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Posted by pressalltheknobs | Today @ 09:32 PM | 2 Views
FrSky D16 Telemetry RXs...

XSR = sbus only
X4R = 4 PWM channels
X4RSB = 3 PWM channels and SBUS
X6R = 6 PWM channels and SBUS
X8R = 8 PWM channels and SBUS

In combination...
x4R + x6R = 10 PWM channels and SBUS
2* x6R = 12 PWM channels and SBUS
x6R + x8R = 14 PWM channels and SBUS
2* x8R = 16 PWM channels and SBUS

You can also use these with a FrSky SBUS to 4 PWM converter to the N + 4 PWM channels

FrSky D16 Non Telemetry micro RXs...

XMR = 6 PWM channels for micro use no telemetry
XM = sbus only for micro use
XM+ = sbus only for full range use

FrSky Stabilizing RXs

X6R = 6 PWM channels and SBUS
X8R = 8 PWM channels and SBUS

FrSky Redundency Bus RXs

RX8R = 8 PWM channels and SBUS used in conjunction with another RX to get redundant receivers
RB 10 = 10 PWM channels and SBUS not a receiver but can combine two to get redundant receivers
RB 16 = 16 PWM channels and SBUS not a receiver but can combine two to get redundant receivers


Particular receivers may have other features.

PWM allows direct connection to servos and ESCs.

SBUS is a one wire serial connection for all 16 channels. These days it is primarily used to connect to Flight Controllers which have their own PWM outputs. It can also be used to control SBUS Servos which can be useful in larger models...a multi servo wing would only require one cable daisy chaining between the servos

Generally you can use both SBUS and the PWM outputs together but they overlap. There is a maximum of 16 channels.
Posted by Sawee | Today @ 08:29 PM | 45 Views
AKK BS2 is just another AIO micro camera, comes in Super light weight, only 3.5g. The camera is small and compact but also full of functions. It can be installed in minutes and ready to fly, the signal range is ideal for park flyers or racing quads. This camera is well received for its affordable price and awesome performance.
AKK BS2 Aio FPV installed in quadcopter (7 min 55 sec)

Posted by GiantPowerLiPos | Today @ 07:17 PM | 82 Views
Great deal on a set of quality 4S 14.8v hard case batteries with Traxxas connectors. 2 pack package for $159.99

Traxxas X-Maxx 8S battery set. Great deal on a pair of quality 4 cell 14.8 volt 6000mAh hard case 35C-70C with TRX plugs. Exceptional value! High performance at an affordable price battery pack set. Upgrade your X-Maxx monster truck to Giant Power!

Giant Power Maximum Performance for your models!

True NANO Conductive Technology
Tough ROAR size Carbon fiber finish hard case
12 AWG soft silicone wire leads
Traxxas TRX plug compatible with ID Traxxas ESC!
Long run time and excellent punch in your X-Maxx!

Buy the package here!

Size: 1.9"x 1.81"x 5.43" 48x46x138mm

Weight: 21.5oz 610g

Discharge rating: 35C cont. 70C Burst rate

Max Charge Rate: 5C

3 month limited warranty from Giant Power*

*does not cover misuse and abuse
Posted by flyenrw | Today @ 07:13 PM | 87 Views
I've given the cockpit a second coat of paint, and when the humidity dies around here , I'll finish up a couple areas.
In the mean time while waiting, I disassembled the main gear, sanded and primed and gave the parts their second coat of a new color!
Still holding out for better weather.

So I got a little restless and decided to cap the wing tip curve with a bow of basswood to give it just a little more depth in appearance, though the motivation was how do I re-do the kit's navigation light and attach my own design to the wing tip!

As carefully as I could, I completely dissembled the kit's wing tip light cover from it's metal frame housing and then detached the light cover from a framework used to hold the two pieces together.
As I rapped the aluminum to build my replacement frame, I shaped a 1/8th inch piece of lite-plywood to help form the shape while bending and also give a base to recess the light cover just enough to mount the lens into it's new frame.

Being that the BOW is now a little wider at it's edge, I was able to drill a hole centered to the wing tip BOW and run the wire easily to the Navigation light.
I drilled a larger hole to capture the cord and pass it on into the tube within the wing.

