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Old May 08, 2012, 06:52 PM
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Dynam Parkflyer - Caution NO Warranty

Recently purchased a Dynam Texan AT-6 parkflyer, was really impressed on the look of the plane and it seemed fairly well made for a foamy. It was nothing but trouble....1st flight the electic retracts failed....found a simple fix and repaired myself.....2nd flight no problems, I was impressed, alittle unstable with the main wing being fairly flat but nothing crazy and still fun to fly .... 3rd and final flight, on a full power takeoff at about 12-15ft off the ground I heard what sounded like a motor grinding and then suddenly I had no power, with the plane on a steep takeoff curve and all power lost the texan simply went into a dead stall from which I could not recover it and it plowed headon into the ground and blew to popcorn Once I had a good look at it I realized the motor smelled burned and looked it to, as did the ESC. So much for the Texan! I contacted Dynam directly and got no response, the dealer where I bought it said I had to contact them directly just like if I had a problem with my Parkzone TrojanI would deal with Horizon Hobby direct. Now I have had a few minor issues in the past with Parkzone/Blade, but HH has always fixed things up.

So I guess buyer beware! ... not all companies will backup there product and once you make the purchase your on your own! Also if your considering one of these planes....they are underpowered, I discovered this on my 2nd and only successful flight. Motor was probably defective from the word go. But I've discovered as many have that alot of the parkflyers are underpowered from the factory, I upgraded my Parkzone T-28 to the eflight power 10 motor and now it's alittle rocket and alot of fun, although I lost a few min flight time but a small price to pay for more power and control.

Anyway, just passing on my personal experience of the Dynam Texan AT-6 - If your considering one ... beware and check the motor and perhaps upgrade the ESC to a 40amp instead of the 30a they supply....if you own one I wish you good luck with it and if it hasn't given you any trouble then your lucky.

Here's to better luck next time with something else!

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Old May 10, 2012, 07:10 PM
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Based on your surprise, I suspect that you don't buy from NitroPlanes, BananaHobby, or HobbyKing. I purchase stuff from HK and NP all the time and the HK planes were so bad that I just took the loss and moved on. I'll never buy another plane from HK again.

BH gets a lot of complaints about missing parts from kits and people wait months for BH to send them.

As for NP, I've ordered 4 planes from them. 2 Airfield and 2 Dynam - the Dynam AT-6 is one of them (I really like this plane FWIW). And I can truthfully say that out of the four planes none of them were missing pieces (yay!), yet each one had some kind of problem that I had to repair. My AT-6 had a broken control horn on the aileron and , wait for it, no spares. So I had to replace the broken horn and the one that wasn't broken on the other side because what I had on hand was too different and I wanted them to be, well, similar.

My Dynam SR22 had something else wrong but I can't remember what it was.

My Airfield SkyTrainer had a wing retainer that was cross threaded and I had to come up with a creative solution so the main wing would stay on. Oh yeah, it had a broken vertical stab that I pinned back in place and fixed with 5min epoxy.

My Airfield 800mm T-28 was missing something - I don't remember what though.

Luckily, I was able to fix them all myself and start flying. I really am impressed with the planes once the problems are identified and fixed. It's not something you expect to have to do with a brand new model normally, but that's why these are cheap. And since there is very little quality control (or maybe the control is there but the standard is fairly low) I do expect warped/broken/missing parts and only buy these planes when they are at a price that negates the hassle.

One thing that I will not do is recommend these planes to anyone. I'm ok with risking my money on these planes but I cannot risk someone else's money with good conscious.
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Old Jul 26, 2012, 03:57 PM
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Well, you get what you pay for, right?

I mean these planes are not bad and actually the foam quality of Dynam are the best I have seen - almost better than Parkzone - but yeah, the electronics are a hit and miss.

On the other side, I fly my Dynam T-28 over a year now and so far I only had to replace was one prop .. and I fly every weekend.

I noticed that the first batch are always the best .. in the 2nd/3rd/etc they change electronics, servo's, material to make it even cheaper..
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