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Old Jul 11, 2014, 08:31 PM
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Hi guys I'm back to show you what I've been doing on my heli. I have managed to fit the larger 8008 blades. But it took a bit of work, cos I didn't want to remove any material from the blade roots (except for rounding them off at the holes to the same size as the old blades), so I had to make Alum shims to the top and bottom plus 2 square spacers in the middle of the blade holders, so the gap would be larger, and the blades would then be able to slide right in. Plus the blade holders are a lot stronger now.

I used 2.5mm screws to bolt the blade holders together with nut's and there is now a brass bushing pressed into each of the blade root holes, and a 6mm screw and nut fits the blades to the blade holder. Now the heli looks a heck lot better with larger rotor blades than the smaller 8006 ones. The tail motor is a n60 with a 8008 tail blade. But I still have to come up with some kind of current limiter so the tail transistors won't burn out, as for them. I have soldered in four connecters and the tail transistors plug in to the board now, so if they burn up, I can easily replace them (I've done that mod to all my receiver boards)...

OH here's the new version of the QS8006 receiver board. But it didn't come with the motor wires, so I sucked out the holes and soldered in the wires. Thought which is motor 1 and 2, is motor 1. The one with the long shaft (Motor A)

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Old Sep 09, 2014, 02:54 PM
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Amazon is selling the QS8008 for $120 free shipping. QS8006 for $80 free Shipping. For those who want the Super Large toy!
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Old Sep 20, 2014, 12:46 PM
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Hi everyone,
It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forum, apparently there’s no new improvement updates by G.T Model, otherwise the thread would be a lot more active.

It starting to look like G.T Model might be falling behind the competition though, I just saw this large size 3.5 channel helicopter on eBay today and wanted to put a link to it here;

Apparently this new helicopter came out late last year and is similar in size to the Qs8006 helicopter, but does have some exciting new features on it.

Here’s a brief description on this new large size helicopter.

Helicopter Name --- BR6508 Helicopter (claimed to be made by Bo Rong?)
Helicopter Length --- listed at 130cm {51.2 inches long} (its length is similar to the Qs8006)
Transmitter --- 2.4Ghz (rated up to 305 feet) (Definitely a step in the right direction for big size helicopters, also the transmitter supposedly has trim buttons for both the throttle and turning joysticks)
Forward and backward movement --- all movements are controlled with (a servo) the Lower rotor blades (no tail rotor)
Frame (side plates) --- Aluminum (looks great, similar to the metal used on the original version Qs8006)
Rotor Main Blades --- The main blades are big and wide, also appear to be very durable. (rotor diameter is claimed to be a good size at 680mm or 26.7“) By comparison the Qs8006 rotor diameter is approx. 23.7“
Tail Rotor --- none needed, but has an imitation one on it just for looks
Helicopter Battery --- 11.1V 2000MHA (appears to use an actual Li-Po battery)
Motors --- uses two motors that are supposedly 540 size (brush type)
Has LED lights --- Can be turned on and off by the transmitter
The BR6508 helicopter can also be bought with an optional video camera --- Video camera is controlled with the transmitter

Other things that caught my eye about this helicopter is that the helicopter appears to have a heavy duty balance bar mounted onto an aluminum mast (Not 100 percent sure its aluminum, but it looks to be a very sturdy, durable setup), the helicopter also has extra heavy duty double gear reduction main gears for running the main rotors.
Also the helicopter uses a double frame setup (looks great and would probably make repair work easier).

From what I can see the helicopter looks like a step in the right direction for large size helicopters.
The new helicopter does have one negative though, the helicopter is pretty pricey at this time (close to $200.00), but hopefully the price will come down as more sellers sell them.

If anyone one out there has been flying one of these helicopters, I would be interested in hearing about it here on the forum. Also a new recent video showing the BR6508 flying would be great too.

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Old Oct 20, 2014, 03:35 PM
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I dont know if this is the right spot to put this but I have the qs8006 and it came it faulty, havnt even been able to fly it yet I bought a new mother board because the first one was obviously soldered wrong from the factory, the new one is completely different than the replacement (new one is a V1, original is a V2) I know it will still work, I just cant find any diagrams or anything to wire it up. Can someone take a picture of their connections on the V1 board please? I want to be able to fly this thing atleast once before I hunk it in the trash
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Old Oct 23, 2014, 10:53 AM
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Hi chris850,

I hadn’t worked on a new version PCB board for the Qs8006, but for past version boards and where to solder the wires on check out my post (and photos) on page 39 post 574.
Here’s a link to that page;

Also for wiring the board up there are a couple of posts with photos towards the beginning of the thread (Also if I remember right, Ken posted a diagram back then), but not sure of which pages though.
If that doesn’t help, try posting a photo of the board that your working on for more precise help.
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Old Apr 24, 2015, 09:00 PM
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Trouble flying Qs8006

I got one of these for christmas and have tried to fly it but am having lot's of trouble. it's like it doesn't have enough power, it lifts off the ground but it kind of wallows around. I can't get it to fly forward very much and even in the very slightest breeze it uncontrollable. I've got a small helicopter that i've flown outdoors and it flies great, and easy to control so i don't think it's me. Any suggestions on what i can do to get it to fly better.? It's in need of repair after the last crash so i can't post any video or photos.
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