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Please help!!

I am trying to enable gps on my multiwii pro board with MTK3329 gps module using multi 2.4 in arduino ide and the config tool for mac. I can upload the code without the gps enable but when I try to enable it I get the error

/var/folders/d3/k6qv9f3j2691fr3vkcmjn8n00000gn/T/build680861099159731321.tmp/MultiWii.cpp.o: In function `setup':
/var/folders/d3/k6qv9f3j2691fr3vkcmjn8n00000gn/T/build680861099159731321.tmp/MultiWii.cpp:712: undefined reference to `GPS_SerialInit()'
/var/folders/d3/k6qv9f3j2691fr3vkcmjn8n00000gn/T/build680861099159731321.tmp/Protocol.cpp.o: In function `serialCom()':
/var/folders/d3/k6qv9f3j2691fr3vkcmjn8n00000gn/T/build680861099159731321.tmp/Protocol.cpp:241: undefined reference to `GPS_newFrame(unsigned char)'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Error compiling.

It's so frustrating!!

Here's what I'm trying to run, PLEASE HELP!!

/* ENable this for using GPS simulator (NMEA only)*/

/* GPS using a SERIAL port
if enabled, define here the Arduino Serial port number and the UART speed
note: only the RX PIN is used in case of NMEA mode, the GPS is not configured by multiwii
in NMEA mode the GPS must be configured to output GGA and RMC NMEA sentences (which is generally the default conf for most GPS devices)
at least 5Hz update rate. uncomment the first line to select the GPS serial port of the arduino */

#define GPS_SERIAL 2 // should be 2 for flyduino v2. It's the serial port number on arduino MEGA
// must be 0 for PRO_MINI (ex GPS_PRO_MINI)
// note: Now a GPS can share MSP on the same port. The only constrain is to not use it simultaneously, and use the same port speed.

// avoid using 115200 baud because with 16MHz arduino the 115200 baudrate have more than 2% speed error (57600 have 0.8% error)
#define GPS_BAUD 57600 // GPS_BAUD will override SERIALx_COM_SPEED for the selected port

/* GPS protocol
NMEA - Standard NMEA protocol GGA, GSA and RMC sentences are needed
UBLOX - U-Blox binary protocol, use the ublox config file (u-blox-config.ublox.txt) from the source tree
MTK_BINARY16 and MTK_BINARY19 - MTK3329 chipset based GPS with DIYDrones binary firmware (v1.6 or v1.9)
With UBLOX and MTK_BINARY you don't have to use GPS_FILTERING in multiwii code !!! */

//#define NMEA
//#define UBLOX
//#define MTK_BINARY16
//#define MTK_BINARY19
#define INIT_MTK_GPS // initialize MTK GPS for using selected speed, 5Hz update rate and GGA & RMC sentence or binary settings
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