Posted by sabreh24 | Today @ 02:30 AM | 13 Views
starting work on D-fasts Saab Viggen with 50mm edf now i want to build both an A-7 Corsair II and A-4 Skyhawk both in the same manner as the Viggen with 1" segments
in time maybe a Mig-27, CAC Avon Sabre, dassault Etendard/ Super Etendard or Dassault MirageIIIO
pete b
Posted by kriswithak57 | Today @ 02:10 AM | 20 Views
Otherwise known as introduction. Hello to all my fellow RC participants, I'm getting ready to tell my little story and go from there. Stay tuned. I would start now but it is 4:10 AM. Might not be as coherent as I would hope.
Posted by Tahoed | Yesterday @ 10:32 PM | 112 Views
PW-51 cores,1 .75 oz. cloth with 1/32 balsa over, lost foam fuse, live hinged. Fuse slides over wing so no need for a hatch.... Covered with Ultracote I had laying around. Built for frontside and medium DS. Probably around 15-16 oz. balanced. (I'll find out tomorrow)
Posted by CDaivs | Yesterday @ 09:54 PM | 322 Views
I briefly played with an E-Flite CX2 back in '07-'08. A few times off and on since then, but it's a shelf queen now. Christmas 2014 I got myself a DX8 and a Nano CPX. After 2 months of 4 to 8 flights a day, I was able to hover and move it around a little for 4 minutes without crashing. I quickly added a MSr and MSrX to my collection. Found those much easier to fly around the house, but not much fun outside. Blade Nano QX and 180QX joined the fleet and still occasionally get in the air. April 3rd of '15 I made the switch to fixed wing flight. The E-Flite S15 Apprentice was my first plane. I'd already joined the Midwest Air Wing RC Club. One of the senior club members took the maiden flight with my plane and made sure it was trimmed and ready to fly. Nobody had a trainer cord handy, so my first fixed wing flight was solo. Been hooked on flying since! The Apprentice was a great plane for me to start with. Super easy to learn to fly and I quickly got comfortable flying it in Mode 3 unlocked. It survived some less than perfect landings and a lot of time in the air. When I changed it to a 4s setup and started trying to get aerobatic with it, well it didn't hold up to well to that sort of stuff, but it wasn't made for that. My first warbird came along after I'd been flying for a month. The Park Zone F4U Corsair. Fun little plane, love that droop wing bird. It taught me about the evil that cheep plastic clevices are when the elevator gave up and made a lawn dart out of my plane. My...Continue Reading
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CAD work on the RCM Advanced Trainer (RAT?) completed, and a laser cut short kit arrived at my doorstep today. All the parts are of excellent quality, and the balsa is high quality as well.

I had to order additional stock to complete the build. Spars, some sheet balsa, aileron stock, etc. Everything showed up - except I had ordered two sections of aileron stock, and only one was shipped. So now, I have to ask them to ship out one piece. Not having a LHS nearby (the only one I've been able to find is over an hour away, in a different state) is really getting to me. When I ordered the hardware (linkages, landing gear, etc) I forgot to order hinges. So, now I have to order those - and pay for shipping - and wait for them to arrive as well.

Oh, well. It gives me some time to have a full size set of plans printed up, instead of trying to use tiled pages (which I detest!) I'm certain that during the build, I'll find some little widget, or that odd blind nut that I don't have enough of, and end up running up to the hobby shop anyway. That is, after I call ahead to make sure they are open. They have a habit of just taking a day off to go fishing (and I'm serious about that) which makes a 2 1/2 hour drive a complete waste of time and fuel. Lesson learned, so now I call to make sure the fish aren't biting.
Posted by NinjaFlashX | Yesterday @ 09:17 PM | 391 Views
So I've decided to add a Vector flight controller and switch from 5.8 GHz to 1.3 GHz video on my Crash Test Hobby Gladiator wing.

The last of my parts showed up today, so now I can tear into my Gladiator and start replacing parts!

I've never flown a fixed wing with a flight controller before. It feels quite a bit more daunting to me for some reason. I've flown a few multi-rotors with flight controllers that would be comparable to the Vector, so there is that, but again, feels different with a fixed wing.


Anyways, doing a TON of research on the Vector to make sure I don't screw this up. Thinking I'll have to read the manual about ten times to absorb everything! LOL!

Pictured parts:
  • VAS 1.3 GHz Pepperbox
  • Eagle Tree Vector flight controller
  • Airspeed sensor to Vector
  • VAS 1.3 GHz Cloverleaf antenna
  • 1.3 GHz 400 mW VTx
  • Eagle Tree Eagle Eyes FPV groundstation
  • RMRC 1.3 GHz VRx
  • FrSky Taranis Plus

Posted by BlaineZ | Yesterday @ 07:13 PM | 451 Views
Just tried out my new Graupner V Venture Electric.

