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Old Aug 09, 2005, 03:05 PM
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Working MAV's (Micro Air Vehicles)

John (Fly...Please) has recently increased the interest in MAV's on the forum. He and I have talked about maybe starting some threads for MAV's. I'll start them and let John and others contribute the content. And, I'll clean up certain threads, like this one, which are intended to be resource threads.

I'll also be starting two other threads.
"MAV (Micro Air Vehicles) Resources and Links"
"MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) Discussion.

This thread is intended for people to post pictures and details of their [/b]SUCCESSFUL[/b] MAV's so others can peruse them and get ideas. It is similar to the "Working Pager Plane" thread in this respect.

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Old Aug 18, 2005, 11:25 PM
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My Newest MAV

I thought that I would share a MAV that I completed yesterday. Basically it is a 5.5" max dimension MAV just like most of my others. I have test-flown it with good results (about 1 min duration). I just need to get it trimmed out better in order to lengthen the durations. I should be able to get 15 minutes out of it fairly easy if I prop it less aggressively.

It is an extremely durable design. In fact, I just crashed the MAV in a full speed dive (probably 25-30 MPH) into a parking lot by accident. I saw something go flying off of the airframe. On closer inspection I found that it was only the prop!

Here are the specs:
Wingspan: 5.5"
Wing Area: 22.4"
Static Margin: 8.5%
C.G.: 1.18"
MAC: 3.6"
Airfoil: "0-thickness" defined by 3rd order polynomial.
Reflex: 3%
Planform: Zimmerman
V. Stab area: 22% Wing Area
Rudder area: 5.8% V. Stab area
Rudder AR: 1:1
Thrustline: 1" below airfoil centerline
Wingloading: Allot

Airframe: CF and Kevlar
Servos: (2) Cirrus 4.4
Motor: Feigao 10.5g
Prop: U-80 cropped to 60mm
Receiver: Penta 5P W/10ft antenna
ESC: Phoenix-10
Camera: MicroCameras 3.3g
Tx: RF Links 25 mW 2.4 Ghz
Rx Antanna: 14 dBi gain Patch
Surveillance Range; ~700m
Primary Batteries: (2S) 250 mAh
Secondary (camera/Tx) batteries: (2) 90 mAh

Weight Breakdown
Airframe (including camera): 15g
Motor: 10.5g
Receiver: 2.0g
Servo: 6.7g
ESC: 3.0g
Battery: 12.6g
Prop Weight: 0.6g
Subtotal: 49.8g
Miscellaneous: 5g
Total: 54.8g

Attached are some pictures.
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Old Aug 19, 2005, 01:25 AM
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Very nice John!

The camera is in the "pod" at the bottom of the v-stab? Kind of a scary place, but I guess you would get "prop lines" in the video if its behind the prop. The rudder area seems so small, but it sounds like it works OK for you. Is the airfoil one that you derived yourself, or does it have a name or a more specific description? I've played with gliders using "sideways S" airfoils made from plastic sheet cut from plastic binders you can get at the stationery store) and had good results (Zimmerman and Inv Zimmerman planforms). However, they did not hold their shape well (not a problem with your CF, I assume).

Although it would probably be just be a little dot in the sky, I'd love to see a video of it flying once you get it trimmed. A video from the MAV POV would be neat too.

Glad to hear its durable. How do you (normally) land? Look for thick grass?

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Old Aug 19, 2005, 02:39 AM
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Looks great! I'm pretty sure the wingspan isn't 29" though

-Happy landings,
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Old Aug 19, 2005, 04:07 AM
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Wow, what a craftmanship....
This is the first time I read of a DD use of the short Feigao, I'm very interested what propchoice will prove to be best,

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