I also wanted the Navigation light to be removable, so it is held in place with a couple of small wood screws from either side of the casing, allowing removal at any time.
I found the full scale lighting fixture utilized for this design on...Continue Reading
Posted by GiantPowerLiPos | Today @ 07:09 PM | 88 Views
Battery Mod kit that fits Rise Vusion House Racer FPV quads perfectly. This battery is thicker and wider than the stock 650mAh 20C RISE battery, but does fit. You get three 3.7 volt 750mAh 35C-70C LiPo batteries and 2 adapters in this kit! Giant Power quality 35C-70C battery pack gives you more punch! 750 mAh capacity means longer flight time too! Kit includes 3 batteries, and 2 JST to Vusion plug adapters. $21.99 per kit. Shipping $2.90 in the USA. Click here to buy the kit!

Maximum performance for your models!

Battery size: 9x21x 56mm

Weight: 19g

35C constant 70C burst rate


Upgrades Rise NE201892 battery
Posted by carlo10 | Today @ 06:39 PM | 114 Views
my extremefligh extra 300 60 inch canopy came off while im flying this morning and is not available from extremeflight any one has a spare canpoy?
Posted by Kaikodekid | Today @ 06:00 PM | 153 Views
Posted by PittSpecial | Today @ 05:15 PM | 182 Views
Hello again guys!

This is just a warning since I just recently replaced the battery for my Apple I-Phone 4S smart phone and you can see my Posting from yesterday at:

I came across this scam! (GOLD BATTERIES)

Beware of these being sold all over eBay and shipped from CHINA!

There is just a physical impossibility that you can fit battery with almost double the Capacity into these tiny Apple I-Phone should be your very first question.

iPhone 5 battery replacement. Gold stickered 2680 mAh are FAKE! LOL (1 min 51 sec)

Posted by KatrinaRosen | Today @ 02:30 PM | 309 Views
Remember that $5 fee you had to pay when you first registered your drone? After a recent court decision, the FAA is issuing a drone registration refund for those who paid the registration fee. If you are a hobbyist drone operator and you didnt register your UAV, then dont even worry about this since the FAA recently removed the requirement to register non-commercial drones. When the FAA placed a registration requirement for non-commercial drone operators, the court ruled that the Federal Aviation Administration violated section 336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, which states, that the FAA may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft.
Posted by CCxRC | Today @ 02:24 PM | 303 Views
JLB 21101 Extreme Goes HUGE! Triple Backflip Action (6 min 50 sec)

Took the JLB 21101 Extreme out for big air bash session and gave it an epic beating. Pulled off a couple of triple backflips and a bunch of other flips that weren't picked up well buy the sloppy camera work I did while driving (it's not as easy as you'd think). This is the 120A ESC Version of the JLB 21101. Hope you enjoy it.
Posted by sumaxmotor | Today @ 01:49 PM | 326 Views
Good flying skill, Mr Vincent Smith video
Fuck (4 min 56 sec)

Shaft Diameter:3.0
Manget:Curve N52H
Bearing:EZO MR84ZZ
Case Material:Magnesium Alloy 7075-T7 & 20# Steel
Shaft Material:Titanium TC11 Hollow Shaft
Stator Material:Kawasaki Silicone Steel
Stator Lamination:0.15mm
Max Current:37.06A
Max Thrust:1404g
Max Input Power: 579.9W
Max Output Power:431.9W
Max Efficiency: 74.74%
Max RPM: 33990
Recommended Propeller:5040
Weight:26g (without cable) 30.6g(with cable)
Posted by Bloudy | Today @ 01:31 PM | 349 Views
I have a apprentice s and my rubber bands are tearing up my wing. Anything I can do?
Posted by fastmax | Today @ 12:41 PM | 409 Views
We all know that Tiny Whoops are the kings of indoor quadcopters. Their tiny size, combined with protected props, and excellent flight stability make them an absolute blast to fly around the house or office.

Everyone that is into RC quadcopters is familiar with quads such as the FuriBee F36, JJRC H36, Eachine E010, etc. All of these are great flying, inexpensive little drones that make excellent FPV machines simply by adding an AIO camera. The only problem is that once you add the extra weight of the camera, the little 6mm motors are worked harder, the quad becomes less zippy, and the flight times on the stock 150mah battery are drastically reduced.

Now I introduce to you, the new Redpawz R010. This little quad may look like just another clone of the H36, or F36, but don't let the looks fool you. It is actually an improvement on the well proven design of these popular whoops. Click me to purchase at GeekBuying

The R010 has been given a boost in the performance department by replacing the standard 6mm motors with 7mm motors. This gives the R010 more punch, and speed than its competitors, which in turn improves performance when carrying a camera.

