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Old Apr 03, 2015, 09:37 AM
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Help with 9xr Pro not connecting to pc.

I recieved my turnigy 9xr pro 3 days ago and have spent nearly every waking moment reading and trying different ways to get it to connect to companion or even for my pc to recognize it is connected.

Every where i have read says this radio needs no drivers however clearly it does:

i have companion set as this:

I have tried atleast 20 different drivers that people have suggested in various other threads on other forums. when I turn the Tx on in bootloader mode and plug in the usb cable i get the "connecting" message but no sounds or anything on the PC. i have tried 7 different cables and 3 different computers. I was able to flash opentx via the sd card and the 9xr Pro bootloader but the connection to the PC is the issue.
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Old Apr 03, 2015, 12:08 PM
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It does NOT need drivers. What it does need is the correct program on the computer.

Companion is for use with OpenTX, the firmware used by Taranis, and doesn't work for the Pro using its regular firmware. What you need is EepSkye, the program that goes with ErSky9x, the Pro firmware. The two systems are closely related but not compatible.

What you need is all covered in detail in the manuals available from the HK site or at:

Essentially, you set up EepSkye on the computer. Note that after you have installed EePe, you have to go into the program folder and find Eepskye.exe, then just make a shortcut that accesses that file to start EepSkye.

Then start the transmitter in Bootloader mode by holding the rudder and aileron trim switches towards the center while turning on the transmitter.

Then plug in the mini-USB cable and you are connected. At that point, any Windows file manager will show you the EEPE file in the transmitter and the contents of the SD card. And you can use Eepskye.

If you then want to switch over to OpenTX, it can certainly be done, but I'm not sure whether the ErSky9x bootloader will flash OpenTX. If you can get OpenTX 2.0.15 onto the Pro, it should install its own bootloader and you are set to connect with Companion.

I don't know of any documentation of how to use the Pro with OpenTX. All this is relatively unknown territory as the great majority of people use the firmware that was specifically developed for the Pro. It's being actively developed and updates are available, so just about the only reason to go to OpenTX is for compatibility with say a Taranis.

I would suggest you go over to the OpenRCForums, where most of the development discussions take place, and ask for help there. The developers should be able to tell you how to do it.
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Old Jun 05, 2015, 05:38 PM
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I know this is an older thread, but I thought I'd reply. I bought two Turnigy 9xr Pros from Hobby King. I was having the same issue with only one of them. I would connect it to my computer, it would say "installing drivers" and then would fail. None of the drives would come up.

I knew it wasn't the cable or pc or anything other than the radio, because the 2nd 9xr pro would connect just fine.

So I pulled the memory cards out of both of them. Turns out that the one that wouldn't connect to the pc clearly was a returned unit. Someone had hooked it up to a Mac because it had that _mac_osx folder. Which was preventing it from being recognized on the pc. I formatted the memory card with SDformatter, copied over the contents of the working memory card (I probably didn't need to do this step), and then it worked. I was able to flash my radio.

I realize this is a very odd situation, but I figure if it helps one person, it's worth the 2 minutes it took to type this.
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Old Sep 02, 2015, 04:43 PM
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Well KansasCity, You at least helped one guy who experienced the exact same situation. So a thanks for the post is in place ;-) I almost contacted hobbyking for a defective unit.
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