It's very light, flying it with the recommended 2s battery, Glacier 2200 mah from Buddy RC. The plane performs well with the recommended battery and no nose or tail weight is required,,, comes out balanced using a standard sized receiver. I did have to do a little carving of the foam in the cabin to fit the receiver, a plane finding beeper (we fly near some thick brush areas) and the big battery. The flight time is 17 minutes approximately to get the battery back down to 7.4 volts. We were flying in a bit of oncoming storm wind today, and although it's light, it is manageable in 5 to 10 mph wind no problems. Compared to my Skysurfer V1, I like the fact that it rolls nicely, and also that the Graupner 7.4v 260z brushless motor is very quiet compared to the cheaper motor on the Skysurfer. My Venture was on sale for 149$ including the ARF plane with servos and ESC. Be sure to read instructions about wing joining,,, you need to compress the male part of the jig saw pattern that is pressed together to join the wings. If you don't press the male part on its edges to make it temporarily smaller, it will be impossible to join the wings by pressing them together. I would definitely recommend this model for int / advanced flyers who want a good looking fun electric foamy to fly around. It's not a "Hotliner" but it has plenty of pickup to quickly gain altitude as needed. Here's a little video of me and my buddy flying them today.

Vip Venture March 25, 2017 (1 min 0 sec)

Posted by yosemitez | Yesterday @ 04:55 PM | 553 Views
testing some settings on the betaflight notch filter as i have been having some bad twitches

image 1 is default filters
image 2 is BF Explorer analyser on the yaw gyro, noise is around 109hz
image 3 is notch filters i ma trying
image 4 is BF Explorer analyser on the yaw gyro with new filter
weems like twitches are gone b ut need more testing
Posted by Overrun | Yesterday @ 01:16 PM | 646 Views
Hello I’m new in the forum and I have following problem/question:
My friend and I like to build up a plain in a Tri-copter configuration with with the 2 front EDF motors to tilt for FFF and one in the rear.
On the test bed everything works fine, except that the rear motor turns off by P1.n (SFF) instead at around 70% of travel.
What is the best/easiest solution to program a curve for this?
Thank’s for your help and best regards
Posted by sterlingmarlin | Yesterday @ 12:52 PM | 669 Views
Hi folks...

I am ISO this kit for a very good friend of mine. He's looking for an unbuilt kit ... Not the ARF. If you have one, and it hasn't been started, LMK.

I started a search for this a few years back, and was suddenly moved into a "please help us fix this problem" role at know how consuming that gets.....

Anyway, I had to drop RC for awhile .... And tabled this search.

But am back into RC again (phew! Lol....) and would really like to get this kit for my buddy, who's been a terrific friend to me...

Thanks in advance for your help on this.

REALLY looking forward to this flying season!
Posted by Treeguy1984 | Yesterday @ 12:49 PM | 682 Views
Just glued spar and wings together on my V4 FJU build. Put fins and canopy on for a photo of the paint scheme.
Shall be powered with a Castle edge 200 lite withe Mega 22/50 1EE motor and possibly 8inch sport props pending tests. Shall be glassing inside of motor mount next before glassing outside of airframe and wings etc.

Have ordered a motor mount from Terry at CNC small parts in USA. Its not the usual funjet mount but one intended for an eflite motor. Still has the thrust alignment tab but had 25x25mm bolt pattern to and better cooling for the monstor Mega motor.
Also today's flight with FJU on mega 22/40 1 motor withome 7x7 sport prop.
Speed 165mph. Aimed for better footage rather than speed runs this time. Weather was great but camera was set to 5 minute frames. So video is 2 part annoyingly!!. Have updated setting now so future flights won't be affected!.


Clear day FJU 22 40 flight (5 min 2 sec)

Posted by lucaal | Yesterday @ 11:38 AM | 726 Views
I've found the DTS Q220 race-copter on the website of Zondahobby. The price of 400$ may seem pretty high at first, but once you see what this quad can do the price will be justified. The DTS Q220 is a 220mm quadcopter. It is available in a 20A and 30A configuration and is made for experienced pilots and experts. The video transmitter has 40 Channels, which means, that it is compatible with raceband. Matching the quad, i also got the Cobra V FPV-goggles with telemetry and low-voltage alarm from zondahobby.

Included in the box is: The quadcopter, one set of 5x4“ „uncrashable“ propellers, two RHCP antennas for the video transmitter and reciever, a few different cables to connect a reciever, a few small spare parts and a small set of tools.

Everything you still need to fly is a reciever and controller, a LiPo battery and FPV-goggles or a screen with video reciever for the live Video feed.

