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Old Sep 26, 2004, 03:32 PM
I seem to be in toyland
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Maidened my Ripmax Evolution Sport

Title says it all - I flew my first hotliner after two failed attempts. First time I was so nervous I connected the speed controller backwards. Second time I found my new Futaba receiver was faulty. Today no problems and I can join the warmliner club.

Setup was a 3S4p ETEC 1200 LiPo battery, 40A speed controller, separate receiver pack and Jeti 30/3 with a 10/6 CAM folder. Climbs really quickly at about 45 degrees. Makes a wonderful sound when you put the nose down. Slows down really well for sloping or thermalling. But the landing!!!!!!!!! Started finals as usual on my slope site. About 75m downwind I turn for landing. And it just keeps on flying - I have to duck as it shoots over my head and back out on the slope. This is nothing like anything I've flown before!! In desparation I tried the spoilerons - no bunts or other antisocial behaviour so I have another go. Applied the spoilerons as soon as it is into wind and it sinks like a brick into the floor with no fuss.

There is one problem though - as the speed increases it has a tendancy to balloon up. I've read in the review that the tailplane incidence needs altering but does the C of G have any effect on this?

I can understand why so many people spend so much money on hotliners - the feeling is fantastic. Now where did I put that Hacker catalogue........... this could get expensive.

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Old Sep 26, 2004, 05:33 PM
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Welcome to the club! You'll now be destined to spending your hours in search of better and better performance......faster airframes, hotter motors, etc. It's a terrible disease that many of us are also aflicted with.

Ballooning up at high speed is usually an indication of a forward CG location, with it's associated "up" elevator trim. The fix is to move the CG back (a little at a time). Each time the CG is moved back, you'll need to trim the elevator slightly "down" to maintain flight trim. Eventually, you should find an elevator trim/CG position that feels good for both high speed gliding and slow speed gliding. If the elevator is offset noticeably from neutral when you get the model trimmed, that is an indication that the incidence can/should be adjusted.

It's likely that the plane will still pitch up when the motor is powered up. You can either mix in some "down" elevator with motor, or just manually push in a bit of down when you run the motor.

Good luck,
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Old Sep 26, 2004, 06:15 PM
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Originally Posted by noddy

There is one problem though - as the speed increases it has a tendancy to balloon up. I've read in the review that the tailplane incidence needs altering but does the C of G have any effect on this?

Like Lenny says, get the cg right. But if your tx can, you should also use a 'speed' flight mode. This would give you straight and level flight with the motor on - a shallow dive with motor off. You can then flick a switch to go fast but have an easy return to sedate flight when your nerves have had enough.

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