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Re: T/D flying for $$$$$...reply

I have read most of the replies...
I am suprised at the number of responses, and how some want to shape your contest.

For me, screw the lil airplanes, and the ones with limited controls,
We find a place, create a venue, that D cant, win, take his money and runn,

I do however would anticipate some F3b, f3j, TD, and maybe an X/C in the mix somehow, IF " I " were to do it..

What a fun idea, for those who wanna have fun, not necessarily he who wants to be crowned...

Chicago this weekend with my Flying BUDS !!.....too long in coming, toooooo much work !!!

Jack Strother
Granger, IN

LSF 2948
LSF Level V #117
LSF Official 1996 - 2004
CSS Gold

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Yeah, I'm getting better response from this then i thought i would.

Jack, I would love to team up with you, think we could get any of
those punks from Chicago to come over to our sod farm ?

We could give them plenty notice so they can mow a few more
lawns this year to scrape up the dough.

dh :-)

I have tried that a couple of times,
Got my P-P verbally wacked, by club members, friends and moralists, hourse people and alike...

I think it would be fun at least once..
-Jack Strother
Granger, IN

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> Hi all,
> Anyone interested in doing some contest for some bucks, I'm talking
> about a $50. to $200. entry fee with all of it paid back.
> They do it in a ton of amateur sports, from golf , bowling, bass fishing,
> ect.....
> Any reason why not in T/D flying ?
> Anyone interested in the Midwest anyway ?
> I would throw some bigger bucks into a hat if anyone would want to come
> compete at my field.
> Or we could do some team thing at any field.
> I don't need no trophies, I need groceries and servo money! :-)
> Just thought I would throw the idea out there.
> Dave Hauch
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