame. The small 150mm stretch X frame was very easy to assemble and looks fantastic. The orange is a nice nod to the Detroit Tigers. Having grown up in Metro-Detroit, I had to have one of their frames. The quality is astounding. Their 3D printed add-ons fit nice and snug. Can't wait to get this in the air and see how it handles.
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Had to share this because 1, it's awesome and 2, to commemorate 75yrs today since the bombing of Darwin. A lot of people don't realise it was one of the biggest raids by the Japanese, they dropped more bombs, sunk more ships, and killed more civilians than at pearl harbour, and the raid was carried out by the same carriers. The Darwin bombing was largely kept quiet because the Aussie government didn't want it to get out how badly underprepared we were. and has hardly been recognised since. Today we remember. Lest we forget.

Thanks to everyone that serves or has served, no matter your country

Australian Hornet Ball 2014 (8 min 37 sec)

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So, never ever made a blog before. Might as well start now.

Little history on my RC. Used to race and bash RC cars. At one point in my late 20-s early 30's I had upwards of $10K CDN in RC cars and equip. Then at one big race, a guy was yelling at me because I hold my TX down and my antenna was blocking his view. Old 75Mhz days. He was soo mad, yelling match ensued. I then pretty much gave it up. I was in RC to have fun. I soon realized that I was spending more and more money to have more cars to get more track time once a week, that it was a frantic race with the clock to get them ready etc....

Fast Fwd to about 8 years ago. Fall 2009. Working camp job and a bud mentioned this mall copter he once bought and it was fun. I then scoured ebay, without doing any research, and picked up a Blade 400 RTF. Which lasted 5 seconds upon first spool up. After many many ghetto repairs, and lots of learning. ( I once repaired my crashed woodie main and tail blades with industrial heat shrink to keep the splinters in check).
I now can fairly proficiently fly helies. Inverted is still challenging for circuits, but Piroflips, Tic Tocs, Funnels, and all out fun.

My stable is 1Mcx, 2 Ncpx, 1 Mcpx, 4 B400--All retired but not gone. A Gaui X3, Stretched Protos 500, and a Trex 700N

Now come last year, I was thinking a foam plank or glider to soar around while relaxing between heli flights. I have always flown alone. No clubs near me but lots of open free space....Continue Reading
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Hobbyking 18A driving Hextronic DT700 as a stepper (1 min 25 sec)

It turned out just enough of the ancient DT700's were acquired over the years to make exactly 8 legs. 1 would have to be rewound & the exact number of turns is unknown. It seemed to be 19 turns in a delta. The ESC department has 5 Hobbyking 35A's, 1 Hobbyking 18A, 1 Castle creation 35A, 1 Align 35A. The last 2 are based on the 8051, so quite hard to reprogram.

They're amazingly still sold. They performed much better than the smaller motors. They could jump the load with only 12V. With active cooling, encoder feedback, reducing the lever size, they could probably just manage a slow bounding movement.

Active cooling has been deemed essential for any application. Even with active cooling, overheating still makes it impossible for them to hold the torque longer than a second. The mane problem with continuing is finding encoders for feedback.
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This video shows some footage of Bill's RocHobby Voodoo P-51 Mustang RC Plane doing a fun flight! It is a Reno Racer P-51 Mustang.

Bill's RocHobby Voodoo P-51 Mustang RC Plane Fun Flight (4 min 1 sec)

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We had a gorgeous day here in the beatiful Hudson Valley, today - a great day to do some flying, or taxiing, in my case.

A couple of comments about real-world experience. Of course, I thought at first I would just slap these skis on a .40 trainer and get some use out of the snow we had 10 days ago. The mains are relatively OK. However, trying to use a ski on a tricycle gear trainer, serious mods have to be made. The big problem was clearance from prop to ski tip - which ends up about 0.00" on a .40 trainer. I had to fab a different triangle mount piece to shift the ski back toward the tail about 1.5" for any reasonable clearance. Second, the nose ski takes a beating, just like a nose wheel and strut does on lumpy grass or rocky gravel. That hard-stop set screw setup lasts about 10 seconds of actual use - when used on a tricycle gear front ski. Due to minimal purchase on the relatively small diameter of landing gear wire (0.165") it ends up rotating around the axle as the ski takes direct hits from irregularities in the surface. You really would need a groomed surface for the ski not to rotate around from the shock of bumps. Maybe grinding an honest flat on the axle wire exactly where you want to set the screw would work.

I would love to sneak out tomorrow with a new mod to the nose ski with a different spring/centering setup than the stock set screw. So far the mains have been fine, so on a tail-dragger you are probably Ok all-around. One thing I will...Continue Reading
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Since I am getting into boats, I figured I should post some of my boat projects. Hope you enjoy.

