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Old Feb 14, 2013, 11:09 PM
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If you did not do anything wrong, then why is it that the other buyer doesn't have the item he ordered? It was shipped to you by mistake but purchased by him. Why doesn't he have his item by now?

You received the wrong item, you refused to ship it back or to ship it to the rightful buyer. Then you purchased the other item and covered the price difference. Sure the seller got his money..... But.... Here's what's interesting. You mentioned that you refused to send the item back because you felt the seller was not being friendly to you.... But in the end the seller got his money but it's this other buyer who did nothing wrong to you who lost out on the item he wanted to buy and paid for.

And THAT is what you call "doing nothing wrong?"

I don't know... But from where I look at it, the other buyer lost out as a result of your apparent lack of integrity. And that makes for a pretty crappy transaction. Only one person could have made it "right" and everyone knows who that person is. And no, this person is not the seller. He made a genuine mistake, and that happens. It's when people take advantage of other people's mistake that things get ugly.

You should be shipping that item to the other buyer, on your dime, along with an apology. Now THAT would be "right."

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Old Feb 14, 2013, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by bethelflier8036 View Post
So u fall back on saying others here are too slow to follow?? Really dig that hole deeper. Scammer
i paid for everything i got from you.
I dont have anything i didnt pay for no matter what you say.
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Old Feb 14, 2013, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by snolord1 View Post
Hey Bethel, it's like Lays potato chips,u can't have just one.
i can only defend myself from accusations with the facts.

missing gear = none
missing money = none
people who lost gear or money = none
facts proving accusations against Harry = none
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Old Feb 14, 2013, 11:25 PM
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+1 for bob
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Old Feb 14, 2013, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by harryarnold View Post
you are misinformed. i did take that picture and video. what is your issue?
no really, im curious why you dont think theyre talking about me?
it was my video they showed on ABC. i dont need to lie about that. the fire was on mound & 6mile. recognize.
heres the link to it on my youtube channel. a man would apologize.
wheres your video?
whats next? i'm not a citizen? i was on the grassy knoll ?
boy oh boy. when there are no facts....

Ok, first I want to say that I'm not on either ones side in this accusation because I wasn't there and don't really know all the details about what's happened but only the accusations I've seen thrown back and forth in here, but with me being a retired Vice-Narc detective, just the cop in me wanted to investigate whether something is true or not so I checked into this video that Harry has on his blog and how he claimed it was his, and from what I can tell by doing a little searching, Harry is telling the truth about this. If you will click on the little yellow box at the top of the video from the news station it will take you to itvdetroit youtube page. Go there and click on itvdetroit and it will take you to a statement from the company and here it is with Harry Arnold's name at the bottom:

About iTVDetroit / Detroit Drone Aerial HD Video

Thanks for visiting. This is homebase for Aerial Video work by Detroit Drone / Horizon Film.

We fly radio controlled vehicles to lift camera gear. Most helicopters operate within 500 feet of the ground, so RC is a great solution for those close flybys.

Our clients include: developers, construction companies, real estate companies, golf courses, attorneys, federal, state and local governments, news outlets, and recently film & video productions.

We also cater to many other industries and business ventures, as well as personal aerial photographic needs for individuals.

Our prices are competitive and we will take the time to quote your specific job at no cost or obligation to you.

Please email us to set up a call to discuss your aerial photography needs.

We are based in Detroit and fly out of any feasible location.

Thanks for your interest.

-Harry Arnold

Go then to google search and search for Detroit Drrone/ Horizon Film/ and when it comes up do a little clicking on the links and search a little deeper and you'll see that Harry Arnold's name is on several of them. Either he has taken on someone else's name and using it or there's two people with the name Harry Arnold. Like I said, I'm not on anyone's side here because I wasn't there! I think things between Bethelflier and HarryArnold could have been handled a little better, but to each his own and only they know what's happened in this deal. I hope the best for both but slinging mud and degrading one another isn't the answer, especially not on a public forum.
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