My first impression was very positive. Everything was nicely packed in foam inlays and was in a high quality box.
The quadcopter is made of up to 3mm thick carbon plates and metall standoffs. The whole quad is additionally covored with plastic elements.
The 700tvl FPV-camera is, unlike in other modells, suspended with anti vibration rubber parts.
The four 2350kv motors are powered by 20A or 30A ESCs, which are connected to an SP Racing F3 via the modular system of the quad.

The SP Racing F3 can be configured and flashed via micro USB. Out of the box it is flashed with Cleanflight,...Continue Reading
Posted by Len.carbonfiber | Yesterday @ 08:13 AM | 843 Views
There are all kinds of carbon fiber tubes and plates, CNC services
Hope those are helpful.
Posted by mnemennth | Yesterday @ 02:49 AM | 983 Views
Features and foibles of the EACHINE EX120 2S Brushed FPV Hexacopter.

Getting Started With the EACHINE EX120 (0 min 0 sec)

EX120 Hexacopter provided by Banggood for review; available here: EX120 PNF/BNF $64.99-$72.99

EACHINE EX120 WS2812 LED/Buzzer LightBar $3.80 at BG

Charsoon 2S/450mAH LiPo for EX120 with D-Ring Strap $6.99 at BG

Charsoon 2S/450mAH LiPo 5-pack for EX120 with D-Ring Strap $29.99 at BG

Overall it's an excellent little brushed FPV 'copter; with good power, good speed, and excellent agility thanks to the SPR F3 Evo family brushed FC and some shiny bling lighting standard. It is available in PNF and in BNF Versions compatible with Spektrum, FRSky, and FlySky.

Weaknesses include less than zero degrees camera angle, not preloaded with ßetaƒlight as advertised, and should have a D-ring battery strap included.

Check back, as this blog will be updated with links to my other EX120 videos and to my Tech Teardown and "How to get it Flying" articles already in the works.


*Toddles off to ded*
Posted by aben71 | Mar 24, 2017 @ 07:17 PM | 1,207 Views
oops,,meant add to my other post,sorry
Posted by blade strike | Mar 24, 2017 @ 06:47 PM | 1,339 Views
I will be on a vacation with the family from March 25 to April 2. If you need something please pm me and I will do my best to reply when I can!

Happy and safe flights!!!
Posted by aben71 | Mar 24, 2017 @ 06:46 PM | 1,258 Views
I just got my XK X100 in today,had my eye one of thes ea while ago but got sidetracked with other projects.anyhow I was recently looking to buy a Furibee F36S but then came across this on a recent flash sale and always wanted to get one so now I have one F36S looks really cool but maybe check it out later.For now I have plans for the X100 ,I also purchased a Furibee F03 AIO camera to install on the X100 for some fpv awesome

I will be updating this thread with more pictures and video soon,right now waiting for the X100 battery to finish charging for its maiden flight ,this looks like a really cool quadcopter that will soon be even cooler when I install the F03 camera

Get the coll XK X100 here

Get a FuriBee F03 AIO Mini FPV Camera here
Posted by fastmax | Mar 24, 2017 @ 06:21 PM | 1,284 Views
KingKong 210GT RTF... The suspense is killing me too!

EDIT 3/25 Ok, so I had some time to get some detailed pics of this beast. Unfortunately it has been raining here since yesterday, so I haven't been able to get it in the air other than a quick hover in the house. Based on what I have seen so far I LOVE this quad! It's well equipped, well laid out, and everything is pretty well set up for you right out of the box. Flight modes are pre-set , arm switch is pre-set, and the stock tune feels pretty good. Of course I'll need to actually fly it to be certain, but I am pretty sure it is going to handle great in completely box stock form. They also include a generous amount of props. There are 10 CW and 10 CCW props in the box, along with a 1300mah 3S lipo, a low voltage alarm, Flysky FS-i6 radio, and an imax B3 AC balance charger. I will be getting some flight video of this with stock props, powered by the stock battery, as well as video with DAL Cyclone props on 3S and 4S power, so as soon as weather permits I will update this post. For now though here is some eye candy.

...Continue Reading
Posted by Flite Brothers | Mar 24, 2017 @ 05:40 PM | 1,256 Views
Happy to have the opportunity to review a Monster V2 camera. I don't have 16:9 goggles so the perspective for me is a little weird as is, but the clarity is noticeably better with that 1200TVL screen. No notable lag, but I don't have proper testing equipment to say for sure. Nice design with all aluminum body. Note that the protrusions for the threaded body make the width slightly larger than typical HS1177 case so there needs to be slightly more room in your frame. Overall, a nice camera.

Foxeer Monster V2 Full Review (9 min 26 sec)