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Old Nov 06, 2005, 06:59 PM
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Blimp Questions

I am thinking of about getting a Carolina Airships CA300 or a Mobile Airships 30ft. What are the differances in these two and wich one is better? Also what are the prices of them? I am going to mainly use it for aerial photography and advertisment. Also what price do you charge for advertisment perhour and how much do you charge for a photograph? Also how much do you charge per hour for aerial video for an event perhour?
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Old Nov 07, 2005, 12:53 PM
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Warted, I can't answer any of your questions. But if you are in the States you might consider joining the Aerial Photography threads elsewere here on RC Groups. I believe they have an orgainization RCAPA(?)working with the powers that be on regulations.
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Old Nov 13, 2005, 10:03 PM
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Howdy from TOMP!

I think both Mobile Airships and CarolinaAirships blimps are over 20K in price.
Which is better? You'll have to ask them. Give 'em a call or send them an email. I'm sure they'll be happy to help you out.

I can offer you some more info.
I'm guessing that CarolinaAirships purchased a MobileAirships blimp several years ago and started making their own. I say this because CarolinaAirships used to be and had a Mobile Airships blimp in it's photo gallery when the site was active. Even the domain name CarolinaAirships is owned by SparkFly Inc. CarolinaAirships still has a picture of the original SparksFly (MobileAirships) blimp in it's photo gallery page (see the pic where it has a Bacardi banner attached, look at the tail fins veeeery closely (Mr. Sparks please don't be upset, I think it's awesome that you improved and came up with your own design!)

Most of the aerial advertisers I've found are using the CA300 from You will see the 3 extra spars in front of the gondola for cam support on some of them, and the new velcro banner attachment strategy so diff size banners can be used, weight pockets for balance, and the obvious CA designation on the tail fins (nice touch Mr Sparks! (currently under construction?) looks like they gave up and sold the blimp to I've seen posts from the guy at AeroViewUSA and it looks like he's having a BLAST with that thing!

I can't find any businesses using MobileAirships or GalaxyRPV blimps, but here are some pics of a Mobile Airships blimp that the STWING UPENN students used for several different experiments (back in 2001?) (there are some video links at this URL also) has a 20ft blimp for only 12K. Nice web site too! I found it via SouthernBalloonWorks.

There is a used Aerostar (Flight Bros?) 36 ft blimp on eBay right now! only 7K! He's been trying to sell it for several weeks now.
Item number 6012064961 on eBay.

Don't forget!!,,, Floatograph, and a few others when doing your research!

Even others out there...
and a few others I found at

Want to make your own 30 ft blimp?
Check out
SouthernBalloonWorks will make a bladder for you if you send them your specs.
You can use things from around the house too.
* Plastic flower pots cut at the middle - for prop shrouds.
* a plastic tub of some sort (drawer from an ice chest?) for the gondola.
* aluminum boat rail from your local marine supply store, or an oar handle, for an engine rotation shaft.
* fishing swivels for tail fin string attachments?
Be creative!

Have an excellent day!
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