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No worries daryl. I know you need em... . (Nah, like I said mate, I got plenty in the cupboard doing nothing you may as well have a couple. One set is reserved for the new baby tho!)

Weathers been rubbish over here on the west coast as well. No rain, just bloody hot with really strong winds, total fire ban most days which means I can't fly at the club. I think I've only flown once in the past two weeks, but got a good session in this morning with the petie, my ef extra and the f16, despite a gusty wind that was moving all points of the compass and helping a mate get his gold wings in between flights.

Suko - like the boys say above, here's your options.

If cost is a factor and you want to stay on 4s, your best bet for performance is the prop mod, coupled with the 540kv. (There's been a bit too many issues with a shimmed 580 for my liking, by all reports the 540 holds up better to this mod)

If you don't want to do the shim, than the 580kv is advertised as the "upgrade" motor on most websites, though the gain isn't huge. But most people report a "noticeable" improvement over the stock 540.

You should be right with the stock 70 amp speedy in the above instances, but I'd personally feel a bit more comfortable with a bigger Esc if I was doing the shim on one of these two motors.

For best performance, (and if money is not too much of an issue), you can buy the 4258-550kv that comes with the fms Olympus, upgrade the esc to a 100 amp one, and fly the stang on 5S or 6S as rocket said. (This is what I have done on both my stangs and the fw190). 5s is what I'd recommend for longevity of the plane, plenty of power and not too much strain on the prop hub etc, but that said, I can't help chucking in a few 6s flights each time i take one to the field, as its a rocket on 6s but note this is at your own risk. (There's been about 5-6 prop hub failures on 6s, though considering how many fly on 6s, I'd say this is only around 5-10 % of total users. Combined I have hundreds of flights on both, no issues. (Touch wood).

Your last option if you want to be a trailblazer, is to try the new 4258-650kv from the new p40, this is supposed to be the best 4s option, but again no one has put one in a mustang as yet or know if it's a straight swap etc like the 4258-550kv. Apparently, it's also good for 5s or 6s but no one has tried it on the p40 thread yet.

Info on the prop mod is on sandancers blog (start of thread)
Here's my 4258 vid which will give you an idea. There's also plenty vids on my blog both stock and 4258, and the zero vid has the 580kv in it. Theres also a blog entry on how to do the 4258 conversion. There's also plenty info and vids on the thread by others, you'll find the people here on this thread are pretty good with their info and help. I learnt all this from people on this thread as well, especially viper and cobra when we were trailblazing the 4258-550kv, and people like daryl, jiggz etc are a wealth of info on everything to do with this model. I'm just passing on what I learnt as most good RC people do.

Ps: I think your g32 would do it, but I'd probably want to swing a 15 size 2 blade on this motor with 4s if it was me.

FMS P51 Mustang Power Upgrade Demo HD (5 min 41 sec)

Shirty is online now Find More Posts by Shirty
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