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HZ Champ recommended parts for first package.

Hi to all, new to the forum.

I have reading LOTS of post about this famous plane, searching about it and get convinced to buy my first.

However, since I'm from Mexico, the Horizon Hobby webpage can send me the airplane but the cost of the shipping is more than the price of the aircraft itself . I have been thinking to get the Champ and some spare parts to (if I need to pay that much) be "covered" in case of crash or failures. After checking many many web sites and Amazon - ebay, I found Horizon Hobby is the "cheaper" option to get it.

Found some responses in the forum about my question, but I would like to ask (if you allow me to) in your experience what parts would be the most necesary to get in this first purchase.

I'm a novice - kinda intermedium flyer in RC helicopters (Co-axial and FP from Esky), and getting a small quadcopter to learn that side of RC.

Finally (taking advantage of your kindness and the post ) If I would need to pay for that much... May I consider to get the UM Trojan 28 in the same package, to learn on the Champ and later take the control of the Trojan as the second step. In which case I would ask about the same question referring the most necesary spare parts (If I gonna become in bankrupcy, better do it complete to be poor, but flying ).

I felt in love of the UM P-51D, but I think it is a big step from Champ to it and the Trojan might be the best option. What do you think?.

Thanks so much for your kind response.

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Old Jun 14, 2014, 06:12 PM
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The wing at about 10.99 and tail at 7.49 prop 3.99 are most replaced parts. But foam safe glue and a clear packing tape well fix a champ 9 times out of 10. A spare prop and a second battery are a big help. Thats because you cant repair a prop. I would see how I do with the champ before I try a t 28 for number 2 plane. If it go's great and your find the champ easy than the t28 may be a good number 2. Me I needed to fly the champ for a good long time first.
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Old Jun 14, 2014, 07:38 PM
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I think that if you have to spend all that money on shipping you should get a larger plane. Super Cub, maybe. In my opinion, it's easier to learn on a larger plane. It's also easier to learn on 4 channels.....I think everyone should just get an Apprentice if they want to learn to fly. (AND AN INSTRUCTOR!!!)

The quad will help you transition to a collective pitch heli.
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Old Jun 14, 2014, 10:33 PM
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I own 3 Champs....I have many many many planes...BUT, I still fly the Champ every time I go to the field, simply because it is the best little Reality Flight Sim there is.

You will learn more flying this little plane than you can imagine.

As far as extra parts go ( get more batteries) because once you fly it, you will not want to stop.
It is rare you will break anything, but depending on where you are flying and what over.

An extra wing or a prop perhaps, as one noted clear packing tape and foam safe glue will repair most any mishaps you have.

Do not know your shipping expense, a Super Cub or even a Delta Ray or Apprentice, all now have SAFE Technology which will help you learn to fly.

But the Champ to me remains the best teaching plane there is.
Why I call it a reality Simulator.
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Old Jun 15, 2014, 08:53 AM
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Hi Bert,

IMO ..
if you have flown RC ... be it Heli's, planes, etc .. you know how sensitive stick inputs are, and how not to over-correct. First time learning Z axis control is a treat.

That being said...
What Transmitter are you using? The reason I ask... I went from the Champ straight to the UM Yak54 180 (previous CP Heli experience so it wasnt that i dislike brushed motors), and although she was/still is a handful to make that transition, being able to dial down the dual rates and adding expo allowed/allows me to grow into it.

The point being, if you have a programmable transmitter, you can get the Trojan and dial down the rates to your skill level.
The problem being, the plane will not auto-correct itself if you get into trouble like the Champ high wing trainer will.

If you have a super wide open area with no tree's and the like .. for a little more money the Delta Ray is a very nice flying ship! Champ and Trojan in one plane.? But it needs much more room than the Champ. (it is twice as big), however, it has a lot to offer to learn from. Not to mention it handles wind much better than the Champ. I imagine the newest Apprentice with SAFE is similar, but I don't have one ... yet. so wont comment.

BUT .. if you think your gonna crash... get the Champ. Cheap and very easy to repair. Still tons of fun.. and allows semi-hands-off auto-level if necessary.
I try to put my Champ into attitudes it isn't suppose to be in, while both 'trying to' and 'hoping it doesn't' snap the wings off at the same time. If that makes sense.

Whatever you get, with your shipping costs.. add an extra battery ..or two.
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Old Jun 15, 2014, 03:13 PM
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Thanks for all your kind responses.

Papadwight: Thanks, your answer was excellent, because it shows to me than I might wait a bit more for the Trojan while I dominate the Champ, then better give it more time to bring it until I master the first.

Dear Tucci: You are right about going for a Cub, but the problem is the price of the carrier (UPS) cost the double of the price of the Cub to Mexico... So I think the Champ still is a good choice for the budget, and totally agree about the Quad, It will improve the skills for the CP Heli I have.

Hghost: thanks, thats why after lots of hours investigating about options, found the Champ would be the one. The price of shipping goes the double for those airplanes you mention; and the idea is to fly in an open field, long trees at the long distance; just there is a very long and tall grass on the field.

Hello AJ: thanks, even thought I have some experience with helis, I am just taking precautions about the logic that I could crash, thats why I put my eyes over the Champ. I dont have a programmable transmiter but thats the idea: Get the stock one from the Champ, then find a good DXi 7 later, and then go for the Trojan... But all went because of the price of shipping, would be more convinient to do the process likewise, both of them and later the transmitter... But I see I should stay on the original plan.

In all the sceneries, the plan is simple: get 4 or 5 batteries as possible, since the new restrictions for the couriers with the hazzard warning. And I dont have an instructor, where I live no body has RC aircrafts and there just a few around the city who are into it, it is kinda expensive for us, since one dolar has a 13 times value than a peso. Not a cheap hobby.

Thank you so much for your kind comments, really helps me to decide what I need to do, very kind all.
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