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Old Jun 28, 2014, 04:10 AM
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Dual prop Tilt-Rotor VTOL

This is my first post here at RCgroups.

To design and fabricate a Tilt-rotor (hopefully dual prop) VTOL for Object delivery. ( Similar purpose as that of the amazon prime air)
(1st model will be manual.....if it works will try to make it autonomous)

(using the Osprey's design as the first draft)

design requirements:
  1. High Lift
  2. Small Size
  3. Payload : approx 1-2 kg max. (2-4 lbs)
  4. Highly fuel/energy efficient
  5. No Requirement for velocity (Low velocity mostly)
  6. Stability in hover is not a priority, but a soft landing is.

Why this project?

With the HYPE around using Multi-copters for Home delivery systems..I wonder if a similarly equipped VTOL might be able to provide a much more energy efficient transportation solution, over multi-copters which seem to be very inefficient in cruise.

Why tilt rotor: (from what limited amount I have read )
-Tilt wing tends to add a lateral push during hover and some stalling problems that concern the tilt wing arrangement were beyond my capabilities to fix.
(I was thinking of a combination like this)

The problems:
-What props to choose?
I have seen mentions of a large problem when selecting the props for this arrangement.
I have not much information on how Multi-copter and Fixed wings props differ from each other. If some one could shed some light in this direction, it would be very helpful.

-Will it really be more energy efficient?
While intuition might suggest, that combining the best of both a Multi-copter and a fixed wing apparatus, the VTOL might be a better option if the cruise range is long, the V-22 osprey is a testimony to all that may go wrong.

-Will it be able to attain stable hover with only 2 props or will a third be necessary to avoid stall or sustain hover?

Thank you.
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Old Jun 28, 2014, 06:56 PM
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Multirotor props tend to have very low pitch, like a GWS 9-5 3 blade prop for example. They are similar in most respects to "slow-fly" props. Fixed pitch bicopters can be made to fly but it is much more challenging than a tri-copter or a quad.

You are at the bottom of a very long learning curve. Since you said speed was not a priority then a conventional multi-copter might be the best choice. VTOLs have the potential for more speed and duration, but they are technically more challenging, and without a carefully considered design they can combine the worst characteristics of fixed wing and multicopters, not the best. That is assuming they fly at all.

If you are serious about this, start simple and cheap, because you have a lot to learn and you aren't qualified to make good design choices yet.
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