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Old Sep 26, 2013, 04:44 PM
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Upgrade to DJI F450, DJI Phantom, Blade 350 QX, or Walkera QR X 350???

Okay, I'm looking to get a new quad and noticed there are some good options out there for less than $450. I'd like something with GPS and altitude hold, and RTH would be nice, and one I could strap my GoPro 2 HD on to too. Also would like to employ my existing 3S 2200mAh lipos, since I have quite of few of those.

I currently have a Walkera MX-400 and a Blade mQX. The MX-400 could carry my GoPro and I really like the LEDs which makes it a nice night flyer... unfortunately it spun out of control about 100 ft up and crashed (I have replacement parts on the way and am planning on rebuilding her). The mQX was my first and I still enjoy flying it indoors... great nose-in trainer for helis too.

Flight times, payload capacity, and stability are my main concerns. I'm leaning towards the DJI F450 w/Naza Lite & GPS, but concerned that because it's bigger - it's going to have a shorter flight time.... and really, do I need something that size vs the 350s (what are the advantages/disadvantages?).

I've got a Walkera Devo 8S, Spektrum DX7, and Futaba 9CAP for transmitters and would prefer not to get another one, so I guess BnF would be the best fit.

Any recommendations, "watch-out!" or "be warned", or general feedback would be greatly appreciated - especially from those of you who have flown the MX-400!

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Old Sep 26, 2013, 05:53 PM
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a naza lite would be 200
flamewheel copy 35
esc: f30-a : 10 * 4
motor: sunnysky 900kv v2216: 25 *4
APC 10x4.7 SF: ?? * 4

Then you could go cheap elastic DIY dampening system to attach your gopro (ive used eslastic bands and a sponge). Or buy some gimbal system but then it probably would cost you more than 450.

Alternatively you could buy a TBS Discovery frame and "grow" with it to later add FPV
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Old Sep 27, 2013, 01:07 PM
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The Phantom is a great choice, my second recommendation would be the F450.
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Old Sep 27, 2013, 01:11 PM
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I had a walkera mx-400 for a year and finally recently upgraded to the phantom. It's a huge upgrade! The phantom flys so much better in every way. I have no experience with the other MRs you mention, but from my experience, the phantom would be a great choice.
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Old Sep 27, 2013, 01:27 PM
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IMHO, the FW450. Easier expandability, better payload, easily upgraded with motor extension plates, parts and accessories readily available, either individually or as a frame-only set for $32.00 (www.allerc.com).
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Old Sep 30, 2013, 09:47 AM
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Go with the Phantom they are dependable and as stable as they come i have hundreds of hours flying them with not one problem.
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Old Sep 30, 2013, 09:53 AM
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I had the DJI Phantom and it's a great flying platform, but using FPV gear and carrying a camera, the flight times were only 6 or 7 minutes. I sold the Phantom and bought a DJI F450. I too use 3S2200mah batteries and I run two in parallel and get 12 minutes of active flight time. I also use a 3S5000mah and get 14 minutes of flight time.

The F450 can carry more weight than the others, has plenty of room for cameras/gimbal & FPV gear.

My 2 cents
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Old Oct 04, 2013, 01:31 PM
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It looks like the F450 or Phantom might be a good choice, but reading about all the "fly-aways" really frightens me. A lot of guys are blaming it on user or set-up error, but I think there's more to it than that - just because there have been a lot of veteran quad pilots who've suffered from the fly-aways too.
Now that I think about it, there seems to be a lot of different things to blame: cheap RTF radio, GPS not locked in, FPV / WiFi radio interference, buggy firmware, compass, unbalanced blades, etc.

Any words of advice from you DJI guys?
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Old Oct 04, 2013, 02:21 PM
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You will hear of incidents of flyaway with every quad, as sales volume increases. It's unavoidable. The potential for interference or something effecting your compass or GPS will always be there unless you want to pay thousands for redundant systems and software. You haven't heard much about flyaway on Blade or Walkera or other RTF models yet, but you will. You best insurance against flyaway is manual mode. I caused a huge compass error by setting my Phantom on my grille, which caused it to flyaway. No big deal, I switched to manual mode after about 3 seconds and flew it home. After performing the routine that corrects huge compass errors it flew fine. But, to prove it wasn't a fluke or that I was imagining things I set the Phantom on my grille again and it did exactly the same thing. I also tried it with a different quad and I still haven't got the magnetometer to work again. My point is it doesn't matter how experienced you are, little things you don't even think about can cause major problems.

