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Yes. Tamjets is about the only RC place I've heard of that dynamically balances fans.
Just because it's balanced while spinning doesn't mean it's dynamic.
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Of course 'just spinning' DOES mean Dynamic. Dynamic only means its balance is assessed when in motion of a speed 'resembling' its operation. (eg not a simple 'rock to it higher weight side', as per Static balancing does)

Tamjets balancing only the rotor is not the ultimate way to balance it anyway - it has to be the complete assembled unit... not a part of a unit.
You can say it is a Dynamic balanced ROTOR then, but that is all.... which does not help achieve a compete EDF that is Dynamically balanced. Every single moving item of it would have to be balanced, as well as perfectly aligned (eg shaft adaptor, motor shaft), for that Rotor to be of real use in it.

The best way for 99 % of people is to Dynamic Balance the whole built unit. Even if you DID get a set of 'perfect' parts from some source. The sum of 'perfection' (doing a fan, with every part supposedly perfect) never comes out as 'perfection' once assembled anyway.
And balancing per item of the unit can only be done well enough by...... almost no one. Seeing almost no one has the equipment (bought or home made) to do so.
Dynamic Balancing a whole unit is at worst, as good as doing it item by item (you can two plane balance a whole unit too - but it is hardly of any great use really).

And the HobbyKing claim is just rubbish..... At best the CS/XRP stuff is a "Static balanced Rotor - done mediocore well"... as per every CS/XRP rotor. Some are ok, some are pretty bad.

Wemo Static balance "To 0.01 of a gram".. or some claim like that. And they are actually nothing great and need balancing anyway - if you want a truly good balance. Which again, has to be done Dynamically anyway.
Throw one together as it comes and it can be "OK", but well short of "excellent" that Dynamic Balancing a whole assembled unit can achieve.
And they are far better than what CS/XRP come 'balanced' as.... and as mentioned, even the Wemo 'balance' is of little real use. (if you want an excellent balanced EDF)
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there is balanced and then there is balanced, it boils down to time, effort and maybe money

enough said.

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Originally Posted by Odysis View Post
Yes. Tamjets is about the only RC place I've heard of that dynamically balances fans.
Just because it's balanced while spinning doesn't mean it's dynamic.
tam uses dual plane balancing machine, not single plane :-)

IMO, if the rotor and spinner balanced, good inrunner, good built adapter, and
good installation then it should be "good enough", not perfect though. There is
a little to worry about it, (just me anyway)

also, donsrc does dynamically balancing the whole edf unit, not only
the rotor and spinner . Extremerc of australia is my first choice when it come to balancing.
Effluxrc of california. EDFhobbies of texas ... all provide balancing service :-)

And some folks at my flying field did great job on balancing with only
some tape and a very simple procedure ... and it is amazing :-)

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I'd spend the $15-20 to have them balance it any day.
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Hi guys ,

I have a V1 Changesun 10 blade edf on which I installed a 3300Kv Cyclone Power motor. Just by accelerating only the motor inside the housing without the fan I can feel vibration through the housing. I am using a 3 cell battery with 3.85V per cell. This vibration can be felt from low to high throttle. So when I installed the fan and rotated it slowly step by step trying to see if the vibration was reduced until I completely turn it 360, I did not have any luck.
Today I received the V3 Changesun and installed a less costly Dr. Mad Thrust 3000Kv and without any special procedure and when I accelerated the motor and fan, this combo was silky smooth! No vibrations at any range.
Are outrunners more prone to vibrations? Is there anything I can do to improve this? Will this vibration damage the fan? Will it shatter into pieces?
Thanks in advance!
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