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After 50+ of them of different sizes and cell counts over the last few years, Nanotech has yet to disappoint me. Sure for competition use there are better lipos out there, but for less than competition use I'm very happy with all my Nanotech experience especially with the lower-end 25C packs (I still think their 65C packs are not proportionally better than their 25C packs). They all last at least 100 flights each easy. The ones that last the shortest were always the ones that I didn't "buy bigger" for the application. As I always say, the nano-technology (or some say non-technology) used in the nanotech yields lower IR than other lipos of same physical size. The problem is that nanotech designates the C rating by the reduced IRs not by the physical size yet the actual power handling capability is still pretty much determined by the physical size of the battery. For those who don't know better and buy nanotech by their capacity and boasted C-rating (that suggestion of discounting the number to 25% is exaggerated), I'm not surprised they'll be disappointed. If you follow the rule of spec'ing nanotech by the physical size/weight when compared to other brands (that usually you need to buy 1 size bigger in capacity), then nanotech works just fine.

If you haven't read it yet, "My Nanotech Thread" has very detailed long-term test reports of the nanotech 6S 25C 3000s I've been flying with my Protos 500 stretched (people fly 2600 with it). The 25C 3000 is lighter than Gens Ace 55C 2600 but has lower IRs than that and even my Thunder Power 45C and 70C 2250s. It logged max 82.9A (27.6C) with a 1.78V voltage drop (which means 21mOhm pack IR under the heaviest stress, normally pack IR reads 10-11mOhm). Not bad at all when my TP 70C 2250 and Wild Scorpiong 45C 3500 drop more voltage and have higher IRs. Even my usual continuous tight tic-tocs that I do every flight draw 69A and the pack can deliver continuously. That's 23C continuous! And after doing that for 205 flights per pack now each pack still perform like new. That's because I "bought bigger" capacity to handle the power (pack always come down near body temperatute) and that also means I don't need to fully charge the pack to 4.20V or fly it anywhere near 20% capacity left (3.80V or more after 4 minutes of hard flying) and I don't even need to run balance charge mode every time I charge (I do fast charge to 4.17V 1-3 times at the field each day I fly) and more importantly I fine-tune all my heli's to not over-stress the battery to the point they always perform the same whether the pack has full charge or near end of charge (because the governor will only output as much power as needed whether the pack has extra voltage available).
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Race Miata, thanks for sharing and I also did see your thread. Only my experience with the regular Nano packs are not so good. (next to TP the worst packs in my hangar at that time)

But as told in this other thread, maybe they improved since the regular Nano I did purchase, this is already a few years ago when they came out.
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