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Old Jun 25, 2013, 05:06 PM
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whats it like building a foamie?

a guy said I could build one for $150. if so, will it fly well? will it be the best choice? if so, I would like a blue print of one. I will build a gas cecna 180!
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Old Jun 25, 2013, 05:34 PM
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Welcome to scratchbuilt foamies camelbomber1.I would say the most expensive thing would be the transmitter,then a good battery charger.Once you have these you won't need to spend that money again(hopefully).The other bit's can be found pretty cheap.I usually make some for close friends for about 40.00$(plane and battery).Read through some threads,plenty of great ideas and friendly people here.
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Old Jun 25, 2013, 06:19 PM
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Hi Camelbomber1,
Scratchbuilding is one of the cheapest, most fun ways to fly RC. You can easily build a scratchbuilt plane for under $150. I'd recommend heading over to for some great flying, easy to build, and great looking scratchbuilt planes.
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Old Jun 25, 2013, 06:33 PM
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What's it like building a foamie? It's great...

and btw: gas + foam = no good idea.
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Old Jun 25, 2013, 10:07 PM
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Welcome to RCG and scratchbuilt foamies! Is this is your first RC plane? If so, then you will be wanting a trainer type. There are many planes in that category right here on the Scratchbuilt foamies forum. Also, do you consider yourself good with your hands, in other words, have you built any other planes like the stick and tissue Guillows rubber band planes most of us did when we were kids? Not required, but it would help.

My personal fave for starting in RC is the Blu Baby in the 33" span size. It's a high wing monoplane very similar in configuration to a Cessna 170 or 172 (a tail dragger). It has been built by hundreds of people all over the world, and is a gentle easy to fly plane that behaves like a real full size one, good for getting the feel of the sticks and how planes behave in the air. (plus it's expandable - I build a 42" span version with undercamber wing, then with a KFM3 aileron wing, longer undercambered, and finally a 2 rotor autogyro wing. Have flown it with skis, floats and wheels. One plane, many flight experiences!

You can build the 33" plane for a few bucks worth of foam, a $9 1700kv 24gm motor, a $7 speed control, two 9gm servos at $3.50 each, buck or so for a 7x6 prop, and $5 to $7 for 2s 850 or 950mah batteries (plus a few bucks for the electrical connectors, control wires, ply firewall, etc. ) So around $30 for the actual plane. Transmitter and receiver to control it will cost from $23 plus shipping to hundreds, depending on what you think you will need. ($23 and shipping will get you a 2.4ghz non computer 4channel radio that looks and feels cheap, but will fly most foamies just as well as the expensive ones. If you aren't sure how far you want to go in the hobby, it's a good deal. (plus even if you upgrade to a computer radio with more channels, you'll always have a spare!) I forgot, but Maurice mentioned, you will also need a lithium polymer (LIPO) specific battery charger - these can be bought for as low as $4, but probably you will want one more in the $15 -$25 range at least. Like radios, they can get as pricey as you want.

As mystic ranger said, forget the gas. Electric is the best for foamies. Plug battery in and fly. no filling, starting, tuning, landing deadstick when you run out of fuel, cleaning all the spoo off the plane, etc.

IF you really want to do this, then go to the beginners forum a couple of forums up from this one on the main RCG page and spend some time reading there. Also read up here, especially the BluBaby thread (it's a monster, so you'll have to use the search function to get around it) or, try the OshKosh Special thread - Ken has plans in pdf format you can print out on your home printer and tape the pages together to make templates; and he has about the best build guide around. The OK special is a derivative of the BluBaby, and many folk think it flys better. You will have so many potential planes to build, it'll make you dizzy!
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Old Jun 26, 2013, 02:25 AM
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150$ its a price!! I build my foamy for a max of 8 to 10$ lol and that is about 3 sheets of Depron foam of 40 inches long!
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Old Jun 26, 2013, 07:16 AM
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It is very interesting following this young man's travel through his RC experience. He has gone from crashing a Super Cub to wanting to buy a used trainer, a used scale warbird, then to helicopters to building a helicopter from plans to here. He says he is an intermediate pilot but offers no evidence of any experience.

Camel, may I suggest you step back a bit and examine your real interests. Then try to contact a local RC organization for some guidance. Getting some personal help from an experienced RC pilot will go a long way toward getting a good understanding and enjoyment of RC flight. You were given a reference to a local club in one of your many threads. Please follow up that recommendation.

You are to be commended for your enthusiasm. You just need to be a bit more methodical about the beginnings of your journey.

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Old Jun 26, 2013, 04:27 PM
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well...if you know what you're doing . You probably can.
Im pretty sure I can use armin wing design and reinforce the spare.

Nitro will get everywhere. Makes all my model ugly after a flight.

You can carve foam into whatever shape you want. Just make sure you reinforce it.
Use glue and kite paper to cover the entire model.
Then use nitro resistance paint. That's a lot of carving and sanding. A lot of work
for a first model that you're going to crash. Everybody crashes.

But id probably have more fun and flight time building a kadet .25 size.
That thing is bigger than you think. It dose a lot than you think if you take out the diaheral
and extend the rudder. You can practice doing torque roll on it.
t'll be gentle if I had to do a dead stick.
Make it into a tail dragger. Add wheel pants. It'll look sweet.
I can make it out of foam..but I'll also know where to use wood on certain parts if I go nitro.
I can use transparent gift warp from the .99 store to cover the model.

But a decent nitro engine is gonna cost $60-$100. Then the glow driver. Starter.
Fuel tank. Nitro. It's $5 everytime you blow a glow plug.

Sometimes glow plug die during flight if the engine is too lean.
You become a master at dead sticks.

But why make everything harder...when I can just get decent 2826 whatever KV , 40 amp esc, battery for $50 or less. A computerized TX cost $50-$60. 4 Servos for $25. Charger
for $10-$15. It's always nice to have a volt meter.

Make the model to whatever motor class and KV I choose. Rather the prop size I want to use. Torque or speed. A 2826 motor are around $10
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Old Jun 26, 2013, 04:57 PM
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As with the other comments above, I would say that, yes, a foamy for $150 is entirely doable, all up with radio, motor, batteries, charger, etc. There are literally thousands of plans available depending upon what you are looking for, however, so it is not so simple as to simply ask for foamy plans. Even with it limited to a Cessna 180, are we talking about scale, semi-scale, or simply of the same general type? As that list progresses, the number of available plans will increase. It is also important to realize that there are plans available both free and at cost. In some cases, the plane you want ( if your desires are specific enough ) might not be available free.

But, speaking of foamies. I would say an excellent place to start would, indeed, be a Blu-Baby. My 42" version ( wing stretched to 48", KFm3 and no dehidral ) is still one of the most flexible planes I have. It's not a rocket, and it's not a 3D aerobat, but I can do inside and outside loops with impunity, inverted flight, knife edge, rolls, hammerheads and nearly hover ( a prop change, actually, would allow it, but I prefer a bit more pitch speed ). Then I can pull it back to 1/3 throttle and cruise slowly in relaxing circles. It is ( and has been ) an amazing trainer for more than just very basic flight, it's easy to build and surprisingly sturdy.

Martin Jay McKee
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Old Jun 26, 2013, 06:26 PM
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this was my first purchase

Content: 3pcs 8.4g servo 18A brushless ESC A21 Motor: the weight of motor: 37g KV: 1300 Li-po: 2-3 cells fit Prop: 8*4 8*3.8
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