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Old Aug 01, 2014, 11:06 AM
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Help choosing fpv plane

I'm planning on joining the rc hobby directly with an FPV plane and i want a tip on what plane will fit better my needs:
I want a plane that can get a moderate beating (so i'm going with epp/epo planes only), that can have a forward gopro like mount with good ground visibility (i'm using the cheaper sj4000, pan and tilt may be great) and supports long flying times.
It may be great if the plane has good portability so it can be easly put in a small car or in a big backpack.

I'm intrigued by the EPP flying wings for fpv use (60") because of the speed and toughtness of the frame but they may sacrifice portability (they may be lighter but they cannot be unfolded) and pan/titl options (not essential for me but a great option).
Another plane that i'm looking to is the SkyHunter, i like better than a skywalker because it's faster, has more space and can mount bigger props (and it looks awesome).
i do NOT like the front dome planes because of the reflections so i have removed the HK Go Discovery from the list even if it's a bargain for the price.

For now my candidates are:
  • SkyWalker X7 - great portability but no camera mounts available until now
  • SkyHunter - great space, can be dismounted for trasport and fpvmodel have an ultra-cheap 3 axis camera mount that looks jus perfect for me
  • 60" flying wing
    • HK/Windrider 60" - cheapest of the bunch
    • Zagi HP-60 - smaller prop, may not be a good choise for fpv
    • Grim Reaper XL (64") - proven performance
    • StarFly Dragon - camera/battery mounts available, cheap shipping costs (i'm from italy)
    • Chimera pro flying wing - advanced flying wing, cost more than other flying wings
The prices of the planes listed above are roughtly the same except the Chimera that cost a bit more.

I already ordered the SJ4000 camera (may order an additional fpv camera if the lag is unmanageable), a 1.2g video TX/RX and a cheap OSD;
i'm planning to buy a turnigy 9xr and running the plane on a 4s or 6s 5000mah battery.

Thanks in andvance.
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Old Aug 01, 2014, 11:20 AM
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I've been through: flying wing, penguin, sportster, multicopters, and skysurfer/bixler. I think the best one to start on would be a bixler 2 or the bixler 3 that just came out. With light fpv gear you can fly in all forms; fast, slow, agile, or smooth. The airframe is capable of all that. With a gopro I was even able to fly for about 20-25 min.
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Old Aug 02, 2014, 10:42 PM
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Plus 1 on the bixler been flying with mine all summer- FPV - great slow flying characteristics can handle a decent load and with my fatshark v2 gear I can stay up about 10 mins floating around on just at 3 cell 2200 mah lipo. The best thing was if your an experience rc pilot -the first flight till now was a piece of cake. good luck on picking your airplane
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Old Aug 03, 2014, 05:02 PM
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When you go FPV there's more things that can go wrong than when flying LOS. I'd hold off with ordering FPV gear until you've learned to fly the plane in line of sight and know you like the kit&the hobby.
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Old Aug 03, 2014, 08:25 PM
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Pick an airplane you can learn to fly on first. After your comfortable flying it then give FPV a try using it.
If you don't have competent LOS flying skills--flying FPV will only make things worse.
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Old Aug 05, 2014, 01:00 PM
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Plocko, Varis is right. There's a lot of government regulation coming, and it's almost a done deal that FPV ("real" FPV) is dead.
Avoid putting much money into the project until things get ironed out.

I would first recommend just getting an airplane that's fun to fly and learn the hobby in general.
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Old Aug 12, 2014, 05:35 AM
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Thanks to everyone ant sorry for the huge delay but i'm on holidays and i have big problems finding a stable internet connection

First thing i need to clear out that my final objective is to have a plane to record some hight-up scenery or at least just to fly like i was on the cockpit (nothing too fancy, i will stay away from populated area etc.,i just want another point of view for my photos) but i will anyway learn how to proprely manouver and land the plane without the help of FPV for security reasons.

I have already bought some low cost fpv equipement (sj4000, 1.3g av tx/rx, a cheap OSD and a small monitor).

Do you have other recommended models?
Not that i have exluded the bixter but just to evaluate other options.
The main problem here is the shipping costs:
i'm from UE and the shippings costs around 30 to 60€ (tax excluded!) except if i can get them from UE but the number of models and availability is very limited.

For example how about something like fpvraptor/firstar that have a plastic body or a wicked wing (delta wing) that will be (hopefully) available in UE (even if harder to pilot it's teorically undestructable so i can crash and learn without the need of repairs)?

For the transmitter is worth investing in something like a turnigy 9XR or it's better t start with a cheap 4-6ch transmitter? (the 9xr will cost more but also retain a good selling value)

PS: i will mostly do belly landing because the only thing i can use as a launchpad is grass so landing gears may not be needed.

For the FPV regulations i did read some articles about it but i hope for the best (i hope they will ban them on populated area or some extreme and already banned fpv experiences but ban the entire hobby is stupid).
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