Anyone remember the Mini-Max? I ran one that my Dad build when he was young. It had a Champion Blue Ribbon on it and would do just over 20 MPH. That seemed fast when I was a little guy! This one runs a Sea Fury .060 or a K&O Electric.
The red on is my Mini Sprint - it runs fast, Haven't clocked it yet.
My Revolt 30 project hull. Dynamite motor, Flycolor 150 ESC. Planning on 4S. Should be fun
The little white one is a 3D printed hydro.
Some fresh prop nut cones for the Sea Fury motors.
Some custom flywheels for my bud Brad's little nitro riggers.
I have a 4' gasser project going also, I'll maybe to a separate entry for that one....Continue Reading
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Here is a couple of hours work getting the basics on to one sheet of Adams RediBoard (DTFB)
Still lots more work to do
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A new super micro size brushless motor is comming - Racerstar BR0703 10000KV

The first picture of this motor:

These are the preliminary specifications:

No link is available as it is not listed yet.
Discussion thread here:
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I have tested the flight duration of Eachine E010 ( with standart 4 blade propeller and custom cut to 2 blade propeller.
Battery used - standart Eachine 30C 150mAh

Eachine E010 - 4 and 2 blade propeller flight duration test (3 min 1 sec)

Test results:
Cutting off 2 blades of standart 4 blade propeller increases efficiency and flight duration up to +25%. You may lose some of the agility but will greatly increase flight times.

Flight duration:
4 blade propellers: 4:46
2 blade propellers: 5:58

Low voltage warning:
4 blade propellers: 2:38
2 blade propellers: 4:56
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Iíve been here nearly 3 years so itís about time I started populating this poor neglected blog with entries. Iíve had a dragon on my build list for ages, in fact Iíve tried various times before to make appropriate wings and fuselages, but it proved too ambitious for my skill level. Iíve focused more on ugly but functional aerobatic and aerial video planes. Now that my build techniques have caught up with this particular ambition I decided to give it another shot.

Thereís not exactly a shortage of dragons for inspiration in popular culture although it seems that what works in CGI for TV and movies doesnít translate that well to real life. In the future Iíd love to try a design with articulated fabric wings and features to try and break away from the static wing and tail planform but for now I need to keep things fairly conventional. Given that, I was scouring for something that has a chance at working without needing major modifications or additional stabilising surfaces.

If you want to scare me, just ask me how long ago 1997 was. Eh, what, a decade or something? I remember it fairly well. 20 YEARS!! Oh the onward march of time carrying us ever forward to our inevitable eternal oblivion etc. In this year was released one of the greatest but also least appreciated PC games of all time: Total Annihilation. If you know the game, you understand why. If you donít, just know that the influence of it reached far and wide and can still be felt today. Sadly it...Continue Reading
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There are still many aircraft types for which there are no plans available - or maybe there are but they are too small or too old and heavily designed to fly scale. If you are looking for one of these to scratch build from then I may be able to help you fulfil a dream.
My circumstances have changed recently and I cannot get out test flying so often as I used to but I can still design and draw... and I still like to get my designs published so each design is available to all the model builders out there.
A modest fee is received at publication so I am offering to split it half and half with anyone who wishes to form a partnership with me to build and flight test their own prototype built to my design.
If I am equally enthused about the type you are looking for (enough to spend months drawing it up to your preferred scale) I will do the design work so that you have drawings to work from.

The cost to you will be keeping the progress out of the public gaze until after the test flying is complete and the article (or articles for some larger models of greater complexity) has been published and taking frequent photos to send me (by email) of the work as it progresses.
We will agree any amendments required as we go and after publication run an 'after-build' thread so that all the photos become available free, although the drawings themselves will remain in the charge of the publisher.

Because I have developed my own inexpensive methods your half of the publication fee...Continue Reading
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Hey everyone! I was recently fly my drone and crashed and one of my motors broke. So, i went and bought new ones. Now when i try to fly my drone stock settings just like the other motor it wobbles very badly when i full throttle. The quadcopter also feels weaker. I searched up the problem and some say its the PIDs but when i change that around, now it just flips out of control when i throttle up. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

Motors i got:

I have the Eachine Wizard x220 BTW
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hey guys!
i just made my brushed traxxas bandit brushless with a sidewinder 3 setup, running a 5000mah 30c 3s lipo
bigger wheels (stock gearing)
traxxas bandit brushless! with sidewinder 3 setup 3s lipo BEAST! (2 min 30 sec)

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This thread contains ONLY pictures that are "referenced"/linked from "other" post/threads in my blog ...

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