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Old Aug 17, 2015, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by jmscard View Post
I have turnigy nano tech 65-130c packs that push my boats better then my Hyperion ex packs ever did... And FE boats put more abuse on packs than ANY other models... They come in near cool after a 150 amp constant and 250 amp peak whooping....

I'd like to put a cost / benefit analysis together lol..

Yeh the nano tech turnigy packs aren't what this thread is about... But neither is the longstanding rant by the above poster about the Hyperion packs... Start your own thread... And lower your prices.... Maybe then you'll have less need to banter about your packs and you'll be able to sell them
We did lower our prices Same as the Bolts and or Nano-techs.
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Old Aug 17, 2015, 12:51 PM
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More lies and fabrications by the lying fabricator
Lets take a common 4s pack of 2400mah capacity for instance..... @ $32.73 @ $46.95
That's nearly $15 higher
Sure doesn't look like you're "Same as the Bolts and or Nano-techs"

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Old Aug 17, 2015, 03:24 PM
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My HK S&H is $3.85

They ship FedEx only and that is $13.52+

G6 4s1400mA 80Cmax
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Old Aug 18, 2015, 12:32 AM View Post
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Postage rates/carriers are of course out of the hands of dealers worldwide. I have already switched to Hyperion packs over a year ago but when the local HK warehouse in my city has nanotech packs actually in stock and but a few dollars in S&H, most like myself question whether they would go with what is convenient over what otherwise would be a step forward in quality. Buying 2 Nanotech packs for the price of a single comparable G6 chemistry Hyperion pack and shipping from a dealer with in-stock supplies becomes a personal choice decision.

I run single Hyperion packs in 3 of my models, charging at 5C and never going below 15%DOD, placing in 3.87v storage after each flying day. At least 400 cycles on each plane and just now showing signs of wear and tear. I will replace them with G6 packs. Waiting for stock is another issue and a conscience choice to pay a little more for quality and getting what you know works best for your needs is where the value comes to play. The price of shipping soon becomes irrelevant when a dealer has it in stock......To A Point.

The perfect 90C Nanotech xxx-size pack from the International warehouse may very well be half the price but shipping is insane, and if you're going to wait a week or 3 for your packs to arrive you might as well pay for 2nd day air for closer G6 packs that are pretty well good on arrival and not a gamble as to what pack will drop a cell after just a few dozen runs.

So, yes...I do believe 1 Hyperion G6 pack is more value than double the amount of Nanotechs dollar for dollar. And more voltage. And longer life. And lighter weight and size. And easier to find, without having to pull out hair....Support.

So, yes... The Bolt HV or higher C-rate Nanotech packs are a great value in their own right and there are die-hard fans of their use. But in the end it comes to availability and service.

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Originally Posted by HyperionRocks View Post
- Hyperion G6 Packs deliver the stated mah capacity/ discharge rate and do not under-perform.

- Hyperion G6 packs offer a 1 year warranty in defects in materials and workmanship (solder joints, etc) for one year from date of purchase.

- Hyperion G6 packs are sold worldwide and at US Retail Stores. Meaning you get actual support. If you have a problem you dont need to spend money on shipping your battery halfway around the world and all the other headaches involved.

- Hyperion supports local businesses and the hobby.

- You will never have to buy three Hyperion G6 packs to get two "good ones"....

Turnigy Bolt 3s 2400 = 28.34usd
Hyperion G6 3s 2400 60Cmax = $29.95usd

You could order from and get cheaper/faster US domestic shipping
Well, this sounds desperate. We have a Hyperion rep poo-pooing all over a Hobbyking Turnigy battery thread.

First off, this kind of tactic makes me lose respect for suppliers, I will be more than happy to ship you any of my Hyperion LIPOs just to prove my disappointment in your guerrilla tactic marketing.

Second, it's the empty vessels that make the most noise, I have seen a fair bit of your posts jumping all over anyone mentioning Hobbyking products, I wonder if this is showing us, the public, that Hyperion was lacking before in categories that they are just catching up on.

Third, I buy batteries from EVERY manufacturer that I can get my fingers on, I'm not biased towards anyone, I go to the hobby stores in my city, I see something I like, I buy it. As a matter of fact, when it comes to RC, I'm notorious for complaining to hobby stores that I have spent TOO LITTLE. What does this mean, it means I have bought TP, Hyperion, Gens Ace, Polyquest, etc. I don't look at the price, I buy what I like. That's your background material, it should help you understand where I'm coming from.

What I DON'T like is dragging myself back to an LHS just because I have to show the battery in person to a "SPECIAL PERSON" who is OBVIOUSLY better at judging a puffed LIPO than me. Not that I'm biased towards Hobbyking in anyway, but I unlike most of the brain dead types, have adjusted to MODERN technology, like a camera and a multimeter and heaven forbid, EMAIL. That's exactly what I did with my last defective LIPO from Hobbyking, no SPECIAL friend of Hyperions, no driving across the city when I don't want to, just email.

Finally, I'd like to ask you, WHAT is the warranty procedure if someone buys a Hyperion Lipo via an authorized eBay reseller? I would have to ship the LIPO to them within 14 days anyway unless Hyperion, with supreme benevolence, is willing to intervene and ask me for pictures of cell readings, like Hobbyking does?
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Old Aug 18, 2015, 02:26 AM
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