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Old Jan 13, 2003, 12:32 AM
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Re: Interesting posting techniques (press)

< , Andrew Mawson ,>

> Absolutely NO problem, I am happy to entertain callers with a genuine
> interest in many branches of Engineering !

Good morning sir , I wont be calling :-)

But I do have a recent interest in a certain branch of engineering & was
wondering if you could point me in the direction of a suitable newsgroup
for the problem if this newsgroup isnt the best place to ask .

Assuming theres nothing suitable already available over the counter at a
reasonable price - i'm interested in what it would take to build a home
made compression press .

A cube like frame with a cylinder car jack and sturdy rectangular mould .

Several 2 inch flat bars running along the top - so the frame wont bend
under pressure .

Car jack a few pounds from a scrap yard & most people know somebody who
could weld the frame together .

Was thinking of using the same 2 inch flat bar to make the rectangular
mould .

As a layman with no engineering experience its difficult for me to
predict any future problems with the above (assuming its even the right
direction) .

Specifications and designs would be most welcome .

FYI powdered cannabis would be put into the mould to form a solid block .

FYI i've no intention of doing this & i'm just asking for
curiosity/interest value .


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