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Old Jun 11, 2003, 03:01 AM
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Gyro help

Guys, I took out my old mechanical gyro / 148 combo from ym old nexus30 and
replaced it with a brand new JR NES 591 servo and a jr9000 gyro lent to me
by another heli driver.

So, set it up okay, took out the revo mixing and started flying. To cut a
long story short, my problems...

the helicopte wags violently, does not hold heading at all, weather cocks
totally and spins when turned just like my old MFA did which had NO gyro.

It seems as if the heli has no gyro, except for the wag, which I always
thought was a sign of too great a gain.

This gyro has two leads, one goes to the rudder output of the rx socket and
one to "aux". I treid it with the "aux" lead plugged in and plugged out. I
tried it with the lead plugged in but OFF, in but ON and at various ATVs on
the aux channel in question

Basically, the heli is unflyable, I managed three tanks of go-juice simply
be allowing it to weather cock into the stiff breeze (25mph!!) and enjoyed
hovering and trying different pitch:throttle curves. Fun.

Question...whats going on? How can it be fixed??


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