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Old Apr 08, 2002, 01:53 PM
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Horizon Repair

Well I think the email I sent to Horizon pretty much sums it up. I have pasted it below. They did a great job on the repairs, and a HORRIBLE job packing them back up for shipment!

Nick Wisdom
Orlando, FL

Hello, I just received a repaired JRNES549 receiver and JR783 Transmitter back from the Horizon Service Center. The repairs themselves look great. They obviously gave everything a thorough going over and fixed everything to my satisfaction. What I am dissapointed in is the packing job.

When I shipped these items to Horizon I put them both back in the original undamaged box. The radio went into the styrofoam tray and the receiver went into its original compartment in the styrofoam tray as well. I then slid the styrofoam trays back into the original undamaged box, and then placed that box in a larger stronger box filled with packing peanuts.

What I got back was unacceptable! The repaired items were placed into a flimsy "burger king croissant sandwhich" box which was flimsily held together with far too little tape. I am suprised it didnt open up. Boxes have a limited shelf life, and food container boxes have even less as they often have frozen contents which thaw and weaken the box itself. As if this isnt bad enough when I opened the box the receiver was packed loose! Not inside the styrofoam container with the radio as it should have been. There were no packing peanuts and the receiver had a large volume of room to bounce around in while in transit without even bubble wrap around it to protect it! I just sent it in to be repaired not damaged again! The original radio box I sent in was in perfect condition. What I got back was unreal! Whoever opened that box obviously just tore it open. The outside of the box was ripped to shreds, and the styrofoam liners were missing large chunks and a corner was completely missing. It was damaged to the point it no longer properly protected the radio. Now to make things even worse not a single packing peanut was in the box to stop things from moving around. The radio and receiver had plenty of room to bounce around. This level of service is not appreciated, and the person responsible for packing up repairs needs a strong talking to. Your repair reputation is wonderful and many people suggested I send the items to you. Dont tarnish it with a rushed poor packing job. As far as I can tell the items are still in working order. But I expect more from Horizon.


Nicholas Wisdom
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