FYI: my grille is a big Brinkman Pro, it's a pretty heavy steel rectangle, with cast iron grates and sits right next to my Time Warner cable. I have no idea why this would cause such a reaction, but the last time I set the Phantom on the grille cover, the LEDs went nuts.
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Old Oct 12, 2013, 09:51 AM
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I had a flyaway on my Walkera X350 ... went straight to manual mode and it completely ignored me even though it was definitely still in range at the time. I think if it flys away due to a software glitch there's little you can do. On those grounds one would suspect the Phantom is the safest these days since their software is probably the most developed.
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Old Oct 12, 2013, 07:18 PM
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Originally Posted by r0ll3r View Post
I had a flyaway on my Walkera X350 ... went straight to manual mode and it completely ignored me even though it was definitely still in range at the time. I think if it flys away due to a software glitch there's little you can do. On those grounds one would suspect the Phantom is the safest these days since their software is probably the most developed.
Didn't you put down this issue to faulty wiring/soldering in another thread?

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Old Oct 13, 2013, 12:38 AM
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Now that the new props are out for the Blade 350 QX, you might want to look into that one. Three of my buddies and I have them and they are a blast. I fly mine with my DX8 and they both fly theirs with their DX7 (not DX7s) transmitters. Programming the Blade 350 QX on the DX7 can be a tad tricky though. The thing I dislike most about the others is that they come with their own proprietary transmitter. I don't need another TX. The Blade 350 QX has all the features you mentioned.
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Old Feb 18, 2014, 10:41 AM
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Be aware!

Guys, I've got this quad directly from Horizon Hobby, i have 30 models of planes, jets, drones and helis, an experienced flyer. Don't buy this quad. Buy something else maybe little more expensive but safe. This will come down the sky unexpectedly and become dangerous for property or people and put you in big trouble. Is known that it has prop issue, it just felt a part in a regular flight not even in agility mode. Crashing into anything. Send it back to repair if you find it, and big bills from Horizon Hobbies that is not taking responsibility. It upend to me. Felt down the sky, i have a go-pro video. Thank god it felt into the grass between two small houses. No damages to properties or people! I fix it, believe me, i build jets. I know how to fix thinks like this. First test, one prop exploded in my face. It might be the brush-less motor that got damaged in the crash and is not balanced and the vibration will destroy the blade? Maybe! I decide to look for reviews, guys look always for reviews in forums before take any decision or buy anything new, never be stubborn or instinctive in this hobby, in my humble opinion. Should i buy new motor? 50 bucks each. I already spent 100 bucks of parts and 4 hours repair. I became aware the props is a COMMUNE ISSUE!!! All the Blade 350 QX are coming down the sky just for same reason!!!!!. I decide not to fly this like this and before just throw it away i am sending it to Horizon Hobbies and see if they fix it under warranty and i send the video of crash that shows that i did absolutely nothing wrong. Quiet flight and boom! Down! OK they tare it a part after two week a phone call. If i want to repair it it 200 bucks. What??? Why??? I told them no way, i buy different model, Phantom or so! Send it back! They said to me, yes we will send it back in pieces we will not reassemble it since you refuse the repair it will come in a box all in pieces! This is crazy! I told them just throw it in the garbage. I spent the last 10 years thousands of dollars with their products for become an experienced pilot and see the results!!! Crazy! Guys don't buy this quad! Stay out of trouble and don't get Horizon Hobbies products they do absolutely nothing to please a costumer and offer good consumer support, suck!
Happy fly!
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Old Feb 20, 2014, 02:23 PM
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Be aware is right

i absolutely agree, horizon hobby does nothing to uphold there end of the agreement. They clearly state in their warranty that they will deliver a product free of defects in materials and workmanship. i purchased blade 180 qx and the thing had a software glitch on it that would cause it to dip forward and take off and worst of all it was random. as a result the quadrocopter took off and is no where to be found. I had to argue bitterly with the idiot on the other side of the phone and the best he could do is offer me 40 percent off. what a joke. Im definitely purchasing the dji phantom, lately i have been deciding over the 350 qx and the phantom and now my choice is clear.
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Old Feb 20, 2014, 03:37 PM
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I had a Walkera QR X350 ...
and i have to warn you ... STAY AWAY ... to many problems ...

right now i am flying F450 with APM 2.6 ....
it is just perfect !!! and apm has so many capabilities ...
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