Advertising Policies

RCGroups maintains strict advertising standards to guarantee a pleasant experience for visitors

Content Restrictions

RCGroups is a family-friendly website. We do not allow any advertising imagery or links that do not conform to our family-friendly mission.

Ad Topicality

We work very hard to minimize the amount of off topic advertising on the site. We show ads from third-party ad networks only when there is no topically relevant advertising to display.

Third party ads come from Google and their partners. Google ad topics depend on many factors, including R/C, other related hobbies, keywords found on the current page, and even your past google search activity.

We sometimes receive complaints from users about Google ads found on the site. Keep in mind that Google keeps track of your search and browsing history and therefore each user sees a different set of ads. RCGroups does not control the content of these ads except to expose relevant keywords to Google. We are unable to determine which third party ads you've seen or explain why such an ad would show up for you.

Luckily, the sorts of third party ads you see may be controlled via your Google account. The url of the Google Ads Preferences Manager is:


Done correctly, an animated banner ad looks great and accomplishes the mission of getting attention. Done incorrectly, an animated ad draws so much attention from the page that the user can no longer focus on the content. We believe that animated ads are one of the cool things about the web so we encourage their use, but do not allow strobing or rapidly changing ads.

Animation is generally not allowed at all within the main content area of the site. Animation within the header or footer advertising spaces is generally acceptable for 450x110 banner ads. Top Bar banners can not be animated.


We support the following formats only:

Pop Over, Pop Unders and HTML

We do not allow advertisers to display "Pop over" or "Pop under" ads. Nor do we allow any sort of ads which overlap with content or utilize HTML (javascript).

Help us out

If you see an ad which does not conform to the above policies, please tell us about it using the contact form.