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Old Nov 06, 2003, 12:38 AM
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R/C cyber etiquette question

I have just updated my web site to include some changes and new material.

Over the years, I have had many enquiries and contacts via e-mail. I now have quite a list of modelers on hand.

Is it appropriate to do a mailing to this list when there are significant updates to the web site (3-5 times per year)?

Should one ask permission to send e-mails to people on such a list? (I'd have to learn a bit more about web-site creation before I would know how to set up a "join mailing list" option on my web site)

I know that I don't like getting unsolicited junk (mortgages, pharmaceuticals, on-line get-rich-quick schemes) on the e-mail.

I am always happy to get anything R/C related, though.

I love knowing what other guys are doing, or producing, and I really enjoy visiting web-sites to see what is new.

How do other R/Crs feel about this?

I didn't post a poll, as I thought people might want to express their own views on this, rather than selecting from someone else's.

Ron Daniels
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Old Nov 06, 2003, 02:13 AM
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For what it's worth, I have a web site that was once a commercial site, now non-commercial, and I do maintain an "email up-date" list.

Before I add anyone to that list, they must request to be put on it. When the web site switched from commercial to non-commercial, I sent out a "final" up-date email, and advised all that since the'd signed up for a commercial web site's email list, I was going to delete the addresses, once that final up-date notice went out.

If they wan't to remain on the list, despite the change, all they'd have to do would be sign up again.

In your case, you have a list, but not actually permission to send email on an on-going basis. What I'd personally have no problem with, would be to go ahead and use that list to send out a *one-time* announcement, telling of you intention to offer an automatic email up-date notice service, about your web site. And also tell them that there will be *no* further mass mailings to them, unless they let you know they want to be added to the "list."

And then do just that. Create a mail list to send up-date notices, but add NO ONE to it that doesn't ask to be added. I used a free script on my web site that allowed people to request to be added to the list, as well as offer any comments, and fill out a short poll, to help me know more about what they wanted or needed.

One thing though, I addressed the email up-date to myself, and then added the "list subscribers" in the BCC field, so I wouldn't be displaying the entire list of email addresses to everyone on it.

I'm glad to see you are taking the time to THINK about doing this, before actually doing it.

Just my take on the subject.

Mike S.
(aka "mad mike")
Spring Hill, FL

I crash, therefore, I FLY!
There is no one true way.
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Old Nov 06, 2003, 02:26 AM
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I hate unwanted email. About a year and a half ago I changed service providers (had the old one for 12 years) and have remained spam free since. Getting an email, as "mad mike" described, would not offend me in the least.
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Old Nov 06, 2003, 03:40 AM
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If we were talking about a non-commercial website then I'd say that people who have emailed me about it have given me permission to email back to them occasionally. Why would they have contacted me if they didn't want to talk ? Even then I would only use it for really major updates (like adding a complete new section) or things like URL changes.

However as you're talking about a commercial site I'd say that if you want to use your list on a continuing basis to notify of additional content then I'd say go with Mike and send just one mail to allow users to opt-in to a mailing list.

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Old Nov 06, 2003, 04:33 AM
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I don't mind ONE unsolicited e-mail from a site I entered my details into...but with two provisos.

(i) there is a large banner ion teh e-mail that takes me directly to the website and unsubscribes me automatically without having to send an e-mail, and it stops all future e-mails.

(ii) the list is secure and doesn't get hacked and end up with endless porno-spam e-mails tacked onto it.

I now have four domains, and I create a mail alias for every new online 'persona' that I use. I recieved my first spam to the one I use here, yesterday. So that will change later today.

I foolishly used my 'real' e-mail address when ordering a digital camera from a large UK electrical goods store. Guess what? within a week I was getting porno spam ON THAT ADDRESS.

Also, I get spam from other people who have for whatever reason, just used one of my domains when filling out web forms. I also get a huge amount of misdirected e-mail that is destined to a domain very similar to mine.

So one e-mail once, and guard your mailing list. And make it very easy to unsubscribe the addressee - and don't use e-mail to do it. I have spent a LOT of time faking up addresses in order to be able to send as if I was the person the list had addressed the e-mail to.

As I said, I have a LOT of domains, and some of them are wildcarded - you can send e-mail to almost anyone at that domain and I get it. That will change in time tho, as I have a new mail hosting service that allows me far better control.
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Old Nov 07, 2003, 01:13 PM
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==I create a mail alias for every new online 'persona' that I use==
Split personalities???

I'd go for the one time, e-mail asking them to sign up for more. Of course, some people still wont like it, but at least you've made the effort to be considerate.

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Old Nov 07, 2003, 01:31 PM
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Ditto, ask once by email, and make it sound as if your talking to them personally and not as a group.

Pre-apologize for intruding and let them know that this is a 'one time' emailing if they don't voluntarily sign up. But do it nicely, don't make it sound like an 'ultimatum'.

Something like; "I have this idea, and was wondering if you would like..."

Also, some email programs show the other peoples email address if you do a 'bulk' mailing. DO NOT DO THIS.
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Old Nov 07, 2003, 06:50 PM
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One thing...
NEVER send out a mail to hundreds of people at once. You just made a spammer's dream. Send them out in smaller batches.
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Old Nov 08, 2003, 06:02 AM
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Originally posted by easytiger
One thing...
NEVER send out a mail to hundreds of people at once. You just made a spammer's dream. Send them out in smaller batches.
I don't follow that...if you BLIND copy (Bcc) then who the other addressees were, is stripped out at the first relay. No recipient will be aware of who else has recieved the message.
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