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Old Dec 19, 2005, 04:11 PM
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THis is what the AMA is.

Rather than insurance, this describes what the AMA does.

From: Wrightflight [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2005 8:28 AM
To: Joyce Hager
Subject: New Alcoa Grant

Hi Joyce:
I would like you and members of the Executive
Council to know that on Tuesday of this week, the AMA received a
check for $100,000.00. The third grant from the Alcoa Foundation.
As you know the Foundation funded an intitial
$28,000 "pilot project" to triain science teachers in Cleveland to
use the Inventing Flight curricum produced to celebrate the Wright
Brothers centennial in 2003. Based on the success of this effort,
the Foundation subsequently awarded the AMA a second grant for
$128,000 to present four more workshops - a second one in Cleveland,
one in Iowa and two in Indiana. This grant was recently extended to
permit the Education Committee to use unexpended funds to create a
DVD featuring workshop activities and lessons that the Committee
intends to offer to teachers thoughout the country on our website.
The new grant will permit us to offer three more workshops to
science teachers here in the US, and they have requested that we
offer one in Great Britain as well.
This grant brings the total support from the Alcoa
Foundation to more than a quarter of a million dollars - funds we
are successfuly using to improve and refine activities using model
airplanes as a teaching tool for middle school physical science. I
met with Foundation representatives in Pittsburgh yesterday to
confirm the details of the new grant. They may be interested in
using our activities as part of a package their employees could
leave with teachers when they visit classrooms to give career talks.
None of this could have been accomplished without
the strong support of Jack Frost, April Hathaway and Michael Smith
who have assisted us with presentations and exhibit work at National
Science Teacher Association workshops duringthe past three years.
Please see that Dave Brown and the members of the Executive Council
are aware of the significant outreach we are undertaking to promote
the sport, hobby and educational value of model aviation.
Schimmel, Ed.D.
Education Committee
Academy of
Model Aeronautics

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Best regards.
Dr.Sandy Frank <>

Old Dec 20, 2005, 12:11 AM
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Re: THis is what the AMA is.

And here is another project in initial start-up. The AMA is seeking
input from members.
I don't know how many were notified, however I was and will pass it on.
There must be many out there that have the knowledge and talent to help



We need your help. In our continuing quest to grow our membership
numbers, we feel there are a couple of areas which have not had
attention to date, i.e., the AARP and Parents Without Partners market
segments. It is extremely expensive to place ads in either magazine;
however, we think an interest article about the wonderful world of
model aviation could be beneficial. So here's where you come in...I
was wondering if any of you, or some of your contacts, could get an
article into either/both of these magazines? I would think the AARP
article would focus on the technology available today (ARF or BYY) and
the camaraderie of RC clubs. The Parents Without Partners article
would be focused on dads who get the kids for the weekend and how this
hobby lends itself to bonding (building on rainy weekends or flying on
sunny weekends). Of course, both articles should conclude with
statements about AMA.

If any of you could help us out, that would be great! I'm looking
forward to hearing from you.


The idea was discussed at the South West Aeromodeling Conference. I
know this is an idea that Jerry Nelson (Nelson Model Products) was
pushing. If you don't know Jerry Nelson, then you are missing out on
knowing a man that has more good modeling / AMA ideas than there are
quills on a porcupine. (;-))< A list of Jerry's modeling
accomplishments would be a forum in itself. Now this man can " 'git 'er
done!" and I'm betting this is a feeler for the right people to build
the road.

Old Dec 25, 2005, 06:11 PM
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Re: THis is what the AMA is.

"Six_O'Clock_High" <Six_O'Clock_High@Target_Lock.Guns> wrote in message
news:tyFpf.319$ .net...
> Rather than insurance, this describes what the AMA does.

All that and bias judged Nats.


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