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Old Mar 18, 2013, 01:47 PM
I think I forgot how to fly RC
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Originally Posted by AndyKunz View Post
That doesn't happen with Horizon. Our online sales are the same MAP prices that local dealers can advertise.

I used to work in a local hobby shop too, and that is one (of many) good things we had to say about Horizon. We didn't have to worry about them undercutting us on price.

While this is true for the most part with Horizon, there are many times where a dealer may not be able to match some of your deals.

I seem to remember many times where a local dealer would just not match the motor giveaways with an airframe that was being discontinued.

The park 480 pack ins back in the day with the Brio
The motor pack ins with the Mini Edge

Many sales that are advertised on your web site, coupled with reduced or free shipping, sometimes the dealers can't meet. EVEN if they know they can call Horizon to get an accomodation to match a Horizon event/deal, sometimes the shop owner won't do it

but yes, Horizon is much better with their dealers than Tower is!
And for that matter, Horizon is typically just awesome with their end users.

Seriously, what dealer can match, dollar for dollar, all the coupons and special deals that Tower has every week. Most dealers are hoping their customers aren't aware of current Tower promotions, but its rather hard to miss the main web page at Tower that shows $$ off coupons for anyone to see, let alone the emails customers receive with coupons.
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Old Mar 18, 2013, 01:51 PM
I hate waiting for parts
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My one and only LHS is 30 minutes away. While I don't mind supporting him, he usually doesn't stock a whole lot outside of ARFs. The vast majority of my hobby buying is online. However, I DO NOT shop with Banggood, Hobby King, etc. I much-prefer to shop with places in the US, like RC Aerodyne, All e RC, Castle Creations, Esprit Model, EJF, etc.
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Old Mar 18, 2013, 02:05 PM
Dude, I do fly all day long!
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My LHS is about 10 mins away- That's roughly 1 gallon of gas for a round trip on my Tacoma ($4). Also, half the time, I'm paying 3000% above what i'd pay anywhere Unless it's something I must have NOW, I don't get it from them.

That being said, I still buy quite a bit of stuff from them, from spinners, to glue to wheels, and carbon fiber etc....basically anything that cost more to ship I buy from my LHS.
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Old Mar 18, 2013, 02:09 PM
SoCal fair weather flyer
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I would imagine most people do buy from USA companies. I only buy batteries and random parts from Hobby King.
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Old Mar 18, 2013, 02:20 PM
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Just recently I bought two planes, an E-Flight Hawker Hurricane and a Parkzone Albatross. Both were bought from local hobby shops. I happened to walk into my local Hobby Town with a wad of cash in my pocket and inquired of the owner about the Hurrican he had on his shelf priced at $225.00 for the PNP model. He brought it down, went and talked to the manager of the store and came back and said, "I will sell it to you for $109.00 plus tax. I didn't know ANYTHING about the price reduction until then. The price was so low, I actually sprung for the E-Flight 3200 battery at $60.00.

When I saw the Albatross was discounted I called one of my local hobby shops and they told me they could get it to me for $134.88 after tax. I was flabbergasted. I had to wait 2 days for it to arrive at the LHS, but it was worth it. Such a beautiful plane at a great price. I have to give credit to my LHS' for this. That is why I continue to buy locally whenever I can.
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Old Mar 18, 2013, 03:11 PM
Dragons, WindMills, all Same
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Well, I used to buy most from local shops as I lived in SoCal for 1/2 century.
Now I am in east Indy IN.
The closest shop at about 15 minutes does not have much for RC or supplies.
Next at about 30 minutes is Hobby Town at the mall. It's nice yet all is at least MSRP and not always in stock. Still nice as there are literally tons of eye candy.
Third is about 45 minutes and is a small mom n pop store. Very nice yet fare.
Last is the best of the best as Muncie Hobbies. Yet an hour away.

I gave up the ghost of $'s for gas decades past in favor of more realistic per diem. On my small truck it's 75 cents per mile and I think IRS is close to 60 cents, through AAA is over $1.00.

I have not bought offshore for years and that was small chump change anyway.

I like buying the same or similar offshore item here in the USA from several nice vendors. A few dollars more yet shipping and especially service is supreme.

Better yet, buy good used gear and items. Since it is like buying from a garage sale I am not responsible for sales or use taxes.

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Old Mar 18, 2013, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Arr0wHead View Post
Lot of guys want to argue "economics", yet don't actually know a thing about it.
I love my planet money podcast and it does tell me enough to understand that I don't have a clue about economics, global or otherwise...

And I'm a bad example for shopping locally. I live in Italy, but most of my RC gear comes through the US postal system. Those super cheap tower pro servos are available out here locally, but they're 9 each... So my "buying locally" is typically A US based hobby shop, via the USPS.

My buying something, in person or online, from a US retailer (or reseller) is definitely better from the hobby shops point of view. Is it a solution to the trade/deficit/flavor-of-the-week crisis..? Heck no. Are you going to convince me it's the same as shopping direct from China? Still no.
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Old Mar 20, 2013, 10:41 PM
Promoting Model Aviation...
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Originally Posted by AndyKunz View Post
Just be careful what you buy, not just where, Frank. There are some American companies who buy the CCC stuff and just resell it here. Make sure the source is an authorized dealer for what he's selling, and that they aren't clone/counterfeit products.

Good point Andy. And I am as careful about that just as I am careful about shopping at stores I can trust.

I think the stores that topped the list of most trusted RC vendors would not be selling those kind of items.

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