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Old Mar 22, 2015, 10:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Luis_Claudio View Post
Amazing painting scheme and very nice shots!!!

I love your Tucano!
Whoops. I replied to the wrong post. Thanks Luis.
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Old Apr 07, 2015, 01:36 PM
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I built a Tucan recently- it was more work than I expected for a foamie. I used Epoxy for the frame wood-wood joints though, which probably added some extra time. I also strengthened the frame around the nose-wheel. Parts listing below:

Motor: Hyperion ZS3025-10 (775Kv)
Prop: 12x8 (APC-E)
Battery: 4S 3300mAh
Servos: 2*HS81 (AIL), 2*HS82MG (RUD+WHEEL), 1*5085MG (ELE)
Retracts: Hobbyking Metal Tricycle (107000294-0)
EFlite Nose Steering arm (EFLG313)
Pilot: Hobbyking 1/6 Pilot

I thought the supplied Hobbyking nose retract steering arm was a bit loose and wobbly, so I ordered an EFlite steering arm (eflg313). The EFlite arm doesn’t fit the Hobbyking retract very well though, the EF arm radius is shorter and the peg is slightly longer. Both the arm and the retract side bracket needed surgery, to fit and work together. The end result has a little less play than the original arm, though it’s not a simple fit.
I tried to copy the steering pushrod and guide that others have posted in this thread. My thanks for previous pics, it saved me some head-scratching. I think others said they had alignment problems, though mine seemed ok on first attempt; probably down to luck and a different geometry with the EFlite arm. There’s still some wheel play, though it’s mostly due to the oversized brass tube that I used in the pushrod guide (I just used the hardware that I had to hand).
You can’t see the EFlite arm very well in the following pics, though they give an idea of the setup:
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Old Apr 07, 2015, 01:38 PM
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I decided to start with 4S batteries. I think MPX says 3S and above, though my feeling is that a model weighing around 2Kg should use 4S minimum. I have some 5Cells that I can use later, if needed (the Motor and ESC have enough headroom for 5S).

Power test (ground based)
Battery: GensAce 25C (4S3300mAh)
~95% charged (4.18V/cell): 640Watts,41.4Amps,15.1V
~65% charged (3.9V/cell): 532Watts,36.6Amps,14.4V

I painted the fuselage and tail, trying to base it on a French Tucano scheme, though Iím not aiming for any accuracy. I ran out of spray paint before I got to the wing, so Iím using the wing decals for now. If I like the model, I might paint the wing later:
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Old Apr 07, 2015, 01:45 PM
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Maiden Flight

Ok, I maidened the Tucan. It was the usual case of wanting to fly as soon as it was built. Should have waited for a busy Club day, when an Instructor is around (especially as I’ve not flown since September). It’s difficult for me to get to the Club on the popular days though, and the weather is nearly always poor on the few popular days that I can make it. The weather was unusually good for the maiden day, so I decided to go for it.
Until I unpacked the Tucan at the Club, I never really stepped back and looked at it. It’s not quite the plane I imagined, it really does look like a low-wing Trainer- reminds me of the PKZ T28.

I used three batteries in total, for the first flight I kept the retracts down and just made simple circuits of the field. No major issues, though I found it very nose-heavy, a lot of up-elevator or up-trim was needed. After landing, I remembered that I balanced it inverted and with the retracts up, so the CG was probably quite a bit forward with the retracts down. I found the Tucan carried more speed into landing approaches than I expected: not a problem, I just made another circuit and backed off the throttle further back. Once on the ground, the plane really bucks around over the Club grass field, similar to the Tucan videos on youtube. I think most tricycle planes are like this on grass though. The nose steering was a bit off, so I adjusted the steering pushrod in the linkage stopper.

For the second flight, I moved the battery back a little (2-3mm). Once in the air, I tried the retracts Up: it still felt nose heavy though not as much as before. This was the most adventurous flight, I tried some rolls and loops and used more power. The handling didn’t seem as challenging or sporty as I expected, I’m not a great flyer, though this plane feels closer to a Trainer to me (maybe the real life Tucano is like that, though I wasn’t sure how this Multiplex model would handle). One thing I can say, is that retracts really make this plane: with the wheels down, it looks like just another trainer or basic model- the outline is completed transformed with the wheels up in flight though. I like the 1.3m span of this model as well, it’s not enormous, but bigger than park size models, and has a good presence in the air. I used to dream of bigger electric models, but I’m starting to think that this is the optimal size for electric. I had one hiccup halfway through the 2nd flight, where the plane stalled in a turn and dropped quite suddenly. I thought I was at half-throttle, but looked down and saw the throttle stick was only at about 35-40%. I did the usual power-up, level-out and gain-height, though it felt uncomfortable and would have been a different story if the plane dropped much lower. This was a new experience for me, I use the same power system in an EFlite UltraStick25e, which is more forgiving. The Tucan is a bigger&heavier plane though, so I guess this should be expected. The second landing was a little bumpier, as I missed the main patch slightly, though no real problems. Concluded that this plane must always be kept at half throttle minimum, especially in turns (at least with the current power system). I never normally fly below half throttle, but was working the throttle during this flight, and must have returned it down too far.

I planned the third flight as my last, so went a little easier. I think it’s easy to get ambitious at this point, and do something regrettable. This time, I set the battery back ~8-9mm from the starting point. At this position, I couldn’t tell if it was nose or tail-heavy: it flew slightly nose-up on high throttle and slightly nose-down on low throttle, maybe this is the neutral position. I’d noticed that turning the Tucan took more effort than any other model I have, and I assumed this was because it was new&unfamiliar. I tried to watch the plane closely during this flight, and noticed that the wings were banking steeper than my other models. I realised that it is a bigger model, and needed steeper turns, to maintain the same size circuits. The Club Field is not that big, and I have a habit of flying around perimeter. I tried bigger/wider circuits, and found it much easier to turn. No events during this flight, though it was the worst landing, bouncing a few times in the air by ~15cm before settling. Nothing broken, and all in one piece,

I checked the model between each flight, but had a thorough look at the end, and felt the motor shaft was a little loose. Will need to remove the motor from the model and inspect it. Also, wasn’t impressed with the supplied foam Spinner, think a plastic or metal replacement would be best. I limited the first flight to 6minutes, and landed with 50% in the battery. The last flight was 7.5minutes and that battery showed ~33%. Think I’ll set the timer to 7minutes for this model. The retracts still seem fine, though I wonder if they will last on grass- time will tell. I could be wrong but I have the sense that once you get used to the Tucan, it could be a fun model to fly that’s not too hard, and maybe a helpful bridge to bigger models as well. Of course, you can always lose the easiest of models, though I’m looking forward to the next flight.
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Old Apr 07, 2015, 07:19 PM
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Very nice 'review'.....thanks for posting!
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Old Apr 12, 2015, 05:15 AM
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Here's where I'm up to....... I get to it when I can.
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Old Apr 13, 2015, 07:45 AM
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Thank you Matthewl for your last few posts!
I found them pleasant to read and they certainly were useful for me to read, with your impressions and observations.

Happy landings :-)
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