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Old Jul 06, 2014, 02:22 PM
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Problems with Regen Discharge on PL8

I am trying to cycle a pair of 5s5000 25c packs on the PL8. I've done it before with a previous PL8 (that was defective and replaced by FMA), but this one won't do it. I have it connected to a car battery showing 12.3 volts, have the charge rate set at 6.5amps, and the discharge set at 18.5 amps, set at High Power. Whether I choose 2P or N makes no difference. Asking it to do 5 cycles, but it will only charge at 6.5A but the discharge peaks at 5A and just sits there for hours. If I tell it to Regen Discharge Only, same result. It seems to want to initially shoot up in discharge amps, maybe reaching 12 amps but quickly backs down to less than 3Amps then back up to around 5A.
Don't think the battery is at issue, since it is a frequently used deep-discharge Optima

Help is appreciated.

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Old Jul 06, 2014, 03:22 PM
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If you watch the Pb voltage on the charger or in they CCS, its most likely hitting 14.4v. This is where the charger will start throttling back the discharge current to prevent over charging the Pb battery.

A 5s discharging at 18 amps will end up being about 30 amps once it gets through the DC-DC converter. That's a pretty high rate for a Pb battery and will cause the Pb battery voltage to rise quickly. At this charge rate, the voltage rise will hit 14.4v even if the Pb battery is not fully charged.

You can add a load in parallel to the Pb battery to help bleed off the current. But don't leave it on or it will drain the Pb battery. Also top off the Pb battery when you are done to prolong its life.
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