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Tony Can you share a video flying the eox polycarb frame, tiger motors and tiger carbon props?
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Originally Posted by Ssayer View Post
So, I got tired of just using a monitor on a stand to do FPV with my Xtreme. That said, I wear glass because I'm half blind, and I'm definitely not a rich guy. So...

Attachment 7124961

(more pics on my blog if you think you're interested )
Ssayer, you might consider moving your "guts" closer to your face so the weight isn't so far out.

Otherwise, +1 for the repurposing of the emax box.
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Originally Posted by CO_rcDude View Post
I totally hear you my friend!!! It hurts when things are your fault, but you can't blame anyone but yourself. But it's FAR worse when the failure was not your fault!

I was pretty convinced the problems I'd had with my Xtremes previously were caused by the factory TX. I hadn't had any problems since I'd installed the Lemon RX's and switched to the v31 FC's. Of course that changed when mine flew away last week! At this point, it doesn't look like I'm ever going to get it back, and what's worse is I had just dumped $85 in hardware into it with the PFG polycarbonate frame and Emax motor upgrade. I'd be happy just to get the Lemon RX and Emax motors back so I could use them for another DIY build, lol.

I'm convinced now that the Xtreme has some kind of flaw in the FC, and nothing MatLi says will convince me otherwise! (I'm an aerospace engineer Chris, so let's just not go there...) Like you, I've now cut my losses and moved on to better quads. I've now completed 5 DIY 250mm builds, and guess what? Not a single flyaway in the group!

It's really too bad. I was pretty impressed with the performance and flight characteristics of the upgraded X during the one battery I got to put through it while testing. Why it took off like a bat out of hell less than 2 minutes into a 1,500mAh battery is anyone's guess.
It always hurts regardless. Understand your feelings, but the good feelings I get while flying the Xtreme has so far been worth the considerable cost to me. I cannot think of another quad in this price range with the performance you get. Doesn't make the hurt any less, but then it doesn't sour he good memories either.

A line from "The Prophet" says some thing to the effect, "That if you look at the source or your greatest sorrow you will see it was also the source of your greatest happiness." Such is life.

But again I do sympathize with you and understand.
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Originally Posted by crashdumby View Post
Hey Mo just wanted to thank you for the service you and staff do. The Jeti shipping is great. Also being here on RCG for questions and such. Recieved my order yesterday and on the builds as i type. You make this hobby much more enjoyable. Just had to give a shout out. ...Cheers ... Randy
Thanks Randy

Originally Posted by BayouLSU View Post
Any reviews of the polycarbonate frame? Who is using one? Likes? Dislikes?

The stock frame just seems too weak and mine is going to need to be replaced soon. So it's either buy a pfg cf frame or the poly one. I was leaning towards the poly but would like to hear some feedback from any of you guys using one already.

Can the stock camera tray be used in conjunction with any of these aftermarket frames?
You can install the stock frame upside down on top of the FCB using 10mm standooffs, mounting your camera tray and battery on top. I'm going on vacation\window shopping for houses in South Dakota\Wyoming but will take pictures when I get back.
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Originally Posted by gatoloko View Post
Tony Can you share a video flying the eox polycarb frame, tiger motors and tiger carbon props?
Sure I can do that.
We will shoot a vid this week. I like the one Chad built so I kept it for myself.
We just got in the pins that plug in the stock LED sockets.
We will get the DIY LED sets and the plug-n-play LED sets listed Tue.
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Tony ,

Do you have any pics showing the intended method for attaching to the camera mount on the PFG frames? The mount on my BO frame has holes for standard board cam sizes, but I was wondering how the PFG mount is supposed to work. Are you just supposed to drill your own holes?
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The top plate has slots in it for mounting.
I'll concur that the Lexan frame is pretty rugged compared to the stock frame. Mine has the stock landing legs on it and I think they're better than the posts.
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