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Old Jun 17, 2001, 10:46 PM
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Why does my motor not stop????

I am having a problem with my motor wanting to start with the throttle stick all the way down.I trimmed all the way down and ATVed even further.This helped,but it still wanted to run after my flight.Sometimes it would start intermittently,and sometimes it would run slowly and steadily.My setup i8s as follows: Balsacraft Bearcat;Velkom 24/12;8x4 APC electric prop;8 cells of 2400;Castle Creations Pegasus 35;Futaba 8UAF w/8 channel rx that came with it(the good one).Antenna is run thru tube out the back of the plane.No glitches in first and only flight.

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Old Jun 18, 2001, 12:30 AM
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Try calling Castle. They are nice folks to deal with, they should know if anyone does!

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Old Jun 18, 2001, 12:49 AM
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Thats weird, my Castle Creations Pixie 7 and 14 both do that, I adjusted one of my tx's to counter this, and I love them, but its just kind of annoying.
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Old Jun 18, 2001, 02:37 AM
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Hammer said:
"Sometimes it would start intermittently,and sometimes it would run slowly and steadily."

That's what my Pixie 7 does. Comes on at inopportune times. Mine is anything from jerking around a rev or two to full speed for a second or so. Teaches you to be careful of where your hands are when you plug in the power.

I also tried an MPI that has a ''soft start." Mine works more like a 1 second delay, then it comes on pretty much full. I don't like it. When I turn on the power, I want it "now."

I believe I have the Pixie in now. Hope so. I'd rather err on the "power on" side. That is with my little DX motor. I see you're using 8 cells of 2400, I don't understand your other specs, but I wouldn't want a powerful engine "self starting."

How do you adjust the TX to counter this?


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Old Jun 18, 2001, 04:13 PM
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Hi Guys!

Usually, problems like those are caused by either a drifting transmitter (where as the TX warms, the throttle position changes slightly) or by glitching... The Pixie and Pegasus adjust their throttle range according to your transmitter automatically -- but glitching can sometimes "fool" the controller into setting the range lower than it should be.

You can fix the problem in a couple of ways: First, there is a maximum that the controller will adjust to. If you adjust your transmitter "low" position to it's maximum (assuming you have a computer TX) the low throw should be below the minimum range that the controller will adjust to. This should prevent the controller from adjusting to below your low throttle point. Also, you could arm the controller with the trim in the high position, and then if it starts to tick over, just put in a bit more down trim. If you still have problems, send it in and we'll reprogram your controller with stiffer glitch rejection.

On the Pixie-7P, we originally had a slight problem where the glitch rejection was allowing some obvious glitches to be processed -- and the motor would start to run slowly after a few minutes. This problem has been fixed, and anyone can get a free software upgrade by sending their Pixie-7P in to us for a free upgrade. Of course, on the Pixie-7P you can always program it for "fixed" throttle range... That will always take care of the problem.

Patrick del Castillo
Castle Creations

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