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Wingo Report

First, thanks everyone who answered my "Wingo questions" !
I went out early this morning for my first ever 'lectric flight.

First flight: Radio shack 9.6 v 1600 ma nimh pack , half a roll of black tape nestled in the nose to bring the cg just slightly in front of the wing support wire attachment points: hand launched and slowly climbed ...... flew very nice! There was a slight breeze coming over a row of trees so it was a little bouncy, but not bad. Landed after about 5 minutes to reset the trim.

Second flight: Still had some left on the RS pack so took off this time on the dirt between first and second. Was in the air about 2/3 the way between bases. Again another very straight forward flight. It had a fairly slow rate of climb (supplied prop used ....gearbox BO and coming this week). Another nice landing. Plane flys very nice!

Third flight: I scavanged an old 9.6 nicad pack from one of the kids rc cars. Not sure how many ma but it was physically the same size as th RS pack. A noticible improvement in climb.....but only got about 6 minutes out of it (including some low passes engine off then climbing out again. I gotta say it was pretty neat shutting down and restarting!)

Fourth flight: I slid a 7.2 v r/c car pack in.....heavier then the other packs. It brought the cg about 1/4 further ahead even with out the black tape ballast. Decided to rog. It took the entire length between 1st and second and climbed reeeeaaaaalllllly slowly. It required me to hold some up........eventually got up to about 200' and just cruised around some....wondering if I would have enough "up" left after the power was cut. Landed a little hot...but still smoothly. Decided no more heavy 7.2 packs.

Fifth flight: I've been in awe of Neil Morse's aerial shots with his wingo and had ordered a Canon ELPH LT when I ordered the wingo. I put the 9.6 RS nimh pack back in , rubber banded and taped the camera in the cockpit. The CG was in about the same forward location as with the 7.2 pack. I wanted to move it back some for peace of mind. The only thing that I had that was the right weight was my car opener (the little black thing with the push buttons) As I was taping it to the bottom of the boom under the stab my 13 year old was shaking his head "dad, do you think thats a good idea???" Hell, it was the perfect weight!
I decided to rog since this was the the heaviest flight yet. There was a little breeze. The take off and flight went very smooth. I snapped off 19 pictures and can't wait to get them developed!!

Thanks again for the help guys!

......and yes....the car opener survived the fight......just more proof that teenagers don't know everything like they think they do!
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