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Old Sep 25, 2009, 03:16 PM
Power Upward
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Power Set Ups - A tool for the Beginner

I believe this would be a great idea to have available to people...

Name of aircraft?
Wing span?
Weight of model ready to fly?
What motor used?
What propeller?
What ESC used?
What battery pack used?
Radio and servo sizes?
Picture if you have one...

George Gilbert
Still Building sorta...
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Old Sep 25, 2009, 03:48 PM
OCD: Old, Cranky and Disgusted
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Old rule of thumb:

Will the motor fit in the nose?
Will the plane balance with the motor in the nose?
How much battery can I shoe-horn in the available volume?
How long do I want to stay up, at full power?
How much Magic Smoke can come out, before the plane doesn't fly any more?
How soon, before the wings tap tips?

(I'm a NAUGHTY boy! )

On a serious note, everything you state there, is a good point.
When I ventured from gas to electric, I had to do a LOT of question-asking, and cut & try experimenting.
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Old Sep 25, 2009, 04:12 PM
Power Upward
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Challenger I

I am in that very stage of questions and experimenting. I however don't have too many people locally to get some of the answers. Thus here we are in the RCGroups... I am currently drawing a set of plans for the Piper PA15 Vagabond which Supercubman will be prototyping hopefully soon... I have several planes in progress (scratch built/building) that having a reference to various planes and there set ups would be very helpfull

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Old Sep 25, 2009, 04:38 PM
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There is a sticky in power systems with similar info .
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Old Sep 25, 2009, 07:57 PM
Power Upward
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Lake Flyer,

Good thread, but I was looking for systems of the scale type, and more specifically those of the types that power the planes that Pat Trittle and Peter Rake design.

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Old Sep 25, 2009, 08:37 PM
I eat glue
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I've got a Tritle L-4, 54" span, weighs 18 ounces. Eflite Power400 outrunner, old, old, prolite 1300 2s, APC 10x7 slo fly. Takes off at 1/2 throttle, cruises easily at half, or less. Full power climbs are about 60 degrees, all charge long. Mine is heavy cuz of my style of finishing and some other odds and ends, but the L-4 sure don't notice it, can fly reeeeeeeeeeeeeal slow and scale like. Spetrum 5 channel cheapo set that was on for 99 bucks.
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Old Sep 26, 2009, 11:08 AM
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I think that collecting "what worked well" power system and other info in a "sticky" for various sizes and types of scale models might be a good idea. We could give it a try an see if it is worthwhile. Many types and sizes of of scale models do not conform well to standard "calc" systems. We could try to make posts more usable with a format such as: Model name, General description (monoplane, biplane, inline or radial engine), Wingspan, Total weight with battery pack, Motor type (product name and designation , inrunner, geared inrunner or outrunner), Best prop ( brand name, type (slow fly or direct drive, diameter pitch and number of blades, and Battery pack used
(brand name, number of cells, C ratiing and Mah capacity. A "Remarks block" with special notes on motor thrust angles, wing and stab incidence, changes to control surfaces and tail surface areas, cg placment, etc. would be good too.
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Old Sep 26, 2009, 12:53 PM
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This was tried once I think in the park flier area. It gets to be so long as to be cumbersome. Then you find someone with the plane you're looking for and they build it too heavy or highly overpower it and the information is useless.

The problem is that for any one design there are 10-20 combinations of motor-prop-battery just from one mfg that will work in any given airplane. And, everyone flies and powers their planes differently. Generally Tritle likes his slow while I like mine a bit heavier and faster to handle more wind. I think he only owns 2s Lipos where most of mine are 3s.

For stuff like Rake's and Tritle's it is best just to ask the question in here and get an answer within a few hours. Or you can send en email to the mfg

If you have a new design and want suggestions, again, ask in here and you'll get answers within hours, including power systems on similar size and weight models.

To start your search you need things like wing area (or the specific model), projected weight, and type of flying you want to do.

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