The improvements don't stop there either. Since they knew that the motors would be more power hungry, the R010 also comes with a 260mah 30c battery for improved flight times.

With these improvements you're probably thinking ok, but how much does the price jump up compared to the others? Well, I am happy to say that you can get this new, improved model for a mere $15.99 which is only a couple dollars more than the F36 or H36, and far less than it would cost to upgrade the motors and battery on a different model.

Let's check this cool new quad out!

Stay tuned for flight video with, and without an AIO camera mounted.
Posted by fastmax | Today @ 10:51 AM | 459 Views
The new KaiDeng K130 Alpha is a mini WiFi, FPV, flying egg. This cool little quadcopter can be flown using your tablet, or smartphone, and much to my surprise is actually an excellent flying little drone. Click me to purchase from GeekBuying.

I am not usually a fan of models that are flown using smart devices. The lack of physical sticks seems to make my thumbs forget how to fly. This little quad however gives me no such problems, and right away I was impressed with just how easy it is to control.

The WiFi FPV also works quite well, and I am able to maneuver around the room without ever actually looking at the quad. Many of these WiFi FPV quads have enough lag in the feed, that you might be running into something before it appears that close on your screen. This little flying egg doesn't seem to suffer from this problem.

Don't be fooled by its small size either. This mini quad is loaded with features, such as altitude hold, headless mode, and one key take off, and landing.
If you're looking for a small quadcopter to fly FPV around the house, or office, then this unique looking little egg might be just what you're after. At around $35 it is also very affordable.

Stay tuned for flight video!
Posted by ltwvince | Today @ 10:41 AM | 473 Views

Disclaimer (inspired from @SoloProFan and @SeByDocky): Product specifications and quality may vary at the manufacturer's discretion, and are beyond my influence. I cannot guarantee you will get a product that performs exactly the same as seen and described in this review. Please, NO savage affiliate links!

Kingkong 90GT is a true X frame type 90mm quad that comes pre-built out of the box. All you need is just a compatible transmitter for BNF version and plus a receiver for PNP version. There are three different flavors to choose from such as Frsky, DSM and PNP (No Receiver). Mine comes in PNP flavor. I will be flying this quad with my LemonRX DSMX Satellite receiver and Devo 12E transmitter.

+ 1 x Kingkong 90GT Micro Quadcopter consist of:
+ 1 x Kingkong SP Racing F3 Flight Controller with SBUS/DSM Cable
+ 1 x Kingkong BLHeli_S 4-in-1 3A ESC with PDB/BEC (DSHOT Compatible)
+ 4 x Kingkong 1103 7800KV Brushless Motors
+ 1 x Kingkong Q25 5.8GHz 25mW 16 Channels Mini VTX with Whip Antenna
+ 1 x 150 degree FOV 800TVL Camera + Lens Cap
+ 1 x Rubber Band
+ 1 x Kingkong 7.4V 2S 350mAh 35C Battery with JST Connector and Balancing Lead
+ 8 x Kingkong 1935 Tri-Blades Propellers (4 x CW & 4 x CCW) + Screws
+ 1 x 2.3 inch White Propeller Guard with screws and washer
+ 1 x Micro USB Cable for FC and ESC Programming
+ 1 x PWM/PPM Cable
+ 2 x Extra Rubber Band
+ 1 x Propeller Removal Tool
+ 1 x Storage Box
+ 1 x Kingkong 90GT QC Report...Continue Reading
Posted by Skelts1968 | Today @ 06:26 AM | 601 Views
Hi all. Have built a few of thease kits and enjoying them more and more. Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding making this an rc version. Engine servos etc. Many thanks for any help.
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Today @ 04:25 AM | 658 Views
My wife is very sick...
Please pray for her.

Her name is Carli.
Thank you.

Posted by AOKFLY | Today @ 01:20 AM | 961 Views
hi guys, new FIRE PHONENIX 2306 motors out.
Used High-end fuel injection and thermal transfer process make special green and white color,M5mm hollowed Steel Prop shaft and N52H curved magnets, 0.2mm Japan imported stators,Genuine Japanese NSK bearings, only 33g.
only sale 13.99USD,contact with me more discount.