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Mezon setup for helicopters

For those that also fly helicopters, I have compiled some info on the Mezon setup. I am not the expert in the matter but I have used information that I have gathered over forums to do it, thanks to all the experts who have helped.


Main Menus Order

1) Actual values
2) Min/Max log.
3) Controler
4) Limits
5) Motor
6) Sbec settings

1 and 2) are not needed for initial set up

Go to 5) Motor first as some of the value will also be used in other menus.


a) Rotation Dir: To be done when you run the helicopter
b) Pwm : The formula is Kv of motor (RPM/V) * Volts (nominal you will use, 12S would be 12 * 3.7 = 44.4) * Pole count / 20. The Mezon gives you 3 possibility choose the closest
c) Start Power : To be done when you run the helicopter only affects power from zero speed. Most use -20
d) Timing: varies with motor. Auto is what I use, so far so good
e) Motor Poles: What your engine manufacturer says on their info sheet
f) Rotor Gear: Main Gear/ Pinion = Rotor Gear (the numbers are reverse than what we usually see. So if your gear is 8.25:1 it will be 1:8.25 in Mezon)

Now we can go to 3)


For helicopter you want the CONSTANT RPM menu

a) Motor Poles: already done
b) Rotor gear: aleady done
c) Set MaxRotor RPM this is the value for your maximum head speed that you want (for example 2000) give yourself head room : nominal voltage * Kv motor / gear ratio minus 10% so for me 44.4*520/10 = 2308.8 – 230 = 2078.8
d) Set Min Rotor RPM this is the value for your minimum head speed that you want (for example 1750)
e) Gain: the higher, the faster the throttle correction of the governor, start at the mid point of the range and work from there. Too high it will be choppy and tail will kick, too low it won’t hold the RPM. Only go as high as you need

f) Autorotation: ON (a good idea for helicopters)
g) Acceleration: This is your global spool up acceleration from zero head speed put it to your liking ( I use 10 sec)
h) Auto Acceleration: This is the speed to which the motor will restart out of auto. It should be lower than the previous value for it to work well. Spare your gears by not putting it too low but spare your helicopter by not putting it too high either for when you practice auto.


For LiPo

a) Number of Cells Li-xx (2 X 6S = 12 for me)
b) Li-xx CUToff V per cell. Mostly recommend 3,2
c) Off voltage set i.e. Number of cells X Cutoff ( 12 X 3.2 = 38.4)
d) Alarm Voltage you want it before the 3,2 is reached, so number of cell X 3,3 = 39.6
e) Temp protection: 150 C is what Danny at Esprit told me. Jeti says 110 C (see post below)
f) Max Bat Capacity usually: Battery capacity - 20% of your bat capacity + 500
so if max bat capacity 5000 mAh batteries 20% is 1000 + 500 it will be 1500
5000 -1500 = 3500 (No limits is an option too)
g) Capacity Alarm when you want to be warn before cut off engages use same formula as above with 25% instead (5000-1250 = 3750)
h) Max Bat Current (Mezon is rated at 300A max) No Limits can be used
i) Cutoff Type slow down is what I like


Voltage needed for the servos used

Hope this will help some of you. If you find some refinement to add please don't hesitate
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After email with Jeti asking for temperature setting here is waht they said:


Could you please tell me what temperature limit I should put on both my Mezon 130 and Mezon 130 lite in my helicopters?


Dear Sir,

I recommend to set 110° for controller and 100°for alarm if you use DC/DS 16 or Jeti Box Profi.

Best Regards

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