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Old Aug 24, 2014, 06:47 PM
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FPV model for long flight time

Hi guys,

my equipment has brought me to that point, where my old Multiplex Cargo is actually the limiting factor in regards of range. If everything works perfect (NO wind at all) I can get up to 8-10kms out of that thing (which is 5000m away, 25m flight time at 25km/h average speed) at 3S/8000mAh. But if I have some wind or do some bogus, the thing can actually "park" in the air at 5km/h speed and doesn't move. 4 motor setup is also causing errors from time to time and so on...

Thus, I am looking for the "ultimate" FPV aircraft that is solely focused on travel long distances. There are a LOT of threads about which model to take, however I don't want an easy star (limited in prop/motor combinations, beginner models etc.) and none of the threads are found are solely focused on a long distance to be travelled.

Here is what I am searching for:
-good combination of speed and flight time. As it is a major buzz kill to travel with 20kph in 700 meters altitude with the Cargo, I guess something around 80kph would be better.
-Maximum of 2 motors
-Some space for FPV equipment.

I understand that pusher props are less efficient. However, I still haven't understood if there is any major advantage of flying wings (not mentioning the capability of mounting solar cells onto them) when compared to regular planes or even electric gliders. Thus, I have no idea if to go for a glider or for a flying wing or whatnot.

I am looking for achieving 40km plus total flight distance (20km round trip at minimum). I have been eying the X-8 Skywalker at hobbyking, but flying wing and foam kind of doesn't convince me 100%.
I am looking to install an autopilot in the thing.
I am also looking for installing a 6S setup (at least 6S) to gain efficiency.
Setup is 2.4 ghz lawmate 1w (cloverleaf plane, helical ground) and 433 Mhz OpenLRS 1w (Nagoya N771 and Inverted Vee on the plane, see picture)

I appreciate any input or suggestions. I would prefer a plane that is portable (like an easy star where you can dismount the wings) and I would definitely prefer a smaller plane (as 2200mm of the X-8 is not very portable at all). However I understand that going for a bigger model allows you to install larger batteries.

EDIT: Ah, and I know the 155km flight video from the X-8 (so it is possible to take that thing to a further distance). However, I am still not convinced that a foam flying wing is the ultimate and best solution to use. I am also not asking for a specific setup (as I am going to wind the motor by myself o optimize it e.g. to 6S), just some suggestions which type of model might be the most efficient one to use.

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Old Aug 24, 2014, 07:06 PM
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I've decided to go with the smallest EP glider I can get away with.

You will get speed and good endurance/distance with a decent glider. No foam.

You want built up wings and composite fuse. Oh, and finding one with a decent amount of room can be tricky but possible.

I'm still looking at some. Most gliders are foam these days

Looking at this;
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Old May 17, 2015, 04:00 AM
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Hi, can I ask what plans you had for winding the motor for the x8, had you gone that route please.

I just found your post today and have to ask how the glider worked out for you ?

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Old May 17, 2015, 11:08 AM
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I've only used the FX-61 for long range but i can get 40km easy with some juice to spare running 4s, 8ah. Wings are great but not very stable in higher wind. Look into the twinstar II or skywalkers, if you can stretch the mytwindream is getting alot of attention. Its all in how much you want to spend on the air frame.

Edit: After looking into that plane why not try to convert it to a twin with good motors. At 63" wingspan is should hold some batteries. Are you running the brushed motors? the GWS props aren't very good either.
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