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Old Nov 15, 2008, 11:29 AM
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Problem with PowerPanel display for V3 Altimeter

I seem to be having a problem with what is shown on the powerpanel display for the altitude. At power up it seems to show 40odd thousand feet, yet in live mode and with data downloaded from the logger everything looks fine. Also the airspeed looks ok too. I'm running the latest software and have tried resetting the powerpanel settings several times.

It wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that I'm trying to use the powerpanel as a sort of cockpit foreground for on board video. Here's a video I made that shows the problem with the altitude reading:

Note the altimeter reading going all over the place, this is not reflected in the data downloaded from the logger so whatever the problem is it appears to be limited to the powerpanel display.

Anyone got any clue?
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Old Nov 16, 2008, 05:47 PM
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I seem to have the exact same problem, and the problem is not contained to the PowerPanel display only, it is happening on the Video OSD as well.

What you get is random digits for the Altitude value, it randomly jumps and displays completely incorrect values, sometimes positive, sometimes negative.
I have attached two Video OSD screenshots of a flight i had today.

What is strange, is that this "random" alt isn't coming from the Altitude sensor i think, because the PowerPanel and Video OSD is showing completely different values. I tested with them both connected, and they both show random numbers, but not the same value.

Then, when you look at the logged data, the data is correct and showing accurate altitude readings. I did a test where i had the barometric sensor connected as well as the GPS, and the altitudes matched all the way through as shown in the attached graph screenshot.

One other thing that is strange, is that the LCD display on the sensor, isn't showing the "highest" reading, it did for my first flight after i received it, but now shows really low numbers. Today, my flight hight was 430 meters, and the LCD only showed 89....

I have attached a few screenshots from my Video OSD from today's flight, logger graphs that shows the actual data logged is correct, and my actual logged data file where you can see the logged altitude readings.

Im using the latest software, 6.90 with both the elogger and Video OSD at the latest releases, 5.51 and 1.09.

I have this afternoon, connected the whole lot together, then RESET the PowerPanel and RESET the Video OSD, reconfigured it all and tested again, and it still shows these "random" numbers..

Can you please look into it and let us know how to resolve this problem? Altitude is quite important for FPV flying, and having random numbers for your altitude is not a good thing

Thanks in advance
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Old Nov 16, 2008, 05:55 PM
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I had a similar problem

While testing my OSD set up on the ground I also noticed random altitudes but once I seperated my Video transmitter away from the osd module the problem went away . I checked on the bench and it didn't take much stray RF for the osd to start playing up

trexing / easytar / easyglider in Christchurch, New zealand
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Old Nov 16, 2008, 07:11 PM
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Thanks Rob.

Bill, I did as suggested by Rob, but no luck. I simply connected the elogger to the V3 Altimeter and the PowerPanel to the Altimeter, and then finally the batt. I used no other RC or video equipment.

The PowerPanel still shows the Very random numbers for Alt.

Your advice would be appreciated.

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Old Nov 18, 2008, 07:39 PM
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Hi Charl,

We have one other report of this issue, and it is driving me nuts trying to figure out the cause. It's not happening in the vast majority of cases (including all attempts to repro it here).

Could you please email me at, and I will collect some additional data from your system, in hopes of tracking the problem down.


Bill, for Eagle Tree
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