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Old Apr 24, 2009, 09:32 PM
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Building Foamies


I've been getting into rc planes lately and one of the things that is so appealing to me is the whole plane design aspect.

so i was wondering if i could get some tips and tricks on how to build and design my own foamies!

I have some questions,

how do you develop your own plans and turn them into foam pieces? like say i wanted to build the rounded fuselage and nose of a lear jet, how would you do that?

how do you design a plane that will actually fly and not be ridiculous?

Thanks for the help!

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Old Apr 24, 2009, 10:04 PM
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Welcome to RCGroups. The best way to learn around here is to read! (lord knows there's plenty to read about)

Try some searches and just flip through the threads. Here are a few jet type foamie threads with pics that will give you some ideas:



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Old Apr 24, 2009, 10:40 PM
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I think the best way to learn is to build a few of the planes on here and then try design your own.

I am a design engineer and with as many plans as are available on here I dont think I will ever design my own. Too many great designs out there like the superslo and funder & lightening.
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Old Apr 25, 2009, 02:31 AM
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One tip that I've learned is before you go "full scale" make a small simple glider. Like paper airplane sized. The simple glider lets me know if the plane is realy worth going to the full size I want to make. It also helps me get a general Idea about where the center of gravity needs to be, if it will be a slow design or has to be fast to stay in the air. Plus it gives me something to play with while the glue dries

Also, ive learned to be carefull with your cuts. Going past where the cut needs to be can lead to tearing of the foam from stress (wind, g-force, arguments with objects/ground, etc)

Use glue sparingly. For large areas. i.e. putting two peices flat against each other, I use Elmers Spray Glue (E451 ). I found it for only about $5-6 at my local hardware store, is foam safe and realy strong. You only need to spray it on one side also. The instructions say to spray it on both surfaces, let it get tacky then press both glued surfaces together but for foam I've learned that you only need to glue one side. Saves glue for more projects, and more importantly it makes the plane lighter.

Always test your glues on scrap foam when useing a new glue for the first time. Nothing worse about building a plane then to find your glue is melting it away. Only thing worse i can think of is if your pet decided to use it as one of their toys >_<

There are so many building techniques too that it also makes building a plane interesting. You can go the more traditional style of making it look like a model or a simple profile.

The hardest part I've found is that I tend to design my planes to look cooler then they can perform

The best thing you can do is learn from others mistakes. If some one says that you should do something a different way then you think you should, ask them why you shouldnt do it that way. I know for me I tend to remember something better if I know why it will go wrong instead of simply being told that it will.

As far as foams go, I tend to like useing the Foam you get from Dollar Tree Stores. its called Readi-Board. It comes in 20"x30" sheets and all you have to do is spray on some alcohol wait for a minute then peel off the kraft paper. Sheets are only a $1 each so it makes making planes a lot less expensive, and the foam is fairly robust too.
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Old Apr 26, 2009, 04:01 AM
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If it looks like it should fly, it probably will.

That's what I go by. :P
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Old Apr 26, 2009, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by liam2317
If it looks like it should fly, it probably will.

That's what I go by. :P
yup, thats how they did it before computers. doing it up WWII style
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