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Old Oct 21, 2011, 11:07 AM
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Hobbyking KK board VS MultiWii for a simple quad?

Hobbyking KK board V2 VS Multiwiicopter (MWC)

I would have thought there would be comparison threads all over with the pros and cons of each, but my searching is coming up with very scattered information. Can anyone who's used both, tell me which one they like better for a simple quad (as in no autolevel, baro, gps, etc)? And what the advantages and disadvantages are of each?

My situation in particular, I've already built a MultiWii tricopter, and I really like it, I plan to build more. However my next project I'm most interested in is a quick simple quadcopter designed for more aggressive flying. Sure, I might like to throw a camera on it occasionally, so it would be nice if it "can" be stable, but primarily I just want to have fun doing loops and more aggressive flying than I'd typically do with something I spent a lot of time on.

The Hobbyking KK board really has me interested due to its seemingly plug and play simplicity. But does it fly as good?

Also, on one hand it looks nice that all it takes is a screwdriver in the field to adjust the gains, unlike MWC which requires a computer or LCD screen. However I'm worried that those 3 little pots might be a pain, like if you loose track of how far they are turned, end up spinning them in circles, no way to accurately save settings if you change them, etc. Unlike the MWC which has a sweet GUI, you can accurately change every aspect, and write down your favorite values, etc. Does the KK even have any GUI at all?

Perhaps there are other things I'm missing, anyone have any input how they compare?
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Old Oct 22, 2011, 03:40 PM
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Old Oct 23, 2011, 12:22 AM
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KK for simple and well flying fcb. set the scale stick to 4 or even 2, and it get really acrobatic. with stock 4.7, very stable and steady flyer.
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Old Nov 29, 2011, 06:53 PM
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i have a kk board on my tricopter and it is very stable thus far. i ahve set it up with a spring and foam setup and it's holding great. working on new body designs and possibly intergrating a larger lighter body with camera on board.... currently able to lift and fly a full 5.0 mah lipo battery. works great!!! i'm lovin it lmao.
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Old Nov 29, 2011, 07:46 PM
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if you have the time and patience to tweak and fine tune multiwii (gyros only) it is better than a kk blue and kk black5.5

added bonus though flip a switch if you ever get stuck and it will autolevel itself while you gather your thoughts

its also very easy to make a multiwii flight controller using a wm+ nunchuk and arduino 2009 those 3 components need 8 wires connected to turn them into an autoleveling flight controller and 2 out of three of those item can be bought in most towns

plus multiwii is soo upgradable compared to a kk board or....

kk board = peizo gyros that drift and that aint changed in how long?

flycam black board = mems gyros for $100

multiwii = mems gyros, ACC, BARO, MAG, Bluetooth wireless connection to PC, this time next year GPS maybe? already code for GPS in 1.9 so this time next year fully working?
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Old Nov 29, 2011, 07:52 PM
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gyro acc baro mag $93 delivered worldwide

mems gyros and 12 motor ports $119 delivered worlswide

just board price

peizo gyro board

now what you prefer?

some will be very happy with a kk board and it flies great too once setup but for not alot more cash you get a shed load more out of a multiwii board
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Old Dec 02, 2011, 09:34 PM
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maybe a simpler way to choose:

If you dont really want to do all those PID tuning/setting with PC/NB.. you may just stick to KK

if you say auto level (not 100% just to set expectation and it is NOT Position Hold) then MWC in this particular topic

KK is known to be simple and nice aerobatic. And you almost certain that this is not your only multi rotor So may be good to start simple and learn along the line.

Check this out as you alternative. And check out the LCD way for simple setup.
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Old Jan 03, 2014, 01:47 PM
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I have both a kk2 and a multiwii based pocket quad.
it took me about 2 hours to learn the menu's in the KK2. it has taken me over a week to learn the wii stuff - from the arduino code to the gui and getting it all installed and connected - its for sure not for a newbie. I see benefits of both, but for now I will stick with my kk2. but at some point I want autonomous flight which will bring me back to the wii
thx hope this helps
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