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We have a wide variety of campaigns available to maximize your advertising return.
All Banner Campaigns are limited to five (5) banner images. Forum Sponsorships feature unlimited banner images!

Please review our Ad Policies before ordering. All campaigns are subscriptions which bill monthly until canceled. No refunds are available after your ad has been billed and run on the site.


Cater to a specific interest or capture a high-traffic location with these highly targeted and widely viewed banner campaigns. High Visibility Specials

Mega Banner PLUS

This large 950x110 banner is seen on, and Great penetration to all of our audiences and BIG! 950x110 pixels
banner placement

Network Wide Plus

This 450x110 banner is shown on and in the threads. Very powerful! 450x110 pixels
banner placement

RCG Main Banner - The Big Daddy!

This is the banner you have been waiting for! This 950x68 banner is seen in many places on the site - formerly the HobbyKing main banner. 950x68 pixels
banner placement

Network-Wide Banner

This ad will display in every forum except the FPV and Multi-Rotor forums, which are available separately. It will also appear on select webzine and special interest sites within the RCG Network. 450x110 pixels
banner placement

Mega Banner

This huge network-wide ad slot gives you maximum exposure. It is more than twice the size of the normal banners and is displayed more often. This ad will also be shown on the tablet version of RCGroups (iPad, Kindle, Android, etc). 950x110 pixels
banner placement

Regular Mass Email Banner RCG

Do you want your banner in link in our mass email that goes out to over 100,000 opted-in RC enthusiasts? Buy now and Jim Graham will contact you! 625x75 pixels
banner placement Targeted Banners

Electric Airplane Special

Targets all areas of related to electric powered airplanes. 450x110 pixels
banner placement

Heli Special

The banner appears on all heli related discussion forums at 450x110 pixels
banner placement


Appears in the FPV forum only 450x110 pixels
banner placement


Appears in the Multi-Rotor forum only 450x110 pixels
banner placement

Sailplane Special

Targeted to sailplane enthusiasts. The banner appears in all Sailplane-oriented sections of the site. 450x110 pixels
banner placement


Displays on boat-related forums at 450x110 pixels
banner placement


Displays on all car-related discussion forums at 450x110 pixels
banner placement