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Old Jan 15, 2005, 02:05 AM
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Speed control for a boat

I got an RC boat when I was a kid a while back. It was an expensive one but I think I was too young to do anything with it. To make a long story short, I tried it in my cousin's swimming pool, it didn't work out too well, it's been in storage since and I just pulled it out to fix it up (gives me something to do this winter)

Speed control is shot. The body was in bad shape but I seemed to have patched it up pretty well. It had dual motors, I tried hooking a speed control from an RC car I have to the motors, but one didn't work. I thought it was no good so I tossed it. Just recently I started remembering things.. like how a normal speed control might not work with dual motors.. so bleh, i think i threw out a perfectly good motor.

Ok, well on to my question. Whats a decent speed control that can handle dual motors? I would prefer one that can use two batteries if possible. The cheaper the better, the boat is a winter project, I don't intend to race with it or anything.. so just something that will make the boat functional. If it will cost me less money to buy one with an integrated (reciever?) I'd rather have that. As I couldn't find the one that I use to have in the boat.

Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a couple motors on ebay for cheap.. The motor in the boat has no markings whatsoever, so I wouldn't begin to understand how to match another motor to it.

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Old Jan 15, 2005, 03:22 AM
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Handling two motors is no different from one, with the obvious exception of twice the amps. I'm guessing that the two motors were 500 size so you'd need a controller capable of up to 50 amps continuous. Car controllers are generally not as good as specialist boat controllers and, in the US probably has the best or you could use the ones made for the Cen or Traxas boats
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Old Jan 15, 2005, 10:51 AM
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have a look through the Mtronics range of marine speed controlers, thats what members of the club that I am a member of use, there small and light weight, and of a good quality
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Old Jan 15, 2005, 11:43 AM
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Which ESC to get is determined by the current requirements of the motors. Do a 'stall' test on the motors you use to find out what the maximum current draws will be, and you'll have an idea of what 'size' ESC to look for. Slightly 'too big' is always better than 'slightly to small', naturally. Then, it's a matter of deciding what other features you want that the ESC may have, such as an BEC, etc. Or, what features you don't want/need, such as 'braking', which is totally useless on a boat. Then, there's the physical size of the ESC. Will it fit? And how big of'a bite will it take out of your wallet?
(Not right now, but later, you'll find that all this was part of the 'fun' of building. [Sometimes that 'later' and 'fun' take a long time to realize - lol!])
There are quite a number of ESCs on the market. Take your time and find the one that would suit you be$t...
- 'Doc
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Old Jan 15, 2005, 12:26 PM
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thank you, that's exactley what i needed.

I found out replacement motors won't cost hardly anything... though this speed control thing is still a bit confusing

The one that came with the boat had connectors for 2 batteries. Is it safe to assume why? Was it for extra voltage or for extra battery life? I wish I knew what speed control it was.. but I was stupid and threw it away. It looked a lot like the duramax intellispeed ESCs, but I'm sure there are other brands that look like this.

I'm having trouble finding dual battery ESCs for a decent price. and to be honest, I was hoping I could find something used on ebay. I probably wont spend any time using the boat (maybe once or twice with my niece).

I got a $60 gift certificate for a local hobby store for christmas. I can put some money with it, but i'm not sure if I wanna buy a ESC there. I called them (before I posted this) and asked for a "Speed control for a boat capable of powering two motors with 2 battery connectors" and they quoted me $130.. I almost gave up when I heard that. I enjoy working on this stuff, but $130 seems like a lot of money for a speed control.

Now that I know what to ask for, I'm going to head over there to see if they carry any speed controls capable of a certain amp rating.. valuable bit of info, thanks again.
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Old Jan 16, 2005, 11:45 AM
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If the price for a ESC is too steep for your needs, and the motors are not that amp-hungry, you might consider to go for a microswitch, operated by a servo.
In the long run it's not healthy for motors and batteries, but as you only plan on running a few times, it may do.
Just remember that it's only full throttle or nothing, so in a pool it may not be advisable, unless it's one of Olympic size....

Depending on the motors you use, there most certainly are ESC's at half the price your LHS mentioned.

If you're in Eurpe or the UK, you can order a 30V/50A ESC for 35 Euros from CTI.

Regards, Jan,
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