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Old Sep 16, 2014, 12:54 AM
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Santa Barbara's are not IOM's. They are great boats and lots of fun to sail. Just because the design is thirty plus years old does not mean it is a bad design. Santa Barbara's get moving very well in a breeze, some of those puffs in the summer on Spreckles Lake sure make the boats get up and fly down the lake. Don't knock it till ya try it man. Ryan
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Old Sep 16, 2014, 08:48 AM
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You have totally misunderstood my post,what I said was or trying to say is because of what they are a S/B and not a performance boat with an all up weight of 20 something pounds, there's no point in having a flush deck if the cabin boat is available because 1 it looks so much better 2 i'll bet if it were set up and sailed well it could be just as fast as anybody else in the fleet.Nowhere do I imply it's anything other than a S/B and that's why were it me I'd get one with a cabin now that they are available.I have seen and sailed a S/B in Mission Bay Pond,and find it quite ironic that the Soling 50 also made by Vortex have the same trait in they love a breeze.Nowhere could it be or have i compared it to an IOM.
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Old Sep 18, 2014, 07:03 PM
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Hey Peter,

Good to see you lurking in the S/ B Forum. Running a S/B in your Barbados winds would be a blast compared to the sub 7 knot winds common at our lake. I've had a few downwind runs in really good conditions where I was running to try and keep up with the boat, and it was pulling away. Something about that boat seems to make it want to lift off at speed, as if its just skimming the surface. Hard to believe on a 26 lb boat . I've heard many say that sailing the S/B is the most similar to sailing a full size boat. .
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Old Sep 19, 2014, 09:23 AM
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To be honest I think it was back in 2000 so the memory is vague and was only a couple of laps of the pond.I don't know how the S/B compares in it's behavior,but here the Soling would go in anything up to 20knots of wind using one rig.Do you S/B guys use two rigs?A long waterline will create the big boat feel,had a go on a Wheeler last year in Frisco it's like sailing on railroad tracks.
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Old Sep 21, 2014, 07:12 AM
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Five racers wrapped up the SFMYC's 2014 SB season with Regatta #6. Jason Spiller (7points) took first place followed closely by Stephen Ma (10 points). Third place was a tie with Jeff Brooks and Elliot Aldrichart (17 points). Bud Salerno's (Santa Cruz) beautiful SB challenged the pack during each of the 6 races making it a successful season ending SB Regatta.

Note: SFMYC has perhaps the largest collection of SBs in the country right in our boat house. Yesterday there were a number of SB skippers who didn't race for various reasons. Putting 10+ SBs in the water for a regatta is not beyond imagination. Lets hope we can find 10-12+ SBs in 2015 for our SFMYC SB Regattas!

Thank you skippers for a great day of racing.

Jerry Turney
Race Director, SB R6
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Old Sep 21, 2014, 06:57 PM
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Results of the 9/21/14 Sacramento MYC Santa Barbara Points Races.

With winds today of about 6 mph and gusts up to 9 mph in West Sacramento, four racers turned out to tune up for the Santa Barbara Region Championships in two weeks (Still time to register - see the NOR with registration form here: ) So far we have seven boats registered with a couple of more "maybe's"). The Robinson family and their three boats were home today still recovering from their trip to the NCR in Chicago. but we hope to see them and Ryan at the R6CR and in the remaining three points races this year.

With pretty consistent winds today, how well you placed was very dependent upon your start. Make a clean start and you generally did very well unless you committed a foul (like Jeff T-boning the leeward mark or me being waaaaaay over early in one heat). Just like 2014 National Champion Ken Camp preaches in his videos at the start of this thread; be on time with good position at the start, find clear air and play the shifts and you will do well.

It was nip and tuck between yours truly (413) and Gene Novak (2012) with Ron Enfantino (166) and Jeff Snyder (1386) mixing in. Last month Gene cleaned me out, but today I had the better tune (and the truth be told hit some of the shifts) and took the day. It wasn't easy. His traditional cabin top (the older style with the split cabin and the mast butt on top of the cabin raises the mast a good 1.5" over the other designs) is deadly fast down wind. My old Vortex cabin top with the mast butt on the deck has to have him by 10 yards at the windward mark or he will run over the top of me by the wing mark. We need some more boats out there to blanket him off the wind!

The day's results were as follows:

Heat one: 413, 2102,166, 1385
Heat two: 2012, 1386, 166, 413
Heat three: 413, 166, 2012,166, 1386
Heat four: 413, 2102, 166, 1386
Heat five: 413, 2012, 1386, 166

(One throw out of the five races count toward placement for the day).
With three events to go, Gene and I are still battling it out for the season championship. The unofficial standings of the top five boats after today are:

413 (8 pts), 2012 (11 pts), 280 (21 pts), 505 (23 pts), 1386 (25 pts)

The next points race is October 19th, scheduled for Lake Natoma in the Folsom Lake Recreation Area, but may be changed to West Sacramento as the Fall aquatic weed die-off is making that lake unsuitable for racing. Always check the club website at the Friday evening before the race for announcements, cancellations due to inclement weather or changes in venue.

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Last Scheduled Sailing Sunday

Chicago RC Model Yacht Club, Axehead lake, ILL
Sunday was our last scheduled sailing Sunday for this year, we had 8 S/B's 1 trimaran, 1 S1M, and 1 star 45, we did not keep score, I think we raced about 10 or 12 races, the wind was dead clam to start and picked by noon I put the video on my S/B 1300 right after lunch, the video was taken with a key fob 808 version 18 spy camera, about $40 on eBay
John R.

PTDC0005 (15 min 1